Sunday, 28 December 2008

sunway pyramid

i'd bought the book!!!! at last.. aftr weeks, waiting.. i finally got the book!
i bought it at MPH bookstore, sunway pyramd.
well i went there w MIra n Mera. this is the 1st time Mera hang out w us.
well, her mom, our ex-chem tcher, mdm.zalma will nvr let her to socialize. her mom's vry strict. but then she undrstnds tht her precious daughter deserves to have fun.
seriously, i cant wait to finish the book!!
as for memories, i took a photo w Mera for her 1st time outing.

*n she wore the hndbag tht i gave her on her bday!

*this is the satin+laces blouse tht i bought at Lola boutique. lovin it!

stuff tht i bought frm vietnam

the blue n black are adidas while the pink one is nike! i bought it at vry cheap price.! i wonder whether those are genuine or not. the fabrics do looks like genuine. n the price tags as well!

this is the printed satin blouse tht i bought at the nite market near my hotel which is totally my love at 1st sight!

the watch is so adorable n fabulous! i can wear it as bangle as well.! in m'sia, the watch could cost almost 100! but i bought it much more cheaper! the othr one is a 2in1 accessories. i can wear it as a necklace n bracelet! it's magnetic, though. both, i bought it at the nite market. the 'fabulous' nite market. it is! they are a lot of interesting stuff!

this is a Vietnamese traditional dress. like bj kurung n kebaya-lah for Malaysians. they sell it everywhere. so i decided to buy one of it.. it looks like a long cheongsam. but need to wear a wide pants inside. on the last day in Vietnam, i wore it n people at the Ben Than market kept calling me vietnamie~ it's kinda funny. they was like " ei.. vietnamie!". perhaps they'd nvr seen a tourist wore it bfore..

this is the satin blouse where i bought it at the same stall i bought the watch. i can get it in a cheap price so easily cuz i'd bought the watch from the seller bfore.. i adore the sleeves the most. ruffles.

Friday, 26 December 2008

vietnam vacation..

*us, in front of the post office.

on 21st till 24th Dec. i went on a vacation w my prnts n my lil' brother in HoChiMinh city, Vietnam. on the first day, i didnt had much fun cuz we didnt go to the hotel after we arrived. im really exhausted but i hd to wait for my mom n her friends for their telekong shopping. yeah borink.. i hd to wait for a few hours! on tht nite, aftr we hd our dinner i bought this beautiful watch with diamonds on it. love it! n i bought it at a night market near to my hotel.. then i bought 2 adidas n 1 nike tshirts, a choc ruffles satin blouse and a sleeveless printed satin blouse throughout my trip. i'll post the pics later.
on our last lunch on the lst day, i met Dafi n his family at the restaurant where we hd our lunch! he's really cute in person. but i didnt show tht im excited to meet him cuz i didnt want him to 'kembang' 10 inches.
i wanna take a photo w him but he left the restaurant earlier.
but his dad, the minister(i hd no idea which one) talk to us bfore they left.
here, i posted some pics while im in Vietnam.

*us, on a sampan..

*us, walking on the street of shopping..

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

my lovely precious volkswagen

well obviously it's a bag. a beetle car bag. i love it a lot as i saw Jezmine had some of these. well i adore most of her stuff.
my dad bought it in London. trust me it's kinda costly than ones sold in M'sia. tht's why i took really care of it.
i still cant believe tht he actually bought it.
i thought he wont cuz it's a unique bag.
i expect it's going to be Guess bag or something.
actually i want the black/white/silver ones. but i still love it!
seriously, i love my dad!
it's really a dream come true..
i call it Baby Goldie.
hye guys! meet Baby Goldie.

oxfords look alike

i love Jezmine's oxfords. but i cant find it anywhere as i dont go out so frequent. so i found this sneakers+wedges on TV. it kinda looks like Jezmine's oxfords. then i went to Zeita at SACC mall to take it home.!
actually i bought it a week bfore my SPM examination.
i noe. i should've concentrated with my studies but i couldnt resist.
i bought it juz to release my stress..
i wore those to watch TWilight at Midvalley. oh my.. my feet's killing me!
i didnt expect it to happen cuz i used to wear it on a long trip. well kind of.
perhaps it's juz bcuz i walked a lot cuz me n my friends kept exchanging trains bcuz of the bad management!
the sign boards are out!
so what do they expect us to know which train going to which destination?

KPP test

i woke up early dis morning. still felt sleepy. im really nervous for my test. it is an easy test. if i failed, meaning tht im so STUPID!
at the Test Centre, i waited for so long for the lady to call my name.
while i waited, my hand sweaty. because of my nervousness.
alhamdulliah i passed the test with 90%!
then im moving to the next lesson which'll be held on Friday for 6 hours i guess. i wanna make it quick cuz i'll be working in juz a few days.
perhaps i'll ask Miss Azie, the Sales Assistant at Fruity to delay my first day of work to 1st January.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

KPP seminar

i went to Metro Driving Academy in Subang Permai for my driving license. im really nervous at tht night. actually it's juz a seminar for beginners. but still..
the speaker's quite bored. he made jokes and some people laugh.
but i dont think so tht he's funny at all.
so i slept for a few times like Hazlami..haha! i slept for juz a few seconds n then i dreamt bout so many things.! i hope he wont aggrieve with wut i did.
i looked around to check out if there's anybody felt sleepy. apparently, there's no one!
it's juz me! it's really humiliating. i hope no one saw me closed my eyes..
it's really a boring day. i hate seminars.
but the good thing is, i met Hidayah! my old mate from primary school.!
right now, i have to study real hard cuz i want to take the 'Ujian B'komputer' as soon as possible.
i cant wait to get my driving license!

Friday, 12 December 2008

i got a job!

i tried to find so many jobs but most of store owners are so stingy! some of them would only give 400 to part time workers and have to work from 10 to 10. now tht's insane! really not worth it.
actually my 1st choice is Baskin Robbins. the payment is huge, though. and will get a free ice-cream evryday! but there's no vacancy.
i asked my mom to drop me at the mall to ask for the vacancy at Fruity.
and... i'd been interviewed and will be started to work on Christmas' day!-insyaallah..
im really excited! but tht Christmas's day is the day after i arrived at the KLIA frm HoChiMinh!
i hope i will not get really exhausted after the flight at tht Christmas' night.


i went to PKNS just now cuz my mom wanna renewed my bro's passport.
so i took this opportunity to go to the SACC mall. by foot.
then i went to Bonita where they got a huge sale!
actually my main purpose is to find the New Moon(Twilight sequel) novel by Stephenie Meyer at the MPH bookstore but i couldnt find it.
so i bought this skinnie silver belt in Bonita which is so cheap than the other 'konon murahan' stalls tht sells belts. wut i meant, Bonita kan like a boutique yg agak standard la
compared to stalls yg tepi2 lorong kedai.. no offense k.hehe..

then, i went to alm sntral to check out some more belts and i got these 2 lovely belts at 15!

seriously, it is my lucky day.. but i guess i bought the wrong colour for the gold ones. i should had bought the dark brown. it's really a big mistake.

well, i always make this kind of mistake evrytime i went shop.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Edward Cullen aka Robert Pattinson

ever since i watch Twilight, i cant stop thinking about this super handsome vampire! although this is not the first time i saw him on screen, his appearance in twilight makes me in love with this super hot hunk! his gentlemen style makes all the girls who watched twilight, melting like the polar ice caps on the north n south pole!
believe me. there are. juz ask them or yourselves.haha!
i really like Edward's hair than Rob's. dude, cant u juz comb ur hair a bit?
starting for now on, i wanna know evrything about him and watched all his movies especially the twilight series.! juz like i was before when im in love w Daniel Radcliffe.
muahx! luv u both!(Ed n Rob)

seriously......, i LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love Twilight..!!!!!!!!! it is the best movie ever..!!!! the movie is as big as Harry Potter..! but i think Twilight is better than Harry Potter. last 29th Nov., i went to midvalley w Mira.f n Naziha hanging out to celebrate for ourselves leaving high school. so we went to watch Twilight. i thought itws a boring vampire movie. but i was wrong! the movie is so amazing! actually, thnx to Robert Pattinson who really gives the movie alive. he is the perfect vampire whose inlove. he did a really great job!
and i love him! love him more than Daniel Radcliffe..

spm no more! it's time to find 600+ job!

hye. it hd been a while since lst i wrote. well i'd been busy w my studies. but not anymore!!!
i'm freeeeeeeeee!!!!! i don't have to think bout biology, chemstry, physics, HISTORY most importantly...
god, i hv no idea how's my results will be. i hope i'll at least 5 A1s. but i still wanna get straight A's!
my mom really hoped tht i'll get excellent rsult. she always talk bout AUSTRALIA. where i'll be going smeday perhaps. but i can only go there if my results excelled.
so tht i'll receive scholarship.
i've been thinking, if i get straight A's i will take dentistry. initially i wanna fashion design but i dont want to 'waste' my brain for smething i'm not sure whether i'll succeed in the future cuz fashion designers are entrepreneurs as well. there'll be up and down. i hate risks, thought.
if i get 7A's or less i will take chem. engineering instead and if i get less thn 5A's, i'll take fashion design. end of story.
right now, i tried to find a 600+ salary job around sec.9. but it's hard to find 600+ ones. A lot of boutiques will only give 450 at most.
just now, i went to sa mall to get a free regular pizza frm my NIE's coupon pizza. i saw a vacancy for counter sales assistant at Fruity. i'll try to ask for it later cuz i forgot to ask as i passed by the store!
silly me.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

raya shoes AGAIN!

i noe! i'd bought my raya shoes! but i couldnt resist from buying this vry cheap vincci shoes!
it's 50% off! so, i made an excuse to my dad by saying that i wanna bought a pair of shoes for raya. he didnt noe that i'd already bought a raya shoes a few months ago w my sis.

actually when i ws in vincci there's nothing that i adore. i love killer pumps but if i bought one, my annoying sis n my mom'll be vry BISING later! they always say that i cant wore heels. but i love them especially the 4 inch ones. so i juz bought a simple peep toe. borink..! still, i love it.

if im not, i wont bought it.

it's original price was rm79.90 but i got it for 39.50!


my dad x bising pown. but my mom n sis hvnt seen the shoes-yet.


seriously, i cant believe that Nas talked to Jezmine about me! well, me n Nas are not vry closed but it's really nice of her talked to Jezmine for me as i love her style a lot!

so, Nas took an autograph from Jezmine! well technically she write a note.

thanx nas for concerning.

Friday, 6 June 2008

shop shop n shop!


new* necklace!
rm15 frm alm sntrl.

RED sleeveless sequined long top .
rm19 from sa mall.

PURPLE long top.
rm49 frm eastwear.

total cheap shirt evr! i bought it frm a boutique!
rm10 frm sbng parade.

Friday, 14 March 2008

JOO JI HOON..! muahx!

evrsince i watched Goong, i love this guy..! he's sOOo chrming in the drama. suit as his character as a prince..! why's GOONG 2 will nvr be on tv? why..????!???

can't he be any cuter???? his jealous look makes me melting..!

Goong..! aka princess hours (korean drama)

i watched it the full episodes for 3 days n totally in love w it!!!!! the drama is sOooO sweet..! i love YOON EUN HYE(chaegyung) n JOO JI HOON(shin)..! they should be together off-screen.. but apparently JOO is dating SONG JI HYO(hyorin). huh.!.
i hope there's going to be GOONG 2 w original cast.. but it'll nvr happen.. GOONG S (aka goong 2, i guess) was already on air n they totally converted the original casts..! (based on the mbc news). argghhh..! boringnye..! so dissapointing..!
i would like to see them acted together again..! plz plz!!!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

BILLABONG! at last!

love my papa! the best present he evr bought for me, frm overseas/aussie!!
I <3 billabong!!
twinkle shoulder bag, aus$29.95 -australia

grown up outfit. vry girlie

desperate buy, rm35.- t'ganu
nvr hd this kinda outfit. but now i dOo..

shopaholic me!

black checker board glittered design dress, rm19 - sa mall
grey sleeveless short glittered dress, rm19. -sa mall

Saturday, 16 February 2008


VOIR SHOES for raya! i noe it's too early to shop for raya but i hv to, cuz when raya is around the corner, i hv spm to be prepared. so i hv to sacrifice a bit..
VOIR SHOEZ(OU), rm49.90.

roxy is SEXY!

bargain roxy bag from BALQIS. rm50.


the dress

my future engagement dress..!