Thursday, 10 November 2011

Stuff i got @ Daiso.

Salam Everybody!
just wanna tell u guys about, how amazing Daiso is! (exaggerating)
it's in Sunway Pyramid! same level as Watsons.
RM 5 ! !

as u all know, i collect teeth for my Dental Materials module. (currently am)
and i need a few stuff for my teeth storage,
and stickers to label my lab appliances.

i thought i would have found something i can get use with it.
so, this is what i got......
the first item got nothing to do with Dentistry at all.
bought it because it looks cOOL... hehe
it's a fabric binding liquid.
thought so, gonna make use of it sooner or later ;)

this ia small size storage bags, 70 sheets.
i am going to packed and categorized my teeth collections
according to it's number
using those.. =D
to label my lab appliances.
with a few different colours in 1 packet!
480 pieces, people!

the container that i am going to use to store the teeth according to it's quadrant.
there are actually a lot more different sizes, compartments and shapes.
like this :::

so to my dental friends,,, get ur own now!!! 
great place, great price, great items, right! hehe=p
<3 <3


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

It's Shogun! The best Japanese Buffet ever!!!!

Salam everyone!
it's time to talk about food again!!!
let me introduced to u, Shogun!!
there are many Shogun branches in Malaysia. i think.
what i know, Shogun is located at Sunway Pyramid and also One Utama New Wing.
the price., well a little bit higher that Seoul Garden but i'm not very sure how much. 
My brother-in-law paid the bill.

u can get even better food than Seoul Garden!
There are many different kind of buffet!
but no steamboat, please.
Japanese, Western, Chinese cuisine .... all u can eat!!!
big bonus for BIG APPETITERS !!! 

My Plate. hehe. Not much, really.=p

Cheese and Teriyaki Mussels.......... i love them too much. hehe
and the fried-looking ones are baby crabs!!!
crunchy! Delicious!
look at me how much i enjoy the fooooooooodddd.
The desserts.
Shogun's shortcakes are the best!
Chocolate Mousse Cake!!! yummmmmeyyy!
My sister and the daughter.
kids do love Shogun tooooooooo! 

the sushi counter.
Heaven for Sushi lovers.
but not for me.hee

that's it for nowww!!!!
it's good to have a family gathering or classmate gathering or a reunion in Shogun.
the best place, after Seoul Garden!

Try now guys!
worth with every penny!


Thursday, 3 November 2011

It's Preloved Party, AGAIN !

Salam everyone!
the OBB Preloved PArty is Back AGAIN!
and of course i am going!!!
This time, with Pinky and Ain !!!
Happy FACES.
Pinky grab a lot of great stuff !!!!
I'm so jealous of her!!!

woohooo Ain! she was having a flu and need to study for a few tests for the following week 
but still coming with us just wanna grab the SUPER DUPER great items !!!
and i must tell u, this time, it was the best party everrrrrrr!
more and more and more pretty clothes!!!
Yanny was one of the vendors.. no wonder the are some great pieces that caught my eye on.
but sadly, i decided to get only 4 pieces if items.
there are more great stuff but most of the clothes, i have to wear inner and i hate inners.
it's Malaysia, not London where i have to wear layer per layer and more layers of clothes.
Rm2. this is not a dream. This is reality!
the fabric was great!
the fabric was like glittery gold with cream based.

kinda OBB inspired.
 a chiffon fabric with beads.

the Pink Bolero was the highlight of the weekend.
This is Yanny's if i'm not mistaken.
the quality was 100% great.
and the blue flowery necklace was too cute!
love at first sight.

Liyana Hanim's cookies.
it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want more!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh, oh, i was like carrying around a Charles&Keith TOTE from the preloved party 
and it is so much suitable to be worn to class.
it was the best among the preloved bags they got there.
UNFORTUNATELY, i decided to let it go after i remember that i'd already bought a backpack for class through online.
and i pleasantly regret about letting it go!
it was still new-with plastics,though!
and it only costs RM35!!!
what a $@&^#^, Zuffy.

Yes, i love to go to OBB only when there's Preloved Party!
the vendors are awesome.
Super Fashionistas.
with Super Clothes.
it's the style that i am looking for.

Till then goodbye.


Friday, 28 October 2011

Annual Dinner Dentistry - Movie Night

Last Friday night, on 21st October our Annual Dinner Faculty of Dentistry was held.
the event was organised by us, and me as one of the comittee.

The decorations was superb as stunning as the name of the theme, Movie Night, t
he night we were given a chance to wear like movie characters.
The best October night i had eversince i was born.!
well October always be my favourite month.

At first, there was some issues with one of the juniors who didnt follow orders from the hotel management.
Attitude problem. 
Well thanks to u, u have been blacklisted! a good start for a freshie, huh!

alright, back to the event.
i chose to be the Black Swan on that night !
and unfortunately, i purchased the wrong feathers online. 
so i turned out to be a Purple Swan! bahahah
but nevertheless, i managed to get the right makeup(sort of) for the Black swan! yay!
The right eye shades but different lip colour.
 it should be like Vampy lips but mine is a bit orangy.

the eyeliner is the best eyeliner i've ever wear.
it's Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner. Wort with every penny. Trust me.

by the way, the dress that i wear wasnt rental.
i bought it online.
The dress and the shoes fly all the way from Korea!
it's wearable and i dont like spending something that i have to return it back.
that's why i didnt rent such beautiful and gorgeous costumes like my friends'
The coolest character ever. Bawang Merah Bawang Putih - the Malaysian  old sequel.
oh, and as for the top, i bought Bella's preloved bolero that i styled it in my own way..

however, our tribute Choir didnt really works.
we screwed up.
bad audio, clueless, unprepared, and confusing audience. especially the lecturers. 
Thank fully some of our seniors gave support for our unpleasant performance.

Oh oh, i booked a hotel room and in the morning,, Ena and me had a wonderful breakfast !!!! 
i mean, a big breakfast!!! Breakfast in hotel is the best thing had ever happened to me! hahahah (overreacting) 
i always love having breakfast in the hotel cafe!

These are some pictures that i took .
this is Bella. she call me the designer of her dress. hehe
this is Ena. She wore the skirt that is mine. and the costume that i suggest.=D 
Yeah. This is Che Moh. the cape that she wore was my PLAN A.
 but i lend her the cape for the dinner as i proceed with PLAN B
. and  i sew it myself! hehe tadaaaaaaaaa!
this is Wani. i styled her up, get her makeup done.
she looked stunning. 

this is Dayah. i styled her too. =DD
Nani, the Joker. really cool costume u chose !! 
Ihsan as Harry Potter. He killed me.
 R.I.P Black Swan.
Azlan, the mastermind of the event.
Great leadership, man! 
Razil as V for Vendetta. Cool picture, right. 

Alhamdulillah, the event was a success.
Great job, colleagues !


Monday, 17 October 2011

Preparation for our Annual Dinner

Salam Everybody!!!
so sorry for not updating for a while.

been really busy. i mean super busy.
there're madly tans of things that i wanna blog on.

let's start with the preparation for our dinner.
the Annual Dinner this year organized, prepared by us. Second Year dental student.
i am one of the committee. The Food Committee (like durh? i love food tht is why they chose me).
but my part was coincidentally done by Team Mate (refer to the other committee) so i dont have anything much to do. except to search for catering for lunch during rehearsal this Friday.

well i did some more "CHARITY" works. absolutely nothing to do with food.
i make the costumes! just the bottom to be exact. it's the Maxi skirts for the Glee performers.
i love to sew so i didnt take it such a burden.
Plus i can complete all 11 Maxi Skirts in 2 days despite the fact i got classes on both days!
and of course, with help of my colleagues assist me to do the waist band.
super colourful Maxi skirts.hahah
 Thank god Mama gave permission for me to borrow her ancient Sewing Machine. ^^

Slight preview of my costume that i designed.
 it's a PLAN B costume.
i canceled Plan A and i let one of my classmate wear it on that night.
oh oh, i participated in a Choir and i stands as THE SOPRANOS ! unfortunately, the Sopranos will only sing 1 line from the If I Let U Go lyrics (by Westlife) - yet.

well if u asked my personal opinion, sopranos should be prominent in a Choir. Youtube and try to observe.
However, who cares about my opinion , right. =,=

till then, to be continued. 


Monday, 12 September 2011

Umrah in Ramadhan

Salam everybody!
Happy Eid !
i am celebrating my Eid quite different compared to past years!
and i think this is the best among all!

i celebrate the EId in Makkah, the Holy place for Muslims.
i am so grateful, Alhamdulillah that my parents brought me there for Umrah.
eventhough it's during Ramadhan, fasting month, i am looking forward for this opportunity.
despite the fact that i dehydrated a lot, i still enjoy every single moment i had there. 
although the place is too crowded w people, i love being there.
i love praying at the holy Mosque, The Masjidil Haram.
the feelings are so different.
 i felt like Allah is very much close to me, seeing me step into His holy place.

in Makkah they celebrated Ramadhan even merrier than Syawal.
i think that is what it should be done.
Malaysia celebrate Syawal extremely like ohitsEid!letssnatchsomeduetrayayeah!
but as for people in Makkah, things seemed to be different. 
People barely letting go of the Ramadhan.
including me. I miss my Ramadhan in Makkah. 

as i step my foot onto the Holy ground, it' almost 1a.m
and immediately i did my Tawaf, Saie and i skipped my Sahur!
it was quite chaos on the 1st day.
but Alhamdulillah i dont really felt starve on the whole day. just dehydrated.

people are flooded around the Masjidil Haram's territory.
Muslims around the world are racing for deeds during Ramadhan on the Holy ground.

(ok i just wanna share my experience)
and because of the obsession, racing towards Allah's attention on the holy ground, 
some of the Arabian, Nigerian, Somalian 
dont even take care of their personal hygiene ! !
they smells a lot ! 
damn, it's stink !
there is one time,
 it's dawn and i sit still, getting ready for Semayang Raya 
and people are walking and searching for place to pray. s
uddenly, i smells something badly horrifying grossssss! 
i smell poooooooop !
it seemed like somebody is pooping on his/her pants or something!!! oh mannnnnn. 
it's disgusting freakossssss! 
how come u faced Allah with that bad hygiene!
ur ibadah would have been meaningless if u tend not to keep ur good hygiene.
damn, it's gross. 
if u guys are on my place, i bet u would have puke on the spot. bahahaha 

oh oh, i almost forgot!
in Madinah, i found a man selling dates and nuts that looks so much like Daniel Radcliffe !!! hahahaha
he got blue eyes ok! hah! and speaks Malay !
Mom, "berape satu paket?". Him,"Lima belas riyal."
imagine him wearing a long white dress-robe. hehe

some pictures to share.. ;)

the Holy Masjidil HAram

interior architectural design of Masjidil Haram

The Kaabah. O,O.
 look at how many people are there. 

the Arabian lady with a bottle of zamzam carry on her head. Cool
Reciting dua, praying in front of the Kaabah.
taking the chances while still in the holy ground.
the Jabal Rahmah. ^0^
it's Madinah. 

backView of the Masjid Nabawi. Beautiful.

Amazingly gorgeous. 

Quba's Mosque. the 1st ever mosque invented by Prophet Muhammad SAW. 
The Jabal Uhud.
The Dead Sea. (waite Dead or Red sea? i'm not sure about this one. hehe)

That's all u guys!
;')i miss Makkah, i miss Madinah, already!
awesome place to go, to get urself closer to the almighty, Allah.
stop spending ur Million dollars, pounds on the bank for GUCCI, LV, CHANEL 
but spend it for UMrah or Haji. 

Till then,