Sunday, 31 August 2008

raya shoes AGAIN!

i noe! i'd bought my raya shoes! but i couldnt resist from buying this vry cheap vincci shoes!
it's 50% off! so, i made an excuse to my dad by saying that i wanna bought a pair of shoes for raya. he didnt noe that i'd already bought a raya shoes a few months ago w my sis.

actually when i ws in vincci there's nothing that i adore. i love killer pumps but if i bought one, my annoying sis n my mom'll be vry BISING later! they always say that i cant wore heels. but i love them especially the 4 inch ones. so i juz bought a simple peep toe. borink..! still, i love it.

if im not, i wont bought it.

it's original price was rm79.90 but i got it for 39.50!


my dad x bising pown. but my mom n sis hvnt seen the shoes-yet.


seriously, i cant believe that Nas talked to Jezmine about me! well, me n Nas are not vry closed but it's really nice of her talked to Jezmine for me as i love her style a lot!

so, Nas took an autograph from Jezmine! well technically she write a note.

thanx nas for concerning.