Monday, 10 August 2009

times square!!

on 8th August i'm off to TS to shop! as we, the foundation students had already received our allowances! rm1000!
so i ws like pretty excited till i didnt realize tht i had spent over rm300 in 1 week! i ws like uncontrollably. mcm shopaholic plak. so i decided to wujudkan this cash book so tht i can write all my daily spending. actually i had an intention to do it since evr, but kept forgetting till i spent a massive amount of cash.
so back to times square. me, Thirah n Ain cant wait to buy checkerboard blouses as ppl were saying tht TS's extremely affordable n cheap! all of us decided to wear checkerboards on Thursdays. so i bought a green n red checkerboard shirt, a turquoise t-shirt, checkerboard phone strap n a black straight cut jeans. yeah checkerboards. i juz lOoOve checkerboards!
i thought i wanna go to Capsquare for the Dig-it-all festival. BUNKFACE is goin to be there!
and... they opened a store at the festival but unfortunately i had to get back to college by 5 as the LRT's goin to be as packed as SARDINE!-soon. so melepaslah hajat.
tata Bunkface. i'll always love u!

while i ws walking n walking throughout the mall, i found this extremely colourful checkerboard backpack! it is so gorgeous! luckily, im out of cash! there's only 10 bucks left in my wallet. so i dont have to spend for something i dont need. well i watched Confession of the Shopaholic so i learnt my lesson okeyh...
as im busy w my studies, i'll post out the pics laterlah. my final exam's goin to be in juz a few weeks! wish me luck. hopefully i'll get 4.00 and get to pursue my studies in dentistry or pharmacy. yes. pharmacy is now my second choice.