Monday, 29 April 2013

continuation from previous post. - Chemicals on women's face

SEE. How a simple eyeliner affects me. From PALE to FRESH looks.
Well, maybe this picture was taken after I got a rough and worried night where i barely sleep that is why the first picture seems like I'm in misery..

picture credit to Perfect365

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Chemicals on woman's face

Assalamualaikum lovely readers.

I know everybody wants to have a stunningly beautiful face.
It is sucha trend people wearing makeups.
Lipsticks, blusher, eye shadows, and eyeliners.

Brands like Maybelline, SilkyGirl, Loreal, SimplySiti, Shiseido, Sephora and more.

I am not a big fan of make up.

I am more into natural beauty.
Just a slight touching up.

U see I have massive dark circle under my eyes nevertheless i sleep 8 hours per day or 4 hours per day, it still wont worn off.
Genetic i guess.

So normally on my daily basis i use a compact powder or a BB cream. Both from Garnier. I am a big fan of Garnier. Been using their complete products since i was 16


but then, my eyes turnt out to be grey after applying the basics. HOWEVER Eyeliners overshadow the bad effect.
But of course I didnt wear those liners to classes, clinics.
People just love to talk about what's so different on u even a slight difference and make fun of it. Oh humans.
Just because i cannot endure any of those people talking, so i chose to look GREY like everyday. Sigh
Also, i tend to have this naturally rosy cheek especially after i walked under the sun or running around the clinic and got exhausted. People misunderstands I wore blusher. BIG NO okay.
I dislikes blusher, though.

so when hanging out with friends rather than attend lectures, I always add up a thin line of eyeliner.
Maybelline sharp liner is the best liquid eyeliner I've been using. and that's it. Nothing more.

A few months ago, Shiseido smucked a  glossy hot pink lipstick on my lips. She said i got fair skin so the colour matched me very well. I intended to chose different colour actually. Lighter. More natural looking.
When I snap a photo, I see myself like a middle age lady!
Vibrant lipstick is so not me. No not at all..

I personally thinks there is no problem with pale lips as long as there is moisture. A simple pinkish lipbalm would do the trick. It's not just expressing the natural color. It repairs the tissue as well.
So i used Nivea Pink Guava. Great colour. great texture.

Sometimes I dont get people wearing too much of vibrant "paints" smuck on their cheeks, eyes, lips though they already breathtakingly stunning without make up.

What am I trying to say is, to LOVE YOURSELVES.
If u wanna put on makeup, go ahead but remember, LESS IS MORE.

XOXO <3 br="">

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Assalamualaikum lovely readers,

My idol guide my way on how to live, how to learn, how to manage myself.

- Eversince I was little, he teach me to start saving. Never spend my duit raya. Save them in the bank.

- He teaches me to live in a simple life. Never be too extravagant.

- He teaches me to work for what i want and don't be too dependable.

- He gave me the best tips to study : sit on a comfortable chair with a study table totally merged our brain into FOCUS.

- He is a sucha workaholic. He still working very hard though he's already 60+.
cuz All he wanted to see his children eat proper food without starving.

- When he was a child he wasn't among the lucky ones. Too many endurance made him a better and successful man. He got a PHD with a 'doctor' title. and now everyone call him with that title as a respect.

- During the weekends he always have something to do. Get the food for the fish in the pond, groceries at the market, fill in the petrols, get the car serviced and etc.
And he never gets tired.
He's in the 60's but he doesnt look like he is.
His spirit made him stronger. Zealous I must say.

- He had this interesting idea back then when he was the "ketua kampung".
He brought his students from Uitm when was still a lecturer in Faculty of Science and Mathematics to teach middle school students how to master a simple Math.
And one of the committee claimed that what he came up with was actually something new, something cool that no one would have done it.
That committee i was just saying was actually coincidentally one of my patient in Perio Clinic.

- He is relatively quite. He dont even care what people say about him. He chose to keep quite, not saying anything.
Maybe that is one of the key of his success. Stay calm and keep cool.

This is my Papa I was talking about.

Though I live in an Urban area, I live in a sucha simple life while people around me seem to be predictably extravagant.

XOXO <3>


Meet Iris Marissa binti Ahmad Hasanul Isyraf.
My brother's baby girl.
Welcome to the world sweetheart.
May Allah bless u.

And this child still inherit the Chinese looks from my mother's side... The heritage continues.

XOXO <3 br="">

Monday, 22 April 2013


Assalamulaikum lovely readers,

So our faculty am going to have a Symposium for our final (5th) year seniors and we, 3rd year students may need to submit a creative oral hygiene kit for a competition.

Oh yes, when i heard the word "creative", it's time for me to do something that i love! Decorating! Something handmade.

So i came out with this for the lid.

Every material i used are recycled.
The ruffles are from my old shirt,
the sequins are from the leftovers from previous faculty's annual dinner project..
the BOX, it was originally Sabrina's Secret makeup box from my childhood. As it lay over in my room sucha mess so i sprayed it out into red which i wanted it to be in PINK at first that totally resembles me but i can't find the colour.

The ruffles really does resemble me, Zuffy cuz i love ruffles so much.

So for the interior, i just wanna make it organised rather than make it sloppy with the tools lying everywhere in the box.

I used sponge for the based cut it out in different shapes, burnt my finger with the electric gum gun. Tough procedure i say. Then i stitched the borders to make it look nicer.

U see that round mirror.? It was actually a makeup mirror. I bought it at Sinma for rm3.50. It magnifies the oral cavity to see the visible dental plaque and stuff. Cooliooo.

Yeah, many times i wanna gave up bcuz of boredom making this OHI kit of what i pictured in my mind.. but Vampire Diaries help me up getting away from my boredom!

Wish me luck so i can win. At least i could show something I'm good at to present it to the faculty. Though it is not that breath-takingly divine.

The event is going to be held next week at 30th April.

Xoxo <3 p="">

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