Tuesday, 26 January 2010

asasians photoshoot!!!

we're having this photoshoot only for Science Foundation student 2 days ago.
got formal and informal shoots.
as for formal shoot,we wore baju batik UITM!hahah
semangat abis. we wanted all of us to look uniformed.
our pics are the greatest and super smart ah compared to the other groups.heee~
as for informal shoot, we wore black and white
plus colourful umbrellas as extra prop.
we had a lot of fun taking pictures!
really goin to miss all the ppl around me as all of us will
end the foundation in juz a few weeks..
group F....
we really do loves to take pics..heeeee~
so i uploaded a few pics.
there's hundreds of pics.
but juz uploaded some of them..
well, tak kan nk upload all of it kot!

*from left, it's lynn, mua, efa+ms. kipas angin, amnor n thira..

* this is our class rep., irfan. it's my fav pic. smart seyh.
btw, i wore a new wedges sandals that i bought from DC(dataran cendekia)
and a new black cardie from P.A.S., in thrifted price.weee~

* meet bid. btw, she juz bought that baju a day before the photoshoot.hahah

* meet shakirin. call him nik jelah. mamat bajet gler.haha. we're friends. he's the one tht i help up to get a girl.haha.
his assets, the fake hair. rebonding~. smart pulak tgk dia ni pakai kemas2 ckit.haha

* excuse mua! mua enterframe jap.hehehe.

ms. kipas angin dihatiku..weee~

* meet them. too much to introduce..hehe
kenal2 sendiri la yee..

* the best group n most style ever!haha. but juz for 1 thing. 'F' tak mnjadi!!


Saturday, 23 January 2010

mua pics ws on uitm's booklet!

weee~ i was on the faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies!!!
got a lot of photos of me n friends in the booklet.
i've been waiting fr quite some time fr the booklet to be published.

i thought it would hv been the Faculty of AD.

the story begins like this.

once upon a time, me n friends
planning to go fr lunch at Section 2 on tht noon.. it ws on Friday.

so there's this a bunch of final year student i guess of AD,

wanted us to help them up by modelling fr their booklet.

they're lacking of models so we juz accept it larh.heee~
we'd been paid.
there are 5 of us. rm10 each. sgt sikit. KEDEKUT.haha.
however, the funny thing is, i lost the money.
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ rugi je!!!
most of pics are featuring myself..
and i lost the money? damn it!
tak de rezeki r kot..
hmmm but it's ok...haha.

famous gak aku nanti..hahaha

* the front cover

* inside. yeah tht's me w pink shawl.

* me again.haha. featuring my hand..w000

* acting..hahah. terer tak??hehehe

* take a look at Lynn's face.. the greenie.hahaha. so hilarious!

* wow! dont we look pro..hehehe.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

what's wrong with me???

while i was at the chemistry lab, i felt sad n weird so suddenly..
there's this weird feeling where i felt so lonely n unhappy..
i juz dont noe why is it popped into my heart.
im afraid that something's not so good is goin to happen to me in the future..
oh my.. i hope my life is goin to be just fine..
well i love seeing ppl happy
but kept ignoring n never considering my own happiness??
nvr thought of that.
now i realised tht i kept doin it..
hw is it my future's goin to be..huuuuuu~

Monday, 11 January 2010


juz got my muet results this aftrnoon..
actually i'd already texted the MPM for the results on the midnite before.
thrice. yup.
but no response.
so a friend or mine, Dilla told me to juz called the MPM.
so she helped me up. she talked to the Muet executive and asked for my results.
i got band 4.
average but ALHAMDULILLAH..
it's enough for me to pass fr degree in dentstry InsyaAllah..
i thought i got band 3 cuz most of my friends got 3.
perhaps my speaking test backed me up..heee~
i cant forget the 25 minutes i've been in the room w the other candidates.
so challenging..hehehe

Thursday, 7 January 2010


FYI.. i juz found my wedges back.hahah
after i got back from my midsem break, the wedges ws on the shoe rack..
sgt pelik.
so i made a hypothesis..haha. i guess the minahtukangsapu borrowed my wedges kot..
then put it back. perhaps she thought that i'd already left.haha. so she took it.
hehe.just a hypothesis..
i really love those wedges.. as big as i love evrything precious in my life..
so, as a conclusion,, shoessaholic sekalian.., dont stuffed up ur shoes at the wrong place..
dont be as clumsy as moi..hehe
dah r tak bawak lab coat td!
thnk god the lecturer's cool with it..weeeee~.
kalut gler td.