Monday, 28 February 2011

change URL back.


i had to change my blog URL back to theloveofzuffy.blogspot!!

arghhh! biar lah!

stalker pon stalker lahh!


complicated la blogspot niii!!!

huuuuuuu ='(

Friday, 25 February 2011

blog url changed.

Salam Everybody!

if u guys noticed, i changed my blog URL.


this is the SECOND time.

before this, it was

and now, it's

reason for it, 

firstly, i'm avoiding stalkers

got some unwanted stalkers that have been stalking my blog.
*stalking doesnt mean enjoy reading*

it's just that i dont want people around me to judge me differently
cuz there's certain things that i'm too embarrassed to share with people but i do share in the blog.hehe.

and secondly.... just look at it. it says zuffyloveNOT compared to the previous ones which is theLOVEofzuffy.

starting from now, i dont believe in love. Not at all.

Love is super sucks.

well i dont believe love before marriage.

i dont believe love with the same age.

i dont believe love to the opposite sex.

i just believe the love towards Allah, the nobel Prophet and DENTISTRY.

but these may be temperory for now. -i think

cuz now, everytime i look at the opposite sex, i dont feel anything.

try to guess what's in my mind?


" errrr bajet nye mamat ni. bajet nye. poyo nye. hensem ke?pffft! "

it's totally a different feeling compared to the feeling of my first impression
everytime i catch my first look to gorgeous vintage handbags or high heel pumps.

dont ask why am i acting like this.




i just dont believe in love.

dont believe in hopes that people gave. pfffft!

i wonder, is my perception may change in the future? hmmm

well NURZAFIRAH ILIAS can be unpredictable....hehehehe

let the time be the judge.

toodles yawww~~


Bismillahirrahmanirahim, oh MSK!

Salam everybody!

am starting a new module this week.

Musculoskeletal System.

it's getting on my nerves actually when i was about to learn about skeletals and muscles.

my medical friends said that it was freaking tough and got a lot of things to be rememorizes..

but i love anatomy..<3

i am a dental student but studying a lot of things about medical.

so dont u expect that u're taking dental and wont learn a thing about medical.

Dentistry is even tougher than Medicine.

take note my juniors. Just get ready with any possibilities.

seriously, i hate medical stuff.  

i dont fancy learning each part of our body.

i only fancy teeth.

oral cavity, MOUTH! etc.

i dont think that saliva is gross.

i dont think that collecting people's teeth is disgusting eventhough my annoying 32 years old sister kept making fun of me!

her annoying-nesss never hesitated my passionate interest at all!

however, i hate cadavers. like seriouslyy!!!

this week, i have some dates with dead body with no head and legs 
and another date just now, with a half of the cadaver's head. OMA gross.

it's real humans head. and smells bad. Thankfully i didnt puke on the spot. Cant stand the smell.=S

i dont like all those stuff.

the smell of the formalin(the solution for the cadaver last long) makes me noxious.

i tried to control my breath. i cant stand the smell.

and i cant even focus during my lab session a couple of days ago.

This is one of the reasons that Medical Doctor is never be my goal.

one of the reasons that i dont go for Medical Doctor in Indonesia when the opportunity comes 
eventhough i love Indonesia a lot!!!! shopping and food heaven ok!=))

so far, so good. 
Millions of things muscles, nerves, veins , arteries to be rememorizes. ARGHH!

but i have to love all these.
 i love anatomy. ~sort of

i hope my next Progressed Test in another 2 weeks would have some improvement, perhaps? huu

still, i need more time. to cover things up. argghhh.

 but this week, i got a mad mad tight schedule.
oh PBSM! damn go away lahhhh!!!

chaiyokk! chaiyokk, Zuffy! u can do it bebeyh!!


Sunday, 20 February 2011

Critical level

what is it feels being beaten?

on the head.


have anybody been hit on the head?

shall I say, I have felt that before?


and thankfully, I'm still alive.

if not, I wont be writing now.

at first, i thought that i'm going to die.

but now, i dont really feel good.

i felt there's something wrong in certain part of my head.

and headache + noxious.

oh my brainnnnnnnnnn~~~!!

i need them to stay alive!

to live!

to get a Bachelor Degree!

Hey u Thug.

repent man, repent.

before the death comes to u.

hmm. the more u grew older, even greater Thug u've been.

Ya Allah, berilah hidayah kepadanya untuk menjadi insan yang lebih baik dan menghormati orang lain.

guys, pray for my health, please.
 seriously, i dont feel good now.

Is my blog will soon be my memoir?haha over dramatic.

Friday, 18 February 2011

The 1st outing that i lost a huge amount of gas

  Salam everybody.

me, Pinky n zatty planned to hang out with each other as other people were having classes!

we're not skipping class. it's just that our midsem break is a week late compared to the others!

and got nobody else to hang out with, except for us, 

dental and medical students.

on our way,,,, we're lostttttt!!!!

i am really bad at remembering routes eventhough i've been driving to Sunway for a few times already

so Zatty's the one who guide me.

i only missed 1 route and then started to round and round every area of Subang and end up at Ara Damansara? say whatttttt?

ok CUAK suda.

i started to freak outtttt!

but yeah, thnx to Zatty for being such a calm, andd yay!!! we're in the right directionnn!!

no minor accidents, no hon sana sini. =)

but i burnt almost half of the gas tank. Thankfully, Papa doesnt say anything after i got back.
*burnt, as in, utility of the petrol.

hmm no interesting movies, watched all already.

plus it's not holiday season so nothing is interesting on cinema except for Green Hornet.

so we decided to makan makan, and Bowlinggggggg!!!!

Fullhouse is the place for food!

this is my last time eating HIGH calories food.  I'm going to lose weight for good.  =)

the decorations are really nice. it's a waste if we dont take any pictures right?

wuuuuuuu this is nice. it feels like we're in Korea? hehe

the price is reasonable and the taste, emmm 50-50?

but the pasta are much much better than Pizza Hut!!!

Then we're off for bowling.

there she is! the WINNER of the day! pfffffffffffffftttttttt

Pinky's leading.

Zatty's the runner up.

and me, last.


when i played at Ole Ole Monterez the other day, i was great!

i guess i should wore something more comfortable like T-shirts...etc 
like last time when i scored really good.

after SuperBowl, we window shopped, and I bought a black cardie.

off we go at 6, and we're stuck in a traffic jam.

what do u expect?, it's weekdays and people are going back home from work.

so we started to take pics!!! HAHAHA

fuh, THE END.

oh btw, dont tell my mom that i lost my way earlier. or she will ground me from using Kelly.hehe
*Kelly=my Kelisa.


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

come on Zafffff!! OMA!

Salam everybody!

aaaahhh bashta!!!

i become a shopaholic again!!

i've already bought a *2in1* bag last week.

and i bought another vintage bag through on9

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm meltingggggg

i just cannot resist itt!!

this bag is too cute to say no!

anddd the price is super cheap!

since the first time i saw this bag, the visual image of the bag kept bugging me.
*the feeling was like when u met a handsome guy nearby and u kept thinking about him. hehe

if i dont buy it now, i may regret sooner or later!!!!!!!!!!! 

astarghfirullahalazim,,,, please get me away from this bad habit..

i need to save some cash for the future!

i really hope that this is the last on9 shopping for me.

oh i almost forgot.

i also bought a couple of on9 short dresses 2 days ago.

will be arrive tomorrow. *jumping jumping happily*

hahahahah ok, repent zaf!! repent!

like nowwwwwwwwwww!!!

oh click here! for more vintage bags and cute apparels! 


Voldemort look alike

Salam everybody! good day!

last week i read this article about this cat somewhere around western

he looks like voldemort like seriouslyyyyyy!
Purr Blood: Charlie had to have his ears and nose removed after a bout of cancer
Twist in the tail? Charlie would make a great companion for an animal-lover

he has no ears and no nose

all because he had a surgery for skin cancer 
therefore, the ears and nose need to be copped off!

he is now live as a stray and nobody wanted to adopt it because of how it looks

and i cried while reading the article!

pity him!!

although some people might think he's a bit quirky-looking,
 he is lovely, playful cat who adores attention!

someone please adopt him!!! 

dont let him be abandoned by mankind!

i hope somebody nice would love to give him a place called home and love....


laugh out loud

hahahah scary cat huh?

laugh as loud and as hard as u can

let the pressure go away

live with what u have

never let the bad history come and get u!

peace everybody.

love all.


Selawat banyak banyak k.


Monday, 14 February 2011


it had been more than a month.

but i noe the other side had already live. with no worries, but happy.

the other side has been.. em emm yeah, seeing somebody already.?


in less than a month, i simply got blown away.! 
pathetic me, is it.?

yeah that is the pain. to be blown away in such a short duration.

what would u expect? the other side is my premier amour.

yes, my premier amour.

it may takes months, years or even forever for me to get rid of it.

but is it possible? 

i may look happy, i may acted cool facing my present 
but then the pain is still there

i dont wanna be weak!

i dont wanna cry again in front of others!

i dont wanna kept crying watching Korean dramas!

i want people to see me that nothing can make me down!

no no! i want people to see that i'm strong! 
eventhough, i'm still got the pain.

but i have to noe one thing for sure

if it's true, 
they are already an item,
 insyaAllah i will get over it soon. SOON. SOON.

i just cant stand, hearing people's mumblings that they were dating here and there, 
with matching clothes and stuff.

yeah i'm jealous so whaaaaaaattttttt. buzzz off!
(sorry, zaf is talking sheeeeeet again)

i should have something right? to fight back? 
oh no no.
i already lost. no use for fighting back.

*i could make a song out of this. 
but i need to own a guitar first! and tutor! 
been observing this 2nd hand guitar at Cash Converters.
it's not pink for sure. there's black and brown.
 i think i will get one of those in another week perhaps? hehe waite and seee!
waite for my heart talks to it first.heheh. hyperbolic is it?*

aahhh gatal sangat nak main guitar. Module baru, masuk nanti macam ada masa sangat nak main kan.hahahha


Sunday, 13 February 2011

old bundle --> NEW fashion

 Salam Everybody!

if u're following my blog since beginning,

i bet u guys knew that i love to sew and make something new, right? hehe

andd i did it again!

i bought this vintage bundle long dress from DC (with located around Uitm)

it was quite long for me.

yeah i noe i'm short! so whattt

so i decided to alter it myself.

 as i always do!

well actually i cut a quarter of the lining before i took the picture.hehe
im too excited until forgot to take a picture which i intended to do so before.


it only took less than 2 hours to do all these.

it may look simple.

but when u put it on, 

it looks gorgeous!

Simple but nice.

planning to wear it with a cardigan. =)

u noe that i love ruffles.

ruffles gave life to an outfit like seriouslyyyy!

i made the ruffles myself ok

actually i found this veil above the freezer.

it was from my brother's wedding.

then something came up and in just a few seconds, 

i decide to make ruffles out of it.

it was the perfect fabric that i want for ruffles.

simply PERFECT!

yeah it would be great if im taking fashion design by now.

but that aint an issue anymore.

live with what u have.

Well i wont left my passion just flown away

i still can take it as hobbies.

it is fun though!


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Zuffy is trying to vlogging

salam Everybody!!

this is the first time i'm vlogging!! 

to introduce to u guys about my tutorial blog

finally, it is completely updated!

but i have to tell u, there's this 1 moment when i'm taking about Fatin Liyana and my tongue slipped!


well it's my first. what do u expect?

ok i felt like i'm presenting for my English Oral Presentation. HAHAHA

and i do sound like Squidwart.

it's not me! 

it's the Windows Movies Maker that makes my voice sounds like that ugly squid!

and ignore my bloody dark circle!

i dunno what am i goin to do with it.=_="

ok please dont laugh while watching this.


Friday, 11 February 2011

Alhamdulillah. Now depends on my prayers towards Allah.

Salam Everybody!

i was too much relaxed during my study week as i only had to cover 31 lectures in 7 days.

that's why i dont grow any pimples.hehe

and Alhamdulillah, i didnt screwed up like before InsyaAllah

really hoping for great results soon.

please, i have to pass. pray for me u guys!

yeah, right after our OSPE,

we're off to Plaza Alam Sentral for BOWLING! yeahhh!

picture, credit to Amer.
for the score, i got 50 something.

at least better than the last time i played with my exAsasians right? hehe

and i bought a 2 in 1 backpack in brown!

i've been searching for it throughout the on9 shops but all are out of stock!

and i got at only 30rm! even cheaper!=))

i malas upload the pic. so just forget it k. hehe

it's gorgeous i tell u !!!!


movie night with my peeps.

we watched 3 IDIOTS.

a hindustani movie.

i noe i was left behind as the movie was released on 2009!

like i care? haha


it is full of HUMOUR and SADNESS at the same time.

the story tells us about a father/principle who gave too much pressure on the son and students until they commit suicide.

i was screaming and shouting and CRYING to show how much i hate that guy!!!

he is too much!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

 i watched the movie with my peeps so i didnt really cry much.

but if i watched the movie alone,
i bet i would have cried in every 15 minutes.WUUWUUU

however, the story did resembles me a lot.

where i got pressured and never been cared about my personal interest.

but then here i am.

i overcome everything.

insyaAllah i will succeed with my present.=)

dont worry i wont commit suicide. HAHAHA

Aamir Khan is so cuteee and handsomeeee!!

he's 40 something but he played the role of an average 20 something college student!

he's old but he's hot!

hotter than he was before!!!

my favourite scene is during the almost ending of the story.

he looks so CUTEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

muah muah muah <3


Thursday, 10 February 2011

HIJABi Tutorial is UPDATED

finally, i finished my Mid Semester exams!

what a relieved!

so i decided to continue updating my Hijabi Tutorial 

but only for a while.

THNX TO Hyzan Dz aka PINKY! the one who made me doing all the tutorials!

this is Pinky =)

before this i was never wanted to make tutorials wearing hijabs.

but she's the one who made me to! hehe

who would say no to her pity face?HAHAHAHAHA

do support me u guys!

thank you so much!

love all!