Monday, 29 November 2010


hey u guys. surprise surprise!

i might quitting Dentistry

IF im failing,

and i have to repeat year.

i dont want to repeat the same thing as i dont really can fully assure that i can perform well after i repeated the same course.

therefore i decided to make a precaution

by changing course.

my mom thought that i would have get back to Dietetics. i dont think so.

i want Arts. i want Arts & Design.

i always love arts.

but im afraid that i'll be oversocial with the people around.

u know.., how's art students' life are....

but this isnt confirmed yet.

i still want to continue on becoming a dentist.

i really do hope that i'll pass. InsyaAllah.

im really worried. really.

do pray for me! =)

oh yeah. latest news. THE BANDUNG TRIP IS OFF!!!!!!!!!!! =(((((

Saturday, 27 November 2010

i cant spend my scholarship too much =(

Reason not to spend my scholarship :
  1. I'm not as bright as other students
  2. The money may be taken back to the government if i dont perform in my exams
  3. Therefore i still got some cash left to pay back. i think it's about rm1000++.
  4. Momy might freaking out if she knew i spent it for something unappropriated like new phone cuz i'd already bought a new one last few months, expensive clothes, watches, SHOES .. etc
  5. I might run out of cash for lunch, dinner and broadband bills as Dady wont gave me any money after i received my scholarship. =(            
i noe these may happened to me in the future.
plus i did real bad in my last semester exam 
i mean SUPER SUPER bad!!!
even though i'm dying for an expensive watch......, 
i have to be patient. maybe i need to wait for next semester.
huhu i dont have a watch... i've drown my Vincci watch with my skinnies. 
well i put it in the pocket. didnt realize that.
i never had an expensive watch before....
i only wore cheap ones and kept exchanging repeatly.
i've been asking Dady for one. and he gave me his PNB watch. hmmm



 Off to RedBox at Sunway Pyramid

been craving for Karaoke-ing since 2 weeks before my finals!

 *Iera, Mua, Ena and Alyaa

 HAHAHA! yeah baby! this is what i'm talking about!

i lost my voice after karaoke-ing!

i had fun a lot!!

WE had fun!

;) syoknyeeee~~

one of the therapy to let go of life problems and conflicts.

besides shopping. hehe

 lunch at Papa John.

i dunno why i ate a lot..

maybe i dont really eat during my examination week.

if u notice, my face SHRINKS.

not chubby as before.

it's not because of the wacky pic.

Alyaa did said so, that my face shrinks. huhu

yeah! baked rice! yummy!!

then we add on a Regular BBQ Chicken and Meat Pizza.


Oh. Jusco got a huge sale going on. 

i bought this red blouse.

before discount price, RM119.90

after price, RM36.85!!!


dont really shop much as im going to Bandung for holiday this December.

being a shopaholic once again!!!! 

will be ACTIVATED this December!! just like before!!!

cant waite!!! <3




As you all know, i'd just finished my finals.

and i did really BAD. i mean REAL BAD. 

i dunno if i can still continue in Dentistry.

as for my Oral Biology Module, i dont think that i'm going to pass.

while i was answering, there's a lot of things that i dunno!

seriously, can u imagine, we have to answer a 400 marks essay paper.

and i only wrote a few for particular questions where there's 4 of them in 50 marks.

i was about to cry after i left the Examination Room.

 it's our first paper so i cant get myself down too soon.

i'm my heart, the words that i kept saying is "I'm sorry Mama. I'm sorry.:'("

i did this, i came to Dentistry because of my Mother.

she's in Turkey for holiday right now. so she didnt noe how's my exam going on.

so move to the next paper which is MCQ.

i did bad for that paper either.

then,, i'm worried. what am i going to do if im failing?

well im surely do.

i never had this feeling when i'm answering my finals.

when i'm back at the hostel, i took a nap first.

i got migrain for 3 days straight.

maybe it's because i dont sleep much.

what do you expect? i woke up at 6 am and took a nap at 3 am.

and throughout that particular time, i dont even have a short nap even a second.

i noe, impossible right. but of course with help of Nescafe 3 in 1.

after i woke up, i was like looked up for my future in this 1 moment.

i told my roomate, Ummi about my exams.

then when i was about to pray for Asar, i started to cry.

then, i cried again. 

when my sister gave me the car keys while i'm still in hostel, i dont have any expression on my face.

just pale and swollen eyes. like MAD(insane) people.

She's told me to not stressed out. i said OK and just left.

then she called.

i told her everything and cried aloud. 

that time i was im Zaty's room.

She gave me advice. So do Zaty.

then a friend of mine who studied in Indonesia did then same thing too.

then i felt a little bit better cuz my eyes are swollen a lot.

i dont want it to get even worst cuz i'm going for Karaoke on the next day!

i dont want to look hideous. 

now i'm only depends on my prayers toward the Mighty.

InsyaAllah with His will, He'll give what's best for me.

InsyaAllah i'll pass. Amin~


Friday, 26 November 2010

saya suka dia tapi dia............. (continued)

cerita ini adalah REKAAN semata mata dan DITOKOK TAMBAH
tapi mungkin ada kena mengena dengan sesiapa. hehe ;) 

Ada seorang gadis serba kekurangan. Dia bukan lah gadis yang sempurna. Kadang kadang dia terpikir jugak. Aku ni takda apa apa yang special ke. At least something? Aku ni takda ke skill? belajar takda la pandai mana. Tak pernah jadi student favourite ke apa. Pastu plak selalu kena marah kat rumah. Dimalukan depan tetamu lah. Padahal benda yang dia buat tu bukannya kesalahan yang amat besar pon. Takda menyusahkan orang pon. 
Kadang kadang terasa mereka(orang rumah) buat begitu sebab ada tetamu. 
Sengaja nak memalukan dia. Kadang kadang dia terasa juga yang dia lah yang paling terok kat dalam dunia. Agak susah untuk mendapat kasih sayang daripada keluarga sendiri. Perkataan sayang pon tak pernah diungkapkan kepadanya. 
Ok lah bagi nick name kat budak ni Yuu laa.hehe. 
Kalau apa apa Yuu selalu mengadu kat bestfren dia, Luu. tapi kadang kadang Yuu segan jugak nak cerita kat Luu. so Yuu simpan je dalam hati. Nangis pon sorang sorang. Sampai satu saat Yuu dah tak tahan sangat, Yuu cerita je kat sesapa yang dia jumpe kat tengah jalan. Tapi of course someone that she knew.
Ok, muncul seorang jejaka ni dalam hidup Yuu. Mamat ni bagi name pe ek? hmm Muu je la eh.hehe. Muu memang syok kat Yuu. So dorang pon start berkawan.. Mula mula Yuu dengar macam macam pasal Muu ni. Muu ni kira dalam kategori 'good looking' lah jugak tapi takda lah handsome mana. Ada lah classmates Muu dulu kate Muu ni tak bole percaya sangat. Kat semua perempuan dia syok. So Yuu mula takut nak berkawan dengan Muu ni. Yuu pernah ada sejarah berkawan dengan seorang budak sekelas dia dulu. Tapi budak tu ingat Yuu yang syok kat dia kot. So dia buat Yuu rasa serba salah pulak sebab girlfriend si budak tu tiba tiba je call and marah marah. 
Sekarang Yuu tak expect nak berkawan dengan budak tu lagi. Yuu benci sangat dekat dia kot. Mula pada saat itu Yuu agak susah untuk ada perasaan kat siape siape disebabkan lelaki yang perasan HOT macam tu. 
So balik balik kat cerita Muu tadi. Ok Yuu cube untuk spy, stalk si Muu ni.. Minta tolong kat member member kot kot si Muu ni ada helah ke kan. So far, Alhamdulillah ok. tapi Muu ni dulu memang agak gatal lah kot. Skandal perempuan memang ramai lah (skandal aka kawan rapat). 
So Yuu ni tak suka kawan dengan orang yang ramai skandal ni. Silap silap haribulan Yuu mula jatuh hati kat Muu, susah nanti. Nanti ada skandal yang anggap Muu ni suami, kekasih dia la pulak.! 
Yuu tak suka macam tu. So Yuu kawan je lah dengan dia. 
Sampai satu masa Yuu dapat offer study kat tempat lain. Agak susah jugak untuk Yuu keluar dari tempat dia belajar sekarang. Tapi disebabkan oleh keadaan yang memaksa, Yuu terpaksa jugak terima.
Tinggal kan Muu kat tempat blaja dia yang lama. Tapi dorang still in contact jugak. 
Yuu pun dah mula rapat la jugak dengan Muu ni. Sampai satu masa, Muu dapat offer pegi belajar oversea. Muu tanya Yuu patut tak Muu pergi. Yuu kate " it's for your own good, you should go. it's your future and ur no problem with that ". Walaupun Yuu cakap macam tu, dalam hati dia, Tuhan je lah yang tahu betapa dia tak nak Muu pergi. Yuu takut kesunyian. Yuu takut hilang seorang kawan yang dia dapat rasa yang orang itu ikhlas kawan dengan dia, insyaAllah. 
Sebelum Muu berangkat pergi, Yuu, Muu dan Luu berjumpa untuk kali terakhir. 
Yuu tak nak lah jumpe Muu berdua je kan. Mungkin belum biasa lagi. 
Then jalan jalan, tiba satu saat, Muu hulurkan something kat Yuu.
It's a bottle of hopes. Dalam botol tu ada origami yang bentuk stars tu.
Dalam tu ada banyak kata kata nasihat. 
Mungkin sebab Yuu menghadapi masalah dalam course yang dia belajar sekarang. 
Mula saat itu, Yuu mula ada perasaan kat Muu.
Muu ni bukanlah jenis lelaki yang Yuu suka sangat.
But she believes that people can change. InsyaAllah.
No matter how bad the person is.
and Yuu percaya yang Muu boleh berubah into a better person.
but Muu ni bukanlah lelaki jahat macam gangster gituu~

Sebelum ni Yuu anggap Muu sebagai kawan biasa je. 
Ya lah, Yuu tak pernah ada teman istimewa. 
So ini kali pertama dia dapat hadiah daripada hamba Allah yang bernama lelaki. 
sebab itu Yuu rasa terharu sangat..
Yuu rasa dia patut bagi sesuatu jugak dekat Muu. 
Yuu memang ada terfikir jugak nak bagi something kat Muu. 
Tapi Yuu ni tak reti nak bagi present kat lelaki. 
So Yuu beli satu kad, and baju tshirt yang custom-made punya. 
So Yuu bagi kat Muu masa Muu singgah kat rumah Yuu kejap. 
Itu memang betol betol kali terakhir Yuu jumpa Muu. 
Yuu ingat dia memang akan lost contact lah dengan Muu. Yuu memang dah pasrah lah. 
Tapi sampai sekarang dorang still contact. Yuu ingat Muu da taknak contact dengan dia dah. 
Walaupun begitu, sekarang keadaan nya dah tak macam dulu sangat. 
MUNGKIN Muu busy sangat kot. Profesional course lah kata kan.
Sebelum ni Yuu ada perasan lah skandal skandal Muu buat manja kat FB. Kadang kadang Yuu rasa Muu tipu dia pon ada. Tapi takda lah macam tu. Semua tu cuma perasaan Yuu sahaja.
Sekarang Muu dah happy kat sane. MUNGKIN dah tak perlukan Yuu lagi. 
MUNGKIN Muu pun dah takda perasaan kat Yuu walaupun perasaan Yuu sikit pon tak berubah.
Satu lagi Yuu ni selalu merajuk kalau timbul cerita pasal skandal skandal Muu. 
Ala merajuk merajuk manja je kot. 
MUNGKIN Muu dah bosan. tapi tak tau lah hakikatnya macam mana. 
Ya lah, dah lama tak jumpa, contact pon kadang kadang je. Anything can happened. 
Yuu cuba untuk lupakan perasaan nya kat Muu tapi susah sangat. 
Tambah lagi, sekarang kawan kawan macam asyik masam muka, macam nak cari gadoh je.
Lagilah Yuu rase sunyi. 
Tapi dia cuba untuk sibukkan diri sendiri, shopping shopping untuk lupakan apa yang berlaku.
Walau pun begitu, Yuu harap sangat yang dia akan berjumpa lagi dengan Muu di masa akan datang. 
Dia berharap sangat perasaan Muu terhadapnya dahulu tak berubah. InsyaAllah dengan izinNya~

nanti sambung cerita lagi eh... tgk lah dalam beberapa bulan ke tahun ke kalau ilham baru dah ada ok..



Wish came true

ok, it's not really a big big extraordinary wish like marrying a millionaire,

flying to the skies, grabbing stars. stuff like that
few months ago, i was like into this one bag.
fall in love with in for the first sight.

it costs 50rm i think. 

excluded postage

i dont really have much money to spent

i only got cash to spend for lunch and dinner

my wish finally came true after i got my scholarship

i tried to seearch for the bag again at

and Alhamdulillah the item is still in the house!
so i texted Shen, the seller, right away.

i cant wait for it to be posted out.

the bag had gone a lot of circumstances.
first, it was send to my sis's. as it suppose to be.

but then the postman asked for my maid's passport copy.
apparently she didnt have one.

so the postmen took my bag away....huuu =(

so i have to get the bag at the HQ

thankfully my dad got time to pick it up for me

 so this is it!!! i love it!

actually i was ordering for a different pattern

it's floral patterned with dark blue based and red ribbon on the front

Shen posted wrongly. 

quite devastating actually
but this one is cute either!

and 1 more thing.

it's about the size of the bag.

i thought it would been a little bit bigger than this one..

huhu but i'm not regret buying this SUPER CUTE BAG!!!!! <3


MAKAN BESARR with my fav mates!!

as for celebration for us for receiving JPA scholarship,

we decided to makan besar!!!

 i've been waiting for this!

it had been ages since i ate something pricey last time.

but before that, we accompany Lina to buy a new phone.

and I'm sending my lappy for reparation.

remember about the lemonade spilled incident last time? hehe

and yeah, am wearing a birthday present ;)

i saw this very cute and unique Nokia phone.

cant remember the model.

it is a slided, square shape phone!!

i've been thinking to buy another for my Maxis number..hehe

maybe not now.


oh meet Lina, Iera and Thirah



nyum nyum nyum!!! dig in everybody!

my dish tastes real good!

cant remember the name.

but there's another dish that tastes even better!

Chicken Blue? ??

I'm not sure

but it got salami inside the chicken

there said it tastes like heaven

wanna try that SOON!!


Friday, 19 November 2010


there's so many times i tried to update my blog.

but due to hectic life, i didnt have much time.

next week will be my final EXAMINTION.

pray for me u guys!!!!

Pass is enough for me!

later, i'll posted out more stuff to share will people!!

a lot actually/

waite UP ok!!!


Friday, 5 November 2010

sadness within happiness

first, i was super ecstatic that i already received my JPA scholarship!!!


i checked my account in an early morning.

 at first only Lina decided to check hers' up

and im not cuz i dont really think that it had been tranferred into my account yet.

but then there's this medical student, Mir, was like shouting, saying, "wey! duet da masuk ohhh!"

and i was like "weyhhhhh tak bole jadi nii!!!!!!"

then i used the deposit machine at the Bank Islam and checked my balance.

few seconds later, bang! RM5725!!

well my previous account was only RM80.

haha i noe. how pathetic.

so my first spend,

i bought a lot of stuff from PC fair at the Stadium Malawati!!!

will posted out the pics later in this same post cuz i used my mom's lappy.

mine was "sick" again.

cause from the lemonade incident i guess.

it started to create a lot of probs now.

*Oh ok, am uploading the pic now. already used my own lappy.

* these are the items that i bought at the pc fair..hehe

these are my needs not something that i bought just for nothing.heheh

as for the sadness part, oh yeah i am now.

i was like quite stressed out because of my final exam is coming up and there's more than 100 topics to be cover up.

and also about this thingy.

i was like really upset about this situation.

the situation is VERY different.

with what i felt and etc...

perhaps i am not important now.

so i had to make myself busy and always be happy with my daily life,

and NOT thinking about this.

i noe it's hard.

but i have to.

if not, i'll be tearing up.

cuz i hate this.

plus my family gets angry with me for spending my scholarship money for a Nikon camera,

it's my money. i still want to spend it some for my own desire.~_~

seriously, my condition becomes worsten.

i cant even express my feelings to my BFF.

she's been busy all the time.

and also my dentistry BFF's, cant really spoke to them about this.

i am more forward on express it out on my other BFF, Zaty

she noes me better.

so i wont be awkward for talking to her about this.

with all these, i have to make myself SUPER SUPER BUSY all the time.

and not thinking about this in every moment.

Dear Allah, please gave me strength to endure this. I cant stand this. I felt like people are leaving me, more and more. Please help me dear Mighty Allah...

Right now, i have nobody for me to express my feelings and thoughts.

but only with

praying, blogging, facebooking, SOBBING, anatomying, biocheming, pharmacoing, microbing...and so on.....

i noe, my life is not perfect or happy like other people.

all i can say, i hope Allah will gave me MUCH much more happiness in the future insyaAllah...