Monday, 23 January 2012

Exam MODE.

Salam everybody!

just wanna say something.

dear friends,

sorry for not contacting u guys.
i've been very busy.
super busy with my Prostodontic's, ODE's projects. Semester exams.
for those who called me on the phone, sorry for not picking up. 
and also, my exSchoolmate who called me when i was busy in the lab, drilling some "corpse"'s teeth, sorry for not calling back.
i just dont have time for anything except for this, for my life now as a 2nd year Dental student.

Chiaw. Going to meet Yong Hwa and Song Seung Heon 2 days after my last paper! yahooooo!

durh,it seems like i dont even have a social life!
pathetic me!!! ;(


Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year Resolution !

Hello 2012 !

here is my new year's resolution !

first thing first, i wanna get fit ! say hello to Emma Watson's great figure !

second, study hard for my Professional exams ! period !

third, start saving ! no more impulse shopping ! - i hope

forth, be the star in the family ! and make daddy and mom proud after my final exam of my 2nd year in Dentistry! love to brag about it in front of my siblings. hehe

fifth, stay single until Allah find someone special for me !

sixth, new phone ! Blackberry is on the list! - yet

seventh, it's KOREA baby! here i comeeeeeeeee! finally! 

eighth, more and more ibadah, of course.