Monday, 15 February 2010

the very busy week..

i can juz counting days towards my finals!!!

almak there's so many topics that i havent cover up!

i really need to work hard now..

no more koya2 dengan tudung syria la.., hot wedges lah., trip to beijing lah..hehe.

after CNY, i got a field trip to Tman Alam Kuala Selangor on 18th

as my biology assignment camtu lah..

All asasian students, science students, have to join the trip.
no buts.

if ur not joining, no marks for 1/3 of the carry marks for BIO096..*wink

on the day after.., it's the Annual Dinner for Asasi Sains students..!

will be held on 19th March, from 8pm onwards at Intekma Resort Shah Alam.

INSYAALLAH i'll be attending the dinner.. of coz la weyy da byr 65rm!

already set up the clothes, shoes n accessories for the dinner..hehe

i'll be wearing
a black Arabic garment, dress robe (jubahlah) with some pink n green detailing in the middle of the garment, a stripey greeny shawl, my mom's brown T-strap Clark wedges, a silver n black long necklace and a brown shoulder bag..

simple but nice..hee~

i dont wanna be the centre of attraction on tht nite, though..hehe

i'll upload the pictures asap k..insyaAllah

perhaps after my finals?.. hee~

hopefully, i'll be a great and fun nite..