Friday, 25 June 2010

sunday,, off to UiTM Puncak Alam for my degree

i forgot to mention tht i've already got my UPU result for my degree!

anddd i didnt get dentistry.hmm

*mungkin ada hikmah disebalik apa yang berlaku. saye hanyalah boleh bertawakal.*

well i got Dietetics instead. in Uitm.yahOOOOO!!

still, i felt really ecstatic getting Uitm!

i wont be far from home!!!=))

so i'll be gone dis Sunday for registration at Kolej Reflesia.

and OMG, the hostel is a beau!

it an apartment! oh yeaah!!~~

so i've made a plan w my troops so tht we'll get the same apartment.


cant wait to meet all of them!!!

and hopefully i can make more friends w the other dietetics students!!!


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

vacation in Beijing - shop till u drop


* like the maxi dress a lot!!~~

i wish i bought more thn one.hhehe

n tht's the sequined white cardie.

i found this cardie in one of the fashion blogs.

n not a cheap as China's.

* regretting buying the fuchsia sweatshirt.

the fabric is quite thin.waaaaaaaa~~~

but comfy.

n the brown one is a ruffled sleeveless blouse. it's cute!

* oh yess! the dvds!!! i love them!!

it costs 5rm each!!

but i dont buy much.

there's so many other things tht i wanna buy!! shoes! clothes!!hehhe

* it's a Hard Rock Cafe tshirt.

i adore the tshirts in Hard Rock alot.

really nice designs!

* checkered shirt for my busy2 day. classes.

* this umbrella is an impulse buy.

i ws like checkin out the umbrella for a sec n asked the seller how much is it.

then i accidently bargained!

i thought 20 yuan (10rm) is cheap [from 100yuan].

then i bought it.huhu~

so when am i going to use this weird, unique, ancient looking umbrella!!??

* bags as souvenirs for my closest friends..~~

variety of colours.

i bargain a lot for these.

so i got 15 pieces for 100 yuan!! w00000~~

* on my last minute in Beijing, i saw this lovely ankle boots in Sunny Gold Market.

i asked for the price.

it costs 160 yuan.

so i bargained n she gave me 50 yuan.

then i bargained more!

last price, i got 45 yuan.hehehe

OMG, it's 23rm. ONLY IN CHINA.

* more shoes! the black ones is the one tht im gonna use, attending classes.

so do the 2nd one. it wedged about an inch high.

the 3rd one is a replica of Puma shoes. i wish there's more interesting colours!

* oh yess! the best buy of all..

a black metallic Chanel 2.55 replica.... i love it the most!

n a LV fuchsia purse.

both of these items, i bargained the most!

the salesgirls kept puling me here and there.

even i've already purchased 2 items from their store,

they still wanna me purchased more!!

actually for the Chanel, i ws thinking of purchasing the silver colour from other store.

but the salesgirl was hardly to give me the price tht i want.

so i go w black then.heheehe


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

vacation in Beijing! - sight seeing

*snacks in China. looks tasty.hehe

* the beautiful scenary in Summer Palace

* on the bridge of Summer Palace.

* 2 hours walking in Forbidden City. .
there's a lot of beautiful place tht i cant miss taking photos w.

* the Imperial Garden, inside the Forbidden City.

*the Bird Nest stadium.. simply tremendous.<3

* Hard Rock Cafe for souvenirs.

the Tshirts are gorgeous.

me n lil bro purchase one each.hee~

* at the Mosque.

There's a lot of mosques in Beijing.

so i cant named all of them.

* Beijing Airport.

* Beijing Zoo. it's juz the outside landscape.

we didnt go to the zoo bcuz of insufficient cash.hehe.

too much shopping i guess.

it's juz tht the Zoo is not in the list of the trip.

so we ws like no into sight seeing anymore as it ws our last day in Beijing.

so cant we juz get some rest?!

purffff! human beings.haha

Monday, 14 June 2010

i got my car!!!!!

finally!! my car hd already been let go by the owner this morning!!!
yeah, my parents didnt buy a brand new car for me.
they said tht i drove like a psycho!!(juz a hyperbola)
kept scratching evry part of the car!haha
well i did scratch a bit on my mom's Civic.
she's quite mad bout it.huhu~
so my dad get me a used peach Perodua Kelisa.
well literally my mom's office mate who sells the car.
my mom juz recommend it to my dad
and he paid for it.huhu~

still, i cant drive it around yet.
cuz still got no insurance for the car.waaaa~~~~=(

Sunday, 6 June 2010


this Gucci Princy Boston will be going to let go at RM 850.

fixed price.
it's genuine. no lie.
the bag is my mom''s still as good as new.
the bag is looks exactly in the picture.
the reason for selling it is because it got PIGSKIN!!
so the bag is offered to NON MUSLIM ONLY..
the bag's original price is RM1600+.
my mom bought it in one of the Gucci outlet in Vietnam.
so anyone who would like to buy this handbag,
emailed me at or juz leave ur comments.
it's free postage ok..
COD can be make in Shah Alam area only.