Thursday, 25 August 2011


Salam everybody!

get ready for a long post, now !

yeah i wanna talk about boys.

it's because of this.

i felt anxiously wonder when one of my girlfriends suddenly threw this statement.

i dont believe that u would ever have a boyfriend.
it sounds way too harsh is it?
this is the first time i heard from a person.
before this i always get an opposite statement. 
but this statement makes me felt like
 a low level wilted gloomy ROSE 
in a garden full of beautiful fresh high powerful ROses with sharpy thorns. 

i dont even care whether i have a boyfriend or not
whether i should have or not

i treat my guy friends, every single person like other people.
 like friends.(durh)
like normal people.

the way i talked to them all are in the 
same level, 
same tone,
 same pitch, 
same frequency.

plus i am not looking for A BOYFRIEND. i am looking for a future HUSBAND.
(the one who can take cares of me, guide me. 
not a immature moron who only knows how to have fun)

get my point?
 i dont need a playful relationship
 i dont need to flirt with other guys to get the guy i admire.

Allah said ; Setiap hamba Allah telah ditetapkan Jodohnya.

so what's the rush? what's so desperate to find a boyfriend?

well i am thoughtfully grateful that i dont have a boyfriend right now.

thus i wont be easily commit such typical sins hy Satan's harassment
 that may crashed my LIFE PRINCIPLE, 

sins like spoil Muslim couples kept committing nowadays, 
Holding Hands, 
well it's forbidden in Islam
dont u guys get it?

yeah u ppl knew all these stuff 
but u guys chose to ignore it.
atas alasan " alah pegang sikit je / tak rapat ponn "

i have my own principle and so far, i dont do those kinda stuff.

sometimes i got fed up 
when people told me not to talk to this guy, not to text with this guy, 
(the guy who's close to me)
well i noe him more that u guys do. 
so it's up to me to do anything i want. no harm to u ppl. 
plus, i'm just having a friendship. not a relationship.
so get over it will ya?
stop being overeacting. 

at the moment, I only want friendships not a relationship.
all I want is a TRUE NOBEL relationship.
after I found the right person ,
who got the same feeling as I am towards him ,
who devoted himself more towards Allah .....
In the future , insyaAllah.
NOT NOW of course!
I got my full attention and commitment towards Dentistry remember??? *sigh*

stop here for now
got a lot more to express in this entry but i'm afraid i might offended any company.

all i can say, i am happy with the way i live, the way i socialize, 
and i dont desperately need a boyfriend like MOST OF THE GIRLS KEPT WINING WANNA HAVE A BOYFRIEND RIGHT AWAY. pfffft chill, babes.
Peace y'll.

till then.


Friday, 12 August 2011

Eat like Korean!!

Salam Ramadhan my Muslim readerss!!!

make as many good deeds as u can as it's the last Ramadhan u had..!

WELL, i had a huge break fasting meal just now.

it Seoul Garden beybeyhhhhh!!!

we eat like korean people todayyyyyy!

hahahahhaah look at that!
all that for 2 person.
but yeah, we cant finished everything.
left a plate of seafood balls. hehe
Zaty pick those balls.
i only fancy the MEAT.......!

 total up including the service charges, taxes and refill , up to RM46 per person. 
no student price during Ramadhan..... huuuuuuuu
but everything is GREAT!
the meat are nice. the juices are nice.
even the icecream is superb.
Grill everything up. healthy is it..?
well there's 2 port. 
Grill and boil. so we can chose either one or both.

yeah look at that..... lots and lots of meat!!!!!
i "walloped" a lot of that... whahahaha
EAT as it worth 46bucks u guys!!
i recommended this place for those who love to feel
 how is it to eat like Korean people!!!
it's the first time, Zaty, my BFF, ate something new like this.

end up with full stomach.

if u love to try, One Utama(new wing) is the best place, best service, MORE MEAT!!!!
plus if u got a lot of remaining meat, meatballs, on the plate, they wont charge u unlike the other branches of Seoul Garden.

Happy Fasting, everybody!