Tuesday, 27 July 2010

weird stories tht i experienced myself

i had a real bad day!!!
the story goes like this.
this morning, i ws thinking of getting my velvet crocs tht i left in my car.
erm yup, i brought my car to college. illegally..hehe
i parked near Perindu, where all the illegal cars were paking there.
my fault for parking it under a palm tree..=)
then a few seconds later, i was really shocked!
there was like shits all over above my car!!
i'm not sure what kind of shit is it.
nampak mcm taik cicak pun ada...huhuh
so i called Iz, Zaty n Mommy.
they laughed!!
it's a serious matter ok!
so my mom told me that my sis is goin to come for me tonight.
she'll settle the problem..*smiles*
and earlier this morning.. at 4 am..
i woke up to catch up some topics of Anatomy..
so i went to the toilet to fresh up.
then i saw a head of a rat in front of my dooR!!!!!!
CATS!!!! they did this to me!!!
leave me alone lah!!!huhu
sorry didnt get any photos of the weird incidents.
to gross to be captured..=/
pity to my beloved car!=/
juz washed it couple of days ago!huaaaaaaaaaa~~

Thursday, 15 July 2010


reporting myself to Faculty of Dentistry yesterday.

n my day is not good.

the schedules are hectic!

i nearly tearing up! ='(

i really dont noe if i can adapt to this new environment, huge syllabus and gifted classmates.

i never thought that the Dentistry is still available for me..

my mom didnt give me any choice.

she insisted me to go for Dentistry..

but i wanna stay...

she never understands my situation.

no matter how much me, my sis n aunt try to persuade her.

still, i miss my Puncak Alam friends, housemates, classmates.

i miss HS227/1.

but i've promised them tht i'll be visiting a lot.hehe

i started to have fun in Puncak Alam n socialize.

but we, as human beings can only plan our life..

The Mighty Allah is the one who create my future..

i hope u guys'll pray for my success!

hopefully i'll be a great and stylish Dentist insyaAllah...~~

Monday, 5 July 2010

my first class for degree.

my first class goes very well. got a lot of friends.

but still i cant remember all their names.

there's too many of them.

there ws like 30+ girls n 3 boys.

n of coz the boys are easily to remember.

a couple of them are foundation uitm students.

our class got matrix, foundation and even diploma leavers!

so there's quite variety of ages n "generations"(ahaha sgt) in our class.huhu

however im very sympathy for guys.haha

at first i thought there's only 2 of them.

and all of the sudden there's 3 of them dis morning.haha

so i've been in my first NAD404 class with Pn Emmy.

her voice is quite slow.

now this is what scares me a lot.

thnk God i sat at the front

but still i barely hear what is she talking about and may fall asleep sooner or later.huhu

then on my ANP405 class, i fall asleep a few times in front of the lecturer.huhu

well what do u guys expect!

it's evening! and i woke up early in the morning!

im sure these will happened again in the future.haha

oh yeah, my orientation week was sucks.I HATE ORIENTATION!!!

i didnt get enough rest at all!!waaa=((

and i got a fever, coughing, sore throat and lost my voice.

untill now, i still got cough all day long.

but ALHAMDULLILAH im off fever n got my beautiful voice back.wahahah

* this is what amazed me during my orientation week.
it had been years since i last saw a gorgeous rainbow in the sky.

* oh yes. this is our faculty.
and above there as u cn see is the famous Batu Caves Stairs aka Death Stairs.haha
i cant stand the deathly stairs at all!!

fyi, there's 213 steps.
and there's full of CHARLIE Insects along the stairways.
i kept cursing Uitm for being so cruel building the deathly stairs!
they should build a escalator instead!

uitm banyak duet kan!waaaaaa~~~
perhaps Uitm wanted me to lose some weight.hehe

* so this is Kompleks Kolej Raflessia.
there's a Computer Room, Gym i guess,
College Office, Studio, Cafes, Mini Mart, Surau. .etc

and if we wanna watch Astro,
this is the only place tht we cn go other than Kompleks Kolej Angsana(boys).
there's no TV in our hostel ok.
no entertainment at all.
juz a place to sleep and internet(thnk God).huhu

* our hostel.

* meet Idah. Nany's roomate.

* nany n me. konon kepenatan.
padahal baru nak gerak kuar.

* meet Azwa. My roomate.
she's a foundation student too.