Saturday, 11 April 2009

the crowd

in this remarkable world, im sure everyone wants to have someone tht they wanted to trust, to have someone to talk to rait? tht is called a friend.
im not in dillema rait now. juz wanted to express wut hd happened around me.
as a friend, kte kenela care about other friend rait. we'd to watch our tougue to not say bad things about ppl tht would also make them offended. on the spot. for exmple mcm, X tetibe marah Y ble Y said something juz bcuz X arent agree w Y. mcm arguing yg berterusan. Y juz made a random talk n X tetibe pissed mcm kuatkan suara, mara2. if u guys nak make friends with ppl, socialize, dont be too aggresivelah. but it is so weird that a person'll only be nice to her/his konon true friend. is it so hard to be nice to other ppl as well?
well, i cant stand with ppl tht kept offending other ppl's feelings. i nvr did tht to them either, though. it made me blow off! it ws like they didnt appreciate ppl around them. also tell bad stuff about their friends n make the pretend face when meet them. what a backstabber. sometimes when u're juz fooling around w them, tetibe dia jd sensitive semacam. mara2. jerit2 dpn org ramai. u guys sure malu if ur partner did tht rait? i mean, wtf?
ppl are juz maen2.. bkn serious mane.
stuff like these really does exists. ppl in my age, im sure they're mature enough to think about what's good n bad. n what's RATIONAL. ppl like this mmg n TAK rational. bajet diorg tu PERFECT laa.. RELIGIOUS.. tp mengumpat kawan sndiri jgk through the words..wtevr.
i really do hoped tht i wont meet w this kinda ppl.(bitch,heartless,inappreciable,ovrsensitivity)
~kalau nk sensitive pon, bertempatlah.
thnk god i've a destiny with a friend tht i'd known since elementary. though we're in different directions to achieve our precious dreams..
n to the crowd out there, if u like to offend ppl, stop it lah.
plz change.