Sunday, 27 March 2011

SWEET sunshine~~

yes, new shine.

no more gloomy daisy or what SO ever.

i only have another year to enjoy while my shine is still here.

will appreciate every single moment that i had!!! =))


the new sunshine makes me more matured than before.

yes, it makes me smile. Thank you.

being busy is the best thing to do which will lead to u..

New guy on the block!

yearghhhh! =D hahahaahaha

XOXO<3  =D

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Team Building with Seniors

Salam everybody!

last week, on 11th till 13th March, i was on a camping at Raub Pahang. 

KELA CAMP is the name.

the place, the food and the people in charge are super nice.

FUTURE DENTISTS. insyaAllah =)

seriously, i hate camping.

when we arrived at the jungle, it's raining. urggghhhh

the ground wasnt so good.

there's mud here and there.

and i was freaking noxious on the bus on our way there.

maybe it's the side effects of the Anti-malaria medication that i took.

at night, it was still raining and they still wanna continue the Night Walking activity.

i was freaking out when the facilitator said that they will let us walk alone in the deep jungle to test our courage. 

it was dark, rainy, and i'm not feeling so well.

but then i passed everything safely.

as i was heading to the gather site after the night walking, 
my friends was like, 
" OMA Zaf! are u okey? u look freaking pale and ur eyes was like about to cry!! Seriously, drink some water! " 
and i was wonder, do i looked that bad? 
well actually, it was a few times, i felt like i was about to pass out. but i try to control myself not to. 

The next day, we had Water Confidence activity. it was fun. 

and we had Malam Muhibbah where every group had to perform.

and my group had to present a play called 'PUTERI KELA DAN 5 ORANG BIASA'.

it's sort of inspired from the Snow White sequel.
that's the princess in the middle. haha.
we sort of add up some sence of humour on the play where the princess is going to be a boy  and the prince is a girl.

the Princess Kela and the Prince, as a Dentist. haha

group name : BEN 10!
trade mark : Gassakh Jak! tak faham la tuu~~~

The camping was fun eventhough there's some circumstances earlier.

i started getting close to my inspiring seniors.. 

and relieve stress.

well we got absolute ZERO coverage while we were there!!!

and we were totally away from the reality.

we dont even got informed about Japan's Tsunami!!

it was shocking!

the Tsunami was a major one right. 
it really makes me realise that the time is getting shorter.

i might even not getting any chances to graduated.hmmmm

let the time decides.



Monday, 14 March 2011

garage sale last 2 Saturdays

salam everybody!!!!!!! 

the garage sale was superb!!!!! 

even better than OBB PRELOVED SALE!!!

 the garage sale locate at jalan lazurit sec.7.

 there are less people visiting compared to last time at OBB. 

so i got no prob finding the best outfit in the bunch!!=)))

 roughly,,, i bought a skirt, polka dot blouse and shawl, and the lacey vintage-kinda short dresss!!! 

me wearing a RM8 blouse and a RM10 skirt.
both are as good as new.

seeee! u can dress well without losing much money!

oh wait. i should wear an Obi belt to give the look more stylish.=)

thanks to Zaty and Sha who came along and recommend the one and only gorgeous dress to me!!!

oh not that dress.
that is the dress that Sha fancies but she didnt buy tht dress.hmm
i should buy tht instead ait? hahaha;)
yeahhhh!! best pick of the dayyy!! 
close up.

 i dont regret buying the cute dress!!! 

got it for RM25 after bargaining from RM30.
*yeah, bargaining is my experty.=))*

the bags tht they're selling are super nice and cheap! 
but i dont intend to buy any bags yet so i dont bought any.

ohhh i just love Preloved Sales!!! from fashionistas of course!!

i noe some people may say " eww garage sale? used stuff?? eee "

ok tht is so lame.

it's Fashionistas.
they are shopaholic and the stuff that they sell are only worn once or twice or even none.

so dont underestimate Garage or Preloved Sales.

they got great stufff!!!!

this is my style.

i dont buy branded items.

unless it's a present.

now that's a different story.hehe

i want moreeeee Garage Sale!! sooonnnn!!! =)))


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

yes, i am a sleep walker.

Salam Everybody!!

i just had my progressed test this morning.

and i worked my ass off for it.

i really hope that i'll pass.

the story of the night before,.....

i studied at the study room along with Puteri and Ain Najwa.

i was fall asleep.

and at 4.30A.M, i woke up and end up in my room.=O

with my phone. and no books and lecture notes with me.

yes. i was sleep walking!

from the study room, to room:1223 (my room)

thankfully i've already read all the notes for the progressed test that morning.

and during the progressed test, my body heated up and i got diarrhea.

right after i finished the test 15 minutes earlier, i rushed to the toilet. 

and didnt manage to check my answers.

i really hope tht i dont screwed up even a simple question~~

after the test, eventhough i was not well, i joined my peeps shop for camping stuff this Friday.

and right after i reached THE 3 SERANGKAI, i suddenly felt good!


then after shop for the stuff, we had lunch at Noodles Station and we're late for the 2P.M class.

what do u expect?!
 at 1P.M, we're still munching and it took forever for us to get back by public transport!

say hello to rush rush kelam kabut ..!!

but we took this one hilarious pic of us while lunch.hehe

Iera took Ena's pic while she's concentrating reciting doa
 and i never though that i was in the picture!
i look like a psycho holding a knife while Ena was praying for her life.;)
hahahah fun times.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Marshmallows ADDICTION

Salam Everybody!!

hurm! i gained appetite recently!

i got addicted to Marshmallows!!!

thnx to my best buddy, Mimi ArAzmi for giving me to taste of the delicate marshmallows from Mini Toons!

delicious!! and halal of coz! and cheap!!!

only rm6 in a big packet!!

i was freaking craving for marshmallows so i asked Alyaa, my buddy to buy a packet for me at Sunway Pyramid as she was heading there last week.! *ecstatic!*

i was eating and eating non stop!

urgghh, Actually, i have to stop!

it contains white eggs! 
i still going to be fat, right eventhough it's just white eggs? is it?

hoho but with that more than 100g of marshmallows per packet would have 
give the GREATEST satisfactory to me...hehe

have some before class!

and packed some for class! hehehe