Friday, 14 March 2008

JOO JI HOON..! muahx!

evrsince i watched Goong, i love this guy..! he's sOOo chrming in the drama. suit as his character as a prince..! why's GOONG 2 will nvr be on tv? why..????!???

can't he be any cuter???? his jealous look makes me melting..!

Goong..! aka princess hours (korean drama)

i watched it the full episodes for 3 days n totally in love w it!!!!! the drama is sOooO sweet..! i love YOON EUN HYE(chaegyung) n JOO JI HOON(shin)..! they should be together off-screen.. but apparently JOO is dating SONG JI HYO(hyorin). huh.!.
i hope there's going to be GOONG 2 w original cast.. but it'll nvr happen.. GOONG S (aka goong 2, i guess) was already on air n they totally converted the original casts..! (based on the mbc news). argghhh..! boringnye..! so dissapointing..!
i would like to see them acted together again..! plz plz!!!