Friday, 25 December 2009

bad year end..huuuuuu~

alkisah,,, i ws like wearing this yellow ribbon wedges
from my place to the hostel tht i bought last time in TS w my troops.
i placed it on the rack. well it's hidden. not really ovrlooked by ppl who walk pass by my room.
when i woke up this morning at 8, the wedges' still on the rack.
but aftr i took bath at 9.30, TA-DA!, it's gone!!!!!
i'm so pissed!!!! it is the best n most comfrtable shoe i hd evr had! and it's hard to find.
i found the exact shoe before on the internet but quite costly.
i shouldnt left it outside.
yeah. my fault i guess.
* RIP to Ms.yellow ribbon. zaf'll be missing u always. thnx fr being w me.. n thnx fr making me 3 inch taller..heheheheh
another bad things happen to me..>
for the pass few days, i got infection inside my left eye. mcm ketimbik camtu.arrgghhh!!
hate it.
it's getting bigger now.. thnk god im currently in my midsem break.wwoooohooo!
so soon huh. tau xpe..heheh
so i went to the clinic. get some pills n cream fr the infection.
hopefully it'll shrink by tomorrow cuz i'll be off to KB!! by plane.
xley r ngorat steward airasia..hahahahahah.jk.
oh yes. the pharmacist gave me this antibiotic.
i didnt say tht i hd allergy fr some of the antibiotics. cuz if i do, i didnt noe it's name.
so i took one.
rite not my face n body getting itchy. oh my....
what a bad bad year end..

Thursday, 17 December 2009

indian pashmina.wee

* these are the pashminas. unique colours.
my mom went to India w my dad.
my dad got a conference there while my mom juz nk mkn angin.hehe.
my mom said that it's hard to find the ones that i like.
these are the best she can find.
well it's ok. not bad design though.i like it.
as for the stripey blue, my mom said tht she ws about to buy another one in pink
but the tourist guide ws like rushing my mom to get back to the hotel i guess
so she didnt take it.=(.huuuu~
plus anthr reason is becuz of the fabric.
as u can see, the fabric's quite thick but not actually. ok r.
it's quite rough. so she thought tht i might not liking it.
but actually i do!!! melepas plak.huuuhu
btw, TQ MAMA!heheh


FUH last week i went to SACC mall. n as usual, stop by at Bonita.hehe.
70% off for the handbags wey.!! the actual price's 129rm.
so after discounts, it's only for 30.99rm!!!!!
it's hard to believe. so i asked the nyah. " apsal murah sangat?".
so she/he said " nak abiskan stock la.."
i ws like thinking. should i buy it? berulang kali ku mundar mndir dpn Bonita.hehe
it hard to get thought. plus got a lot of great designs!!
not to mention, Bonita's hiring mak nyah pule.
there's this one scary mak nyah
w grey contact lenses who promoted me this bag.haha freako.
mak nyah2 skalipun, i like her/his service more than
real women. they're well mannered.hehe.
patut malu dow gadis sejati sekalian..hehehe~
* this is it. it's pink, silky, gorgeous n affordable. simply me.

so,marilah kite beramai2 serbu Bonita jom!!heheh.

juz now, Nany n Ain bought handbags from Bonita too.

OMG i thought of buying another one lah..heheh. Astrghfirullahhlazim..nafsu shopping.