Friday, 20 July 2012

3 more years.

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah
I completed my 2nd year as a dental student.
TWO YEARS of efforts, sacrifices, struggles, tears, drama, brain storming and so on payed off with flying colours.
Thank you Allah, for awarding me a success.
TWO YEARS struggling for Basic Medical Science(BMS) is a torture for me.
i felt so much relieved that it is over.
and i am proud of myself.

A girl who loves arts, fashion and shop managed to pass in exam of Medical subjects.
It's me im talking about.
the lecture notes that i need to study for 2 weeks in 3 different papers.
it's 300++ topics all in.
Well it's different compared to Dental subjects.
Oral biology, Dental Materials, Operative Dentistry, Prostodontics, Endodontics.
i enjoyed learning all of it.
i didnt take it as a burden.
Dentistry is a symbol of arts. Hand skills.
that is why dentistry caught my interest. compared to Medicine.
when mother, asked me to pursue my studies in Medicine, i totally said NO. Absolutely NO.
i can consider as Dentistry got the same concept of ART&DESIGN.
so i chose Dentistry.

one of my amalgam carving that i'm proud of.
i finally got the tooth morphology when the amalgam almost harden.
well it should be inverted. the cusps werent in the right position. my bad.
lecturer didnt notice that. HAHA

for the past 2 Profesional Exams i've gone through...., let me say, WOW.
i thought that i am gonna screwed up for the BMS.
but Allah granted my wish
i made it. i passed the exam!
alhamdulillah, when i got the info about the results, i teared up so badly.

nothing much to say for Dental Materials (DM).
i just hoping that i'll pass. cuz DM is so unpredictable.
u can answer all the questions but the next day u know, u FAILED for DM.
but alhamdulillah, i passed for the Professional Exam and Mid Semester.  :)

KUNFAYAKUN. Things will happen as it is when Allah said so.
we, as the servants of Allah, only knows to plan our life but Allah is the one who determined our destiny.

I have a dream of being a fashion designer when i was 12.
I start doing sketches eversince.
but look at me now.... I am going to be a Dental Surgeon.
I never thought i could make it this far.
I aint genius.
I aint excel my SPM or foundation.
I only got 7A's 3B's for SPM and 3.67 for foundation.
UPU stated, I got Bachelor Degree of Dietetics. but Mama apply for exchange for Dentistry - without me knowing.
Mama got a faith on me. She knew that I am able to succeed.
so here I am now, 2 years, I survived.

I am looking forward for another 3 amazing years. (I wonder when am I going to get married)
SAY HELLO TO YEAR 3 ! getting ready for more exciting and challenging life.