Monday, 12 September 2011

Umrah in Ramadhan

Salam everybody!
Happy Eid !
i am celebrating my Eid quite different compared to past years!
and i think this is the best among all!

i celebrate the EId in Makkah, the Holy place for Muslims.
i am so grateful, Alhamdulillah that my parents brought me there for Umrah.
eventhough it's during Ramadhan, fasting month, i am looking forward for this opportunity.
despite the fact that i dehydrated a lot, i still enjoy every single moment i had there. 
although the place is too crowded w people, i love being there.
i love praying at the holy Mosque, The Masjidil Haram.
the feelings are so different.
 i felt like Allah is very much close to me, seeing me step into His holy place.

in Makkah they celebrated Ramadhan even merrier than Syawal.
i think that is what it should be done.
Malaysia celebrate Syawal extremely like ohitsEid!letssnatchsomeduetrayayeah!
but as for people in Makkah, things seemed to be different. 
People barely letting go of the Ramadhan.
including me. I miss my Ramadhan in Makkah. 

as i step my foot onto the Holy ground, it' almost 1a.m
and immediately i did my Tawaf, Saie and i skipped my Sahur!
it was quite chaos on the 1st day.
but Alhamdulillah i dont really felt starve on the whole day. just dehydrated.

people are flooded around the Masjidil Haram's territory.
Muslims around the world are racing for deeds during Ramadhan on the Holy ground.

(ok i just wanna share my experience)
and because of the obsession, racing towards Allah's attention on the holy ground, 
some of the Arabian, Nigerian, Somalian 
dont even take care of their personal hygiene ! !
they smells a lot ! 
damn, it's stink !
there is one time,
 it's dawn and i sit still, getting ready for Semayang Raya 
and people are walking and searching for place to pray. s
uddenly, i smells something badly horrifying grossssss! 
i smell poooooooop !
it seemed like somebody is pooping on his/her pants or something!!! oh mannnnnn. 
it's disgusting freakossssss! 
how come u faced Allah with that bad hygiene!
ur ibadah would have been meaningless if u tend not to keep ur good hygiene.
damn, it's gross. 
if u guys are on my place, i bet u would have puke on the spot. bahahaha 

oh oh, i almost forgot!
in Madinah, i found a man selling dates and nuts that looks so much like Daniel Radcliffe !!! hahahaha
he got blue eyes ok! hah! and speaks Malay !
Mom, "berape satu paket?". Him,"Lima belas riyal."
imagine him wearing a long white dress-robe. hehe

some pictures to share.. ;)

the Holy Masjidil HAram

interior architectural design of Masjidil Haram

The Kaabah. O,O.
 look at how many people are there. 

the Arabian lady with a bottle of zamzam carry on her head. Cool
Reciting dua, praying in front of the Kaabah.
taking the chances while still in the holy ground.
the Jabal Rahmah. ^0^
it's Madinah. 

backView of the Masjid Nabawi. Beautiful.

Amazingly gorgeous. 

Quba's Mosque. the 1st ever mosque invented by Prophet Muhammad SAW. 
The Jabal Uhud.
The Dead Sea. (waite Dead or Red sea? i'm not sure about this one. hehe)

That's all u guys!
;')i miss Makkah, i miss Madinah, already!
awesome place to go, to get urself closer to the almighty, Allah.
stop spending ur Million dollars, pounds on the bank for GUCCI, LV, CHANEL 
but spend it for UMrah or Haji. 

Till then,