Friday, 14 May 2010

i need a mannequin!!!

am hoping to get a mannequin just like this!
it makes my work much more easier

n i love looking at my piece, nicely hung.hehe


i bet mannequins are very familiar in my life.

and not a big deal.huhu~

more rufflelos!!!

yes yes yes!! more ruffles!!
this time, i made the ruffles myself.
cuz i getting fed up of not finding any black ruffles anywhere else!

* close up....
fyi, the ruffles came from one of my shawls tht i get rid of.
the shawl tht i bought from Bonita.haha yes. no lie.
i dont really like the shawl. it's quite wide n uncomfortable.
thnk god when i bought it a long time ago, it was on sale.

rather than not wearing them, i cut it off to make ruffles!hehe.

i juz loVveEe sewing. it's fun!<3>

new shawl..........=))

this is it. it's a rainbow patterned shawl.
very nice.
i bought it on9.hehe
from prettyandluvlyshawls.blogspot
i noe tht, i used to say to myself tht i wont bought any other shawl anymore.
but this is a different case.hehe
i had never ever found this kind of shawl anywhere else!
so i HAVE to had one.
juz this time.
hopefully i'll be determined to myself to stop buying anymore shawls
unless it's really2 important.
still, i need to hide all my shawls from my mom.
if not, i'll be in serious trouble.
cuz she dislikes me for spending my foundation's scholarship money
for something unappropriate.huhu~~
well, life is short.hehe

Friday, 7 May 2010

old to new..

im making a fresh look into this old shirt tht i bought from Medan, Indonesia i guess.
Im not sure which part of Indonesia tht i bought this shirt.
i guess it's Medan. or Padang.hmm.
basically, it's juz a simple long printed shirt.
but then i added some ruffles tht
i bought from Contact, Section 9 Shah Alam
which sells a lot of clothing stuff like threads,, etc.
the ruffles are combination of blue and red.
very nice colour.
initially i was gonna design back
my orange blouse w white polka dots tht
(originally, my mom's long vintage jacket)
w black ruffles to give a more dramatic look.
perhaps some of y'll may think tht i doesnt really suits the blouse,.
well it is my style.haha
however, i cant find the black ruffles from organza fabric even the cotton ones.
so i decided to hold the orange blouse first while im still looking for the black ruffle
and move to another outfit.heee~
despite the fact tht i had to endure this boring sem-break doing nothing,
im giving some of my clothes, a new look..hehe
i'll posted out more..
but the problem is now, i cant find the black ruffle!!!!!!!
where the heck is it!!
p/s : im still on love with designing clothes n sewing though im now a science student..

Monday, 3 May 2010

shahir, disqualified ... ='(

huhuuu~~ my favourite shahir is out!

what a waste.. he is talented.

but look at the bright side..

perhaps the elimination is good for him.

this reality show is suck.hee~

hope we'll meet in the real world..<3

hmm. i've been thinking to buy his fan club t-shirt.

as a memory..hehe. well, i should bought one.

i'll think about it later..hehe..