Friday, 26 March 2010


oh yes. last movie date w roomies...
with Nany n AIn of coz...
Ezaty's not into movies IN the CINEMA..haih..
so Alice! great movie! it's juz tht the heroin..
they should replaced her w someone MUA!hehe. juz kidding.
Alice should be beautiful, adorable n charming rite.
but this Alice, looks too english.., ill.
she got eye-bag u see.
Alice should be someone adorable
like Dakota Fanning, Isla Fisher, blonde Katy Perry perhaps...
heeee~ it's juz an opinion..

* great poster! but not good enough..
with the creepy leafless tree..doesnt match w the story.
erm hopefully i wont get sued with all these statement...heeee~

* hahah. the Hatter... i like him.. well Johnny Depp's always the best!

* oh yes.... the White Queen.. i love her.. so soft-hearted, poise, and BEAUTIFUL..

aahh! the dresses! in Alice..! awesomely NICE! love them!!heee~

Thursday, 25 March 2010

i- city...., a place full of electricity...hahha

last thursday, the day after we had our last paper, on 18th March,
we were planning before, to go to the TS.
but things gone wrong and got changing plans.
so we went to the i-city on tht nite!!
a city full of misused electricity...
i wonder why is it the government would waste a large amount of electricty for these stuff..
just a bunch of lights.. did they inventing an art from it??hah.
is there any fundraiser or something..
i dont think so..what a waste...
but it's the government who should be blamed...
so my role, is to enjoy the beautiful fake scenary while it lasts...hahaha
actually the nite before, i was excited of going to the TS w my mates...
i work real hard on my study week.
so i guess a shopping theraphy would makes me relaxed..hahah
hmmm.... actually im quite devastating on that thursday morning..
i cried like a little girl who losts her parents.. im serious.
it is all because of wrong infomation transfer...
and boyfriend.
not mine. hers.
what can i say.. boyfriend's on the top list for her i guess..
so i have to endure it.
oh well. i've already get rid of all of those stuff..
continuing my life... let them be.......
so these are the pics...
my fault for wearing black...waaaaa~
i barely see myself in the pics!!!
i should've wore something bright...huuuu~

* tada! most of my good mates went back home already
n my roomies got another paper on the following day.
so just the 4 of us who wanted badly to go to the i-city...

* i felt like i was in KOrea or Japan...the sakura treess..
got a lot of fake ones here..ahaha

* the butterfly is so pretty..! i would love to take one home!
it would be nice if i hang it in my!

* this is my favourite pic..hehe.
it u looked at it cloosely..,, it looks like a place for fairies..
n im the tinkerbell..heeeeee~

the place is really nice...
everyone must have a shot of one of the pieces at least...
make sure to bring a camera.
dont be like me.
im juz using my 3.2MP camera phone..heee~

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

annual dinner uploads...

i almost forgot tht i havent posted out the Asasi Sains Annual Dinner pics yet..heheh

for the first time,, i tried something new..

wearing a green shawl. i dont think tht green suits me.

but i decided to make something new.. it's only 1 nite rite..

so these are the pics. there's more of my friends that i havent introduced yet.

* these are the only ASPF who attended the dinner..
erm, minus robin. he's juz performing on tht nite..heheheh.
no offense eh. but consider attending jgk larh..hehe

* my best girl, lina... n her hubby, amer..heee~
erm, saye nyibuk jap ea..heheh

* tht's lynn. she juz bought tht dress on tht aftrnoon. bocor rahsia..hehe
n aishah, she's cool n sempoi gler ah..heee~

* tht's amnor n tajull.. geek n the beauty..heee~

*haaaa... ni lah adam...
sempoi je pegi dinner, mkn byk2. bru puas n worth 65rm tuu...

* MASYAALLAH. seyesly i looked like a joker..

a pyscho maniac..hahahaah.

oh yes. this is Fiqah. we call her Pah Bedah. dont ask why.

it juz suits her..heheh. no offense pah!haha

* fatin oh fatin.. ank mami from Penang...heee~
mamarazzi ni..hehe

* oh yes. this is robin aka hafiz. robin's his commercial name i guess.hahah

for me, he's sort of Ustaz Rock cam2..hahah

he performed on tht nite.. i cn see tht he's very passionate w his music..hmm

* so this is farhah.. she won the best dressed for the Beauty category..!
oh yes the BEst Geek, azam from group A.
i didnt managed to get a pic w him.. he's too busy with his 'fans'..wahahahah

* so this is nany from the left, sha n thirah..
thirah is my ex-roomate's bestfriend.
remember thirah?
my ex-roomate who already fly off to Egypt last year...
yeah they got same name..

* meet hany n bid! hany shares the same bday w me... 15th Oct..
we met for the first time during our MMS... and stay friends..heee~

actually, i've been thinking of wearing
something geekie or a tuttu dress for the dinner..
but i didnt have much time... if the dinner would have been after our finals,
i would wore something...heee~
i dont want the dinner to be a burden to me to think of wht am i goin to wear
as i had to concntrated in my studies as well..
so i made a decision to juz wear a simple garment but nice..hee~

so tht's all i guess..

it's a great nite though.

really goin to miss all my mates!!!waaaaaaa~~~

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

last hang out w roomies....

last Saturday, 21st March, our last hangout...huuuuu~

so we decide TS as for our last hang out spot..

yes, our favourite spot...hehe.

a great place to shoppp.... there's a lot of affordable stuff!!heeee~

so we off to TS from our hostel at 9.. had our roti canai as for breakfast at Sec.2.

then,,, arrived at Cosmo Worldd!!!

* while waiting for the maghrib athan, we play with the camera!!!

* eat while u can live..

* au chak! hehe

*owwwhhh.. driving is fun!!!heeee~

* got into this horrifying machine after we stepped into Cosmo World.

i was like screaming like a little girl lost her mom!!
the freakie machine made me wanna throwed up!
and.... not to mention, one of the workers, laugh at me! according to Ain...huuuu~

so we're in TS rite... so it's a must to all of us to shop till u drop!!!
TS is our favourite place..hehehe
so i bought this black skinnies. real cheap.. a sleeveles net shirt,n an obi belt...
i'd been thinking of buying a maxi dress. i've found one at only 30rm but it's quite long...
n im too short for the dress..aaaaaaaaaahhhhh~
so we when to Lowyat to buy a new charger to replace my still new broken charger..
n nany wanted to buy an USB cable for her sony C903.
i tried to bargain. so i got the charger at 10rm n the usb cable at 30rm..yay!
im good at bargaining stuff u see..heeeeee~
then after Maghrib, we rushly got into the monorail to get back to the hostel bfore 10...
at 9 we arrived at Sec.2 n bought our dinner..
all 3 of us bought the same meal.... NASI GORENG AYAM at our favourite stall, "SABARIAH".
perhaps this is the last time we had our dinner at Section 2...huuuuu~
at 10pm puntual, we safely back to the hostel..
it's a 12 hours outing. woooooo~
if my mom knows bout this, she goin to be pissed...heeeee~
and to my favourite roomies.., hope we'll meet again in the future!!!=)))

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

ALHAMDULLILAH... RIP to Foundation in Science..

sorry for not updating for quite some time.. freaking busy.

i need to study real hard to get into dentistry. hopefully it's worth w what i've goin through...

juz finished my last paper last wednesdayy.. chemistry..yay!!!!

really goin to miss all my classmates, beloved roomates~

ain, nani, thirah, n ezaty of course..heee

n thanks to all my lecturers.. from sem 1 n sem 2...

Ms Mardiana, Pn Mazhani, Prof Md Arris of course, Pn Sabiha, Ms Nisa n Ms Hamidah..
love u all!!!
i love Foundation In Science a lot.
i started to learn how real friendship works w ppl all over the country...
majority of my friends here are Kelantanese..haha
so i started to learn back my hometown language..hehhe
i love my friends here.. tears...
hopefully we'll meet up in the future...huuuu~

to my uitm best girlfriend, Haslina, dont miss me! i'll drop by at KB soon eh! semoge kamu berbahagia dengan amer..hehe

and to Shakirin.. my best guymate, wedding ko, ak jd VVVVIP ek. tak kire! semoge ko berbahagia dengan Puteri Kayangan...wahahahah
they're both are Kelantanese. i told u i be friends w kelantanese a lot.heheh

till then, gudbye asasi!!!!!

(i'll upload my precious memory on my last days in asasi later eh.heee~)