Sunday, 12 June 2011

American Apple Pie bebeyh!

Salam everybody!!!

as y'll noe, i've been baking too much recently..

and i'm already bored with cakes, brownies, cuppacakes

so i decided to make PIES !!!

it's a family favourite,

my whole family loves apple pies, pineapple pies.. etc

so this is the RESULT!!.................
dont judge a book by it's cover. hehe
PIEs are meant to be notsogood looking
but Mommy said that this is

 my BEST PIECE ever compared to my other baking experimentsss!!
 KUDOS to me! =)

i should stuff up more apples in there.
actually i used Mommy's apples for her daily diet (right now she's lacking of her apples.hehe)
so i only used 4 apples instead of 6 which  it  should be. huuu
the pie crust is PERFECT. (thank god)
actually i dont really follow the exact recipe that i got on9...
i just add up a few more grams from the actual recipe of sugar, flour to make the crust and the filling taste perfectly blend.

Wanna try the recipes? hehe

by the way, i dont use LEMON JUICE

oh the video doesnt say about brush on top of the pie with egg yolks 
which u HAVE TO DO SO. okey?

enjoy u guyssss!!!


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

OBB Preloved Party II and HANA TAJIMA!!!!.

SALAM everybody!!!

there was 2 events last week that i wanna go so badly.

i thought that i dont have anybody to go with
as some of my friends are quite busy with their studies, practical, work and stuff.

BUTTTT!!! thnx to Aiman Hanani,, who is free on the weekend !!!!!
i love u lah! muah muah!

we were on our way to Zaty's so I ask Aiman Hanani whether she wanted to go to the Preloved Party at OBB..

so she said YEAH SURE!!!!
and i was so ecstatic ok!!!! like yeah!

we came half an hour early and munch up some great clothes.

i got myself.....................,,,,,,

the 1st dress that i grab. Got it for RM20 !!!!
it's fabulous. i dont regret buying it. =)

i love these rectangular hijab.
i had one of these in baby pink that i bought in Vietnam a few years back
but i sold it to Aiman Hanani a few days ago.haha
The last piece that i grab!!!! i want these kinda jacket since a long time ago!!
it's Lyana Uberlove's (she is one of the vendors).
i love her style cuz i kept grabbing her stuff since last Preloved Party that i went in February. =D
i guess we have the same taste of style.haha
what i wore at the Preloved Party :
hijab : Street market
top : Mommy's vintage that i transform it into  a blouse of my size.
bottom : Maxi skirt from Times Square (initially it's a maxi dress)
shoes : Mod's grey gladiator
bag : 2in1 Coco Bag from Plaza Alam Sentral
as u can see, i dont wear expensive stuff but i wear DIY's.
and i wear something that i like and satisfied with,
 without spending much money. =D

some randoms pics that i stole from some bloggers. hehe
credits to them.
that's me and Nany! can u guys see me there!!?
me in orangeeeeeeeeeeee!
OMA OMA that girl just grab a super nice bag!!!
argggghhhh! damn it!

hahahhaha candid giler!!!
i super love with that blue heels but it's not my sizeee!! arrghhh!
oh oh oh!!!! i bought some macaroons and i left them in the car when i left for Zaty's.
and the macaroons were melted. GREAT!!!!! =((((


next day, meeting HANA TAJIMA.

she inspires me.

she made the gorgeous SATIN SNOOD that sells like hot cakes.

she is my idol when it comes to fashion..

but maybe some people may not understand
how much it means to me to have a face to face meeting with her.
she is a public figure and i adore her.

in the Dream List :
Meet HanaTajima - *check* ^^

we met Hana at Stellar Studio, Empire Subang with her Maysaa clothing line.

and i was looking for the Satin Snood but it was out of stock until a few months.

it was so DEVASTATING !!!!

thank you so much Nany n Zaty for coming here with me.
i really appreciate it.
i hope u guys came here with me to meet Hana, sincerely.
i dont want people to feel like being forced to come here with me.SERIOUSLY.
it's life. Enjoy with the life being. =)
i'm sorry if i made such a burden to u guys.
we're friends, right.?

Stellar's clothing line. i love tutus!!! <3
btw, that's Maria Elena in Coco with her tangerine. haha
She is so gorgeous in person.
Aiman Hanani wearing Hana Tajima inspired, styled by me. hehhe
surely cant miss taking photos with the fashionista bloggers =)
there's Maria Elena, Shea, Yanny, Me and AimanHanani~~~!
and the Pastelina maxi skirt by Shea & Yanny are so gorgeous !!
didnt bought any of them cuz been thinking of sewing them myself!!! haha
pricelesssssss, right!
as i got nothing to buy cuz my intention is to grab the outofstock Satin Snood from Maysaa,
i bought this turtle neck vintage blouse from Shea..
perfect match to be worn with a maxi skirt! =))

i am having a great time during last weekend.

one of my best moments is when i talk and snap pictures with HanaTajima.
appreciate it and praise to Allah for the opportunity.

hoping my days would be better than ever!!!!


Friday, 3 June 2011

Make Your Dream as ur hobby if u're not destined to "OWN" it

Salam everybody!!

well i got 4 months of semester break.

actually, it's just 3 months minus my Intersession this July.

i was planning to cover up my previous modules this break.

but no rush babe. I need some space for myself tooooo!

so i took about 3 to 4 weeks of ME, MYSeLF AND I sessions.

fill up with movies, shopping, hang outs and HOBBIES.

literally i was crazy about baking.

i tried to make MACAROONS but it turned out to be...........

THIS!!!! it looks ugly like me but it tastes so GOOODDDDD!
and a friend of mine called these SHITs. bless u moron.hahahhahaha!
Then i was too fed up making macaroons with bad results every attempts so i switch to cuppacakess!
which i am GOOD at. ^^
 i called this babies, HALF VAMPIRE because
it's half Red Velvet and half Vanilla with Choc Cream Cheese frosting.
mmmm nyummy.
then i made BROWNIES. no good. maybe it's because i put too much flour. my bad.
and i burnt the cake in the oven
my bad again for kept adjusting the temperature,

nevertheless, i got A+ of those HALF VAMPIRES from my monsters at home.
and my little monster (my nephew) did ask me to make those HALF VAMPIRES more!!! *proud me* heheheheh

NEXT, i've gone crazy over sewing clothes.

for my Dentistry Annual Dinner, i sew myself my costume as the theme of the dinner is MOVIE NITE.
well just 50% of the overall look of the character i chose.
but i am very happy with the results. *wink*

something like this perhaps?? hahhahahah NOT!
these doesnt show that i am excited with the dinner thingy.
it's just that i want to finish up my nottooimportant business during this holiday
 so that it wont bug me afterwards when i am concemtrating my studies in another 4 months.

babes, my dream when i was a child is to be a Fashion Designer
and i grew up with my mom sewing fancy dresses for me so i got the skill from my passion and my childhood environment.
the costume is a surprise. so no preview of it until October! HAHAHHA

then i got some leftovers of fabric from those costumes
so i decided to make a SHAWL!
Satin Shawl!!!
no need  to pay for 25bucks for a shawl by ON9 if u can make it urself pricelessssssss!
no photos for that.hehe nothing special actually.
if u guys saw me wearing a black Satin Shawl meaning tht's the shawl that i made myself. ^^


gone CRAZY with highWaisted maxi skirt recently.

but it's too expensive!!!!

so i am going to buy some fabrics this weekend fellas!!!!

i want to make one of thoseeee!!!!!weeeeeeee

as for this one, i am going to use some fabrics like tutu's and thick chiffon. 
or this one, using a plain cotton fabric?
still havent make up my mind on which one should i make..hmmmmmm

any ideas?

written by a future Dentist(insyaAllah) who never left her childhood dream just fading away.=)
have a good life peeps. ^_^