Sunday, 22 November 2009

psycho about food..hehe

* i act just like a kid got candybars.
but juz a box of 3.
byk2 gemok larh!!

as u all noe,, i juz loveee big apple doughnuts..

so, i gone crazy with the tremendously delighted doughnuts.

i thought wanna get the Berry Bambi but then decided to get the Ceaser's Garden.

well it's quite similar w Berry Bambi cuz it got a strwberry on top of it.nyum!!

* mengorek lombong bijih timah!hahah!! cant wait to munch it in college. so i had a bite of Ceasar's Garden at Noodles Station.hehee

* tak sabar punye pasal, makan dgn sudu je laa..haha. mmg sgt tak senonoh.hee~

Saturday, 21 November 2009

back to schedule!!!

oh yeah!!! new semester!!! been waiting fr this towards the 7 weeks holidays!!!waarrhh!
glad to see all my friends back..
owh yess.
really goin to struggle to achieve 4.00 in my CGPA as i didnt get excel in my first semester.huu
it hd already been a week in my new semester.
got 2 new lecturers replacing Pn.Sabiha n Ms.Nisa which is Ms.Mardiana n Ms.Hamidah.
still Prof Md Arris n Pn.Mazhani are still goin to be my Physics n Biology lecturers.hmm.
owh shit i hate Physics. got 14 chpters overall fr this semester!!!aaahhhh!!
im goin to be dead meat!! ssh kot!!!
owh yes. as im so excited to go back to college, so i arrived 3 days earlier.hehee
and... bake come muffins!!!!

* this is orange flavour. bad attempt bcuz of wrong recipe.hehe.
blame the recipe!!!haha!

* bkn men ssh nk squeeze the oranges!!!
but the muffins doesnt taste so good..=[

* this is the best chocolate muffins i hd evr made!!!
i tastes really good!! like cookies.hehhee
baking is a really good expression when u 're excited bout something.
i guess im only good at chocolate cakes..
orite. fr this semester which is my last one,
already got a new determination fr myself to study real hard.
pursuing dentistry is my huge passion now..hee
pray fr mua!!!ammiinn..

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


first attempt in making a personal size pizza!
nk bwat besar2 oven tak muat lorh..hehee

the very first pizza tht i've baked.

well quite ugly fr the first bake cuz initially i placed it onto a large flat round tray.

i thought it'll fitted into the oven. but actually not.

so i had to transfer it into a mould tht used for baking cakes.haha.

i dont wanna wasted the dough tht i'd already stuff it up so the topping quite messy after being transferred..

these are the toppings.. oh yeah i use cheddar cheese

cuz i cant find any mozzarella cheese at the supermarket..hehe. but it still taste really good!!!

this is the 2nd pizza, after i made the first one.
i stuffed a lot of toppings.hehe.
so that it'll tastes better than the ones in Pizza Hut n Dominos!hahaah!
my family really do enjoy them.
my mom gave grade A fr my first attempt.yayy!!=)