Saturday, 30 October 2010


It happened 2 nights ago
i wasnt there

my family are.

it's weekdays so i was in college.

i went back home just now and really surprise with what happened

i asked my sister about the floor right after i stepped into the house

she was saying it is because of the earthquake
i thought she was bluffing cuz she always lied to me!

then i asked Momy.

and Yes, it was earthquake
Alhamdulillah it's just a minor one.
everyone is safe. =)

except for Dady. he stepped onto the cracked tiles and bleeded.

yeah my Dady is clumsy.

never thought of this would happened to me.

reminds me of the one who CREATED me. 

the Mighty.


the End is near. Repent EVERYBODY!


Monday, 25 October 2010

what's wrong with me? - AGAIN.

OK. i dont noe what's wrong with me now.

i did really silly things recently.

first, i spilled lemonade on my lappy.

- but my lappy is back to normal now.

as good as before.

thanks to Zaty for the hair dryer.

secondly, i fall while i was searching for Puan Fazillah's room (my CS lecturer).

and it was humiliating.

i fall in front of a group of unknown guys.

they laughed at me. BAD PEOPLE!!!

when i fell, i didnt make any response.

i just said, " sakettt..." but then i didnt make any facial expression.

Thirah said " buat muke blur je time awk jatuh tadi " haha

the reason that i made that silly facial expression is because i noe im going to be real humiliated.

that's why i just acted cool and like there's nothing happened.

however, i'm really thankful that my kainbajukurung didnt slip off.

sexy nanti ohhh!!!

thirdly, i was reaching for my Febreze just now.

and i broke a vast

it fell from above my head

actually it's just a small vast that i put above the locker.

and it's The Dentistry Annual Dinner's souvenir.

no big deal about that.

Alhamdulillah it didnt fall onto my head.

All these happened because of my clumsiness

i am not clumsy OK.

i admit that i always freak out.- all the time. but not clumsy.

i think.hehe

is there something wrong with me?

i guess that, i think a lot.

a lot of stuff that came to me pieces by pieces.

sadness of losing, ... etc. hmm

insyaAllah i'll be good.



Wednesday, 20 October 2010


i thought i manage to change someone

but actually i dont

i thought a month of Ramadhan of my effort

would have change this one friend into a better person.

maybe not completely change but at least i should got some great results? 

frankly it is just like im doing nothing

absolutely no changes at all

just the same like before

i felt like giving up now

i tried so many things to open up this friend

it seemed like im nothing yet - annoying?

talking rubbish?

perhaps im not that important

yeah i know that

i should have known that since the first time

how pathetic me


Monday, 18 October 2010

birthday treat

Yesterday i went for lunch at Sushi King Subang Parade with my sister

i went there right after i finished my HBU114 final exam

and before i took my exam, i did a very CRAZY thingy.

i took risk by parking my car at the foyer which forbid students to park there.

well it's weekend. so i dont think anything would happen.

At 7 am i saw my car had been clamped AGAIN.

HAHAHAHAHA. serves me right!

then i settled this alone, meet the Kapten and i got my car back.

i got blacklisted i guess.

hahahaha padam muke!!!

i really hope that i still get to stay in a hostel next semester. +_+

i seriously regret.

so i sent my car to my sister's place.

when the car is in need, then i asked my sister to bring in here.


oraite, back to Sushi King thingy

i ate a lot as usual.hehe

before that, my sister bought me a Baskin Robbin ice cream.
(OMG!! it's been ages since i got my last scoop!!!)

then i was window shopping at Voir.

and there's sales!!!!

but i dont think that i would want to buy any.

but when i saw RM150 in my wallet, i've been thinking to shop a little.
hehe i guess.

actually i got the cash from Lina cuz she borrowed my money a couple of days ago.

and i didnt manage to hid it from myself which i always do.

then i ended up bought

this Electric Pink pants (not skinnies)

and Mustard Wedges from Voir

both with 50% off!!!

yeah i only bought after less items...heheh

i cant stand this.

i cant even take a glimpse at so so so very very less price items.

i really need to hid a lot of my cash in the bank after i got my scholarship

im afraid that i might spend it all!

without thinking!

well i always wanted a Yellow Mustard shoe.

so this is an exception.

consider i bought this to fulfilled one of my wish list.hehe

alasan kah?weee~~


Saturday, 16 October 2010

im 19. my last teen years.

im turning 19 yesterday.

this is my final teenage years.

no more teen next year.

but im excited!!!

im getting older!

n i can get married sooner or later!!!!


this year i got the a lot of wishes from my friends.


although my birthday is just a birthday,

i'm happy that i have friends.

apart from my family, only my sister wishes me birthday.=_=

oh thank you to YOU for calling me that night.

i thought that u wont called or text, despite the fact that u'll having ur finals next week.

and insufficient credit.haha

hahaha sorry that i hang up on that exact 12am.

because of that u didnt get to be the 1st one to wish me birthday.

Nany took ur place instead.wahahaha. sorry.

but still, THANK YOU for making me sleepy on my birthday.haha

u owe me a Birthday Song kan!

dont forget! hehe

and thanks Mira for texting me all the way from India!

im really flattered that u still remember me birthday!

study well, Doc!!

oh yes. one more thingy.

i did a very silly thing on my birthday.

i saw a cockroach.

it was heading to me!!

and about to masukdalamkain ok!!!

i was like jumping kecuakan and running to the back of class.

i was uncontrollable.

sorry classmates.huhu

haha 'BEST' birthday ever?

i will post the cake later.

i meant our cake. (me, momy, dady)

three of us were born on the same month.

so need to wait untill my mom's birthday on 27th for the cake.

my sister ordered Baskin Robbins.yaaaayyyyyy!!!!!

my only wish on my birthday,

is to pass with flying colours every Dental exams that i'll going through in this 5 years.

this is all i need so far.

oh, and also, great and loyal friends, and long lasting relationship!=))


Monday, 11 October 2010

AMAZING love story.


sooooo sweeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttt =')))


BUT, 5 years???? without keeping in touch??

i cant stand that.

it shows that he did not really care about her!

if i were her, confirm i had already with somebody else by the time.


but i really hope people can commit with only one person in such a long duration..


brother's akad nikah


i thought my brother's wedding ceremony is going to be on 14th October which is next week.

well it is...

apparently, his akad nikah was yesterday.

and i knew that, a day before.

how pathetic me.

i noe it's just his 2nd marriage but how can i do not noe??

hmm whatever.

i noe im not important.=_=

im not important to anybody! laii

huhu anyways.

the akad nikah was held at Masjid Negeri Shah Alam.

im wearing kurung moden that i wore on brother's 1st marriage.hehe

and my new style of crossed scaft.^_^

 so this is me, n cousins.

kak Marinie n Abang.

hope u guys live happily ever after....

hope this marriage will be MUCH MUCH better.

on the Reception Ceremony, i'll be the one whose going to handle the guest list.

hope i'll be fun!

and i think i might forget that on the other day is my BIRTHDAY.huhu


Friday, 8 October 2010

cry baby me

i am a cry baby.
i cried so easily.
even for small small thingy.

and i humiliated myself in front of the class.
i cried in class.

i cant help myself.
all because of my scholarship agreement.
at first, i dont think that i might cry.

the thing is, i was sobbing.

like really sobbing.

i noe what will happen if i told my mom about this.

the problem is,
my agreement should be in black ball pen.
but there's this one part that my mom did in black INK.
i didnt realise that before.

until today.

i was madly worried.

and after minutes away, i started to feel the pressure and cant help myself from tearing up.

i cant control my emotions
the agreement is very important.

and need to be submitted by TODAY.

got a lot of stuff to do to complete it.

a lot of hard work.

i cant depend on my mom.

she's a busy woman.

she got a lot of stuff to do than settling my problems.
i really hope she understands.

not like my sister.

i called her for advice.

but she was like talking rubbish!

making her own rules.

this is a serious matter!

she cant do whatever she wanted.

when i said that i CANT do as what she say cuz i have to obey the rules,

she's getting mad at me.

and hang up.

then i cried AGAIN.

this time, in public.

seniors from Faculty Engineering was like peaking at me and made funny faces.

maybe it's because the didnt noe what's wrong with me cuz i was like crying like CRAZY.

im SORRY. This is me. i cried so easily.


u didnt do anything wrong.

it's just that im a cry baby.


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

me birthday in 10 days

i always wanted a birthday, my special day to be memorable.

but every year, it is just the same but slightly better than eid.

i want something memorable.

something that i will always remember in my whole life.

something "first time" or something "new"

It is not like what i had last year.

what a bad bad birthday.

someone that i hate so much is the first person wished me birthday.

and i got a huge fight with him 6 days before me birthday.

i really wanna people to throw a surprise party for me like in the movies~

so cool.

seriously, i need this birthday to be the BEST.

I dont want it to be okjustthesamelikealltheseyears.  

but will it happened?

i dont want to be abandoned with dentistry stressful moment with me.

at least, last year i have a couple of friends to talk on phone with as i got a week free call.

but now, they are just in front on my nose!

no need to be on phone! i can just chat with the literally!

hmm. i got no life now.

my teenage life burnt just like that.

plus, the person that i care seemed to be in silent. 

perhaps he already found somebody else.

wow, what a "SUPER SUPER BONUS".=_=


Friday, 1 October 2010


a couple of days ago, i got motivated by my mentor, Dr.Farha.

telling us all the fields of dentistry.

i thought that after i completed my degree, i'll be able to do braces!

but sadly i cant!

i have to do Masters in Orthodontics for it!

i dont want to!

it's enough for me to get my ass off with dentistry books for 5 years
but i have this 1 goal.

where i was like promising to my nephew to get him braces on after i graduated.

what i've seen, his teeth're potentially got teeth projection.

pity him.

 if me, his own aunty, being a Dentist insyaAllah in 5 years,
cant get him braces myself, it would be a disappointment.

i still got a lot of time to think about this.

5 more years to go.

still, i want to get married first
then i'll think about it.hehe

if so, i really hope tht i'll pursue my Master with my only love.

that will be great! dont u think so?

im sorry 'Afif if i cant get u braces by me. 

insyaAllah i'll get u one in another 11 years if i already make my mind to pursue Masters.

if not, u'll have to go for other clinics than mine.=( 

my meeting session with Dr.Farha inspires me a lot.

she made me gain my spirit and passion for dentistry.

and made me wanted to work harder and harder.

now i noe why i am here. ^_^