Saturday, 17 April 2010

baby 'Alia, hospitalized

*so this is my sweet lil niece, 'Alia Sabrina, while she's still healthy and messy.hehe

* and now, she's sick. normal fever. and she's in the hospital.

GET WELL SOON! *hugs and kisses*

a new recipe tht i made!

yesterday i was bored. and also the past few days.hehe
so i decided to bake something.
at first, i thought i just wanna to make a pizza for lunch.
but then i was thinking to make something new.
so i used my pizza dough, to make a bread.
and i'll stuffed the fillings inside the bread which the fillings'll be made by me of coz.hehe

* so this is the pizza dough tht i made initially..
well i took the recipe for the internet.

so the dough is doesnt looks like what im expected..

it's hard to roll the dough.

so the pizza that i made before doesnt looks "gorgeous" but tastes gOOd!

* so this is the fillings. i used sausages instead of minced meat or chicken.
it's bcuz i got none of those "fatty meat" in my fridge!

my mistake for using a lot of potatoes.
should've add more fresh corns.
so that the fillings tastes even better..

and am using Vono soup to taste more like the ones in Secret Recipe's.HAHA.

it is my own recipe.weeeeeee~

* so this is it. the results.
as i told u guys before, it doesnt look "gorgeous" but it tastes good!
so i shall called it, ZAFFY BUNS!

i just lOOve to cook..
and E.A.T.haha
it's a nutritious meal.
no preservatives.
copyrighted by me.
Chef ZAF.wee~

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

my new blog layout..

yes! perfect layout!!
i finally satisfied with it.
after all this time finding great ones.
thanx to Pinky, a.k.a HyzanDz for the info bout this perfectly nice background for my blog.
black base with heart... a lil bit of pink sentiment..

really resembles me a lot.

shows the TRUE me..

i like it.............<3

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


* yes, this is him. i got this pic from a facebook fan page.hehe

Ahmad Shahir Zawawi, the name is.

i started to make a post about him cuz i think i like this guy.

he looks like Gambit too.fuh. Gambit is HOT.

i ws like attracted to him as i watched the Diary AF a few days ago.

for the first time. yeah.

he's kinda shy, cool , funny, GORGEOUS. i like that.

andd he's a former nasyid singer. SAUJANA is the name.

as u can see, he's religious. he's UIA graduate..

so we can simply guess what kinda person is he..

but things gone wrong as he entered the AF. the singing reality show.

well, gone wrong to me.

i think he's a perfect guy.

but the problem is the reality show tht i dont really fancy.

dancing with the other contestants. girls especially.

touching w each other. these are not right for me.

but still, i like this guy. minus the reality show of course..

hoping that i'll get a great guy exactly like him one day..

great character. charming. simply perfect.

perfect guy does exist.haha. almost.

Friday, 9 April 2010

my second semester results..

juz got my results this afternoon.
thank god Ain called me n inform tht the results is on the web.
i was about to get out of the bed when she called..
so i washed my face, brushed my teeth. didnt, managed to take a shower.
planning to do it after i've checked my result.. hehe
so i was browsing n browsing n browsing..,
there goes my examination slip.

well i got a good one. but not the best.

better than my last sem. ALHAMDULILAH.

perhaps what i get is what i worked for.

i'm grateful.

still, im not sure if i can get through dentistry.

i'm not as good as others..

most of my friends got 4 flat on their second semestr.

but not me.

i need my mom's help for this.

she need to get to the Dekan to talk about my future-to-be if i didnt get dentistry.

well she wanted to do that.

she wanted me to be a dentist so badly..

but i dont really mind about all this now.

if dentist is not for me.., i can accept that.

i still can get other courses.

i'll be goin for, either dietetics or physiotherapy.

hmm., at least i got other options. other than dentistry..

oh my...., i need to make Istikharah about this...

as for my readers, please pray for me!!

i really hope that i'll get something that suitable for me!!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

new korean drama fav..

YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL, it is called...

the best korean drama - yet.

my roomies, Ain n Nany cant wait to watch the drama
till we completed our finals so they decided to watch it during our study week..hahah
korean dramas are addicted u c..
at first we're juz took a small peak at the drama..
but end up finished up the series in a week i guess.

im not really into the drama on tht study week..

determined myself to fully concentrate on my studies.

my roomies are more brainy than me.

so there's no problem for them to catch up.

* so here it is.... the cast.. Park Shin Hye, Jang Geuk Seuk..

what a sweet, adorable lovely couple!hehe

* so this is Hwang Tae Kyung, the main cast. he rarely smiles in this drama.

but the smile is what ppl die for..HAHA
simply gorgeous.. <3>
Jang Geuk Seuk.., if u look closely, he resembles Jo In Sung a lot! they looked like twins!
u guys do know Jo In Sung, right? Memories In Bali is one of his dramas..
try to google them.
i dont think there's any diferences between.
i was like, WOW. they look a lot like each other.HAHAH

and now i declare, he is my new korean-heartrob....weee~~ <3