Saturday, 12 September 2009

goodbye my frens.... leavin me alone..

here, in Uitm, we had this special bond where we were so much closer to each other. one of my roommates is bout to fly to Egypt for her Degree in Pharmacy in Mansoura University. her name is Athirah. she's bdk Terengganu. well rommates kn. so we spent most of our times together. live in hostel is a great way to get to know other ppl's real colours.. so i 'd known her vry well in juz a few months.. hopefully she'll be happy in Egypt. and to Thira, my Baby Cat, if u'r readin this, take care. dont evr2 forget me..

* thira is the one who wore the pink shirt.

so not to mention, 2 of my classmates are goin to fly to China for their Degree in Mandarin jgk.! it's Wa n Najah. they both r heading to the same University n i didnt ask them which one la plak..
so the nite bfore Najah is goin to return to her hometown in Kedah, thank god i got a chance to talk to her a lil bit n took a pic. she is so generous to lend me her expensive Campbelle Biology reference book as she not goin to use it anymore. she is so sweet... so Wa n Najah.., take care ea. China tu byk babi.. jage makan korang.. hehe

* this is Najah. one the right. dlm kenangan..

ending of the 1st semester..

im about to end my 1st semester in Foundation. my final Exams in juz a few weeks!
this is the 2nd year i cant celebrate raya with lots of happiness bcuz of the exams!
arghh!!! my mom said tht my dad wont give me a car after i completed the foundation if i cant pursue my studies to dentistry!
but i still can remember tht he used to say tht he'll give a car after i completed the foundation.
he didnt mention about the dentstry thingy.. huh.
perhaps he wanted me to work hard for my exams. how clever. so my final exams start on 29th till 4th october. so wish me luck u guys!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

bye bye my baby n hellOooo Ms.WandaWong

* dalam kenangan.. my baby.. may rest in peace.

okey. jangan cuak k. my baby stands for my lovely precious previous phone. it's the hot pink leopard print w diamonds, remember? after the last 3 years staying by my side, waking me up, calling2, texting2.. i miss her. however, i replaced her w another brand new Sony 3G phone! at last! i've been waiting for so long! yes. 3G je. im not a demanding person. it aint expensive, though. i traded the phone w my baby for rm70. well she's old n not well function. jatuh tangge la.. mcm2.
not to mention the camera, 3.2 mp! much more better thn my previous phone. so. say hello to Ms. Wandah Wong! dont ask why i put that name. it's betwn me n my troops in college.

* hello, im Wandah Wong. u can call me Wendy.

actually, i wanted to decorate Wendy a bit w diamonds n stuff as i always do, cuz it looks so boring n cliche. i dont wanna be cliche. i wanna be unique. but it's still a new born. so sayang lah. perhaps later.
i juz lovin it till death tear us apart.hehe