Thursday, 29 October 2009

more story to come..vry coincidence one.

today i received a msg from Shamim, my ex classmate from high school.
i thought the class is goin to make a Reunion or something.
but it ws actually this.
shamim : hai zafira! ni shamim. awk, daniel mintak num awk kat kte.. nk bg ke??
mua : hai shamim! daniel who?? yg mne ni!?
shamim: kte pn xtau. da tnye dia tp dia juz ckp myb kte xpngh tgk dia..
mua : owh. alorh bg je r. alang2 cuti ni xbwt pape, bole la invstgate!haha!
shamim : ok2 hehe.
the the guy started to make miss calls. so i asked him,
mua : ni daniel ek. daniel mane r? so do u need anythng from me?
daniel : ni zafirah yew,, awk ad gne fon nokia5200 x?
mua : oh yeah.dulu. da jual. cmne awk tau?
daniel : sy la gne fon tu.. awk jual kat PAS kn? sry sy ad simpan gmbr awk..
then i reacted.. "owh shit! lupe nk delete gmbr!!!!! aaarhhh. cine xgne!! awat x delete gmbr ak!!!!! aaahh!! abis r!!"
hopefully he doesnt use my memory card
which i got my own personal private memory previously..
well he didnt. alhamdullillah..huh!
so i asked him to delete all my photos..
but he said he wanted to left only 1 photo of mine in his phone.
n i ws like "wht bloody hell is he goin to do w my photo now??"
so i asked him which photo is it?
it's a headshot photo which i wore a red t-shirt w a black hijap. thnk god i wore hijap.
im afraid if he got the pics of me tht i didnt wore hijap.hopefully not.
but im quite curious ,
hw he did he knows my name?
perhaps i put my name on the folder. i think.
quite scary..
i really not into friendship through smsing nih...
sgt fake.. i like reality much more..haha.
but this guy lorh kn, i mls nk lyn sgt r..
i dont even noe him..
pervert mane tah.ahahaahahaha.
jhtnye ak ni..!!!hehe
quite coincidence, though.
but juz look to the bright side, my old baby already got it's new owner!!!hehe
cpt btol laku fon ak tuh..hee~=]

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


owh muet muet... i'm glad the Speaking test is over..
attend my test at SMK Seksyen 7 this morning.. i met nobody from Uitm..arh!
only a bunch of org2 tua.. ppl older than me lah. like 20's, 23's..
there are 4 ppl in my group. 2 guys 2 girls. quite happy with my presentation. i dont get panicked at all. tht good..
i gt a huge confidence in myself while im in the room.
i proud with myself for being so calm for half an hour. well tht smthng rare happened to me..
as for task A, i didnt make any conclusion cuz i elaborated too much points i guess.
hopefully the examiner wont deduce my marks..
and as for task B.., well im quite excited discussing w othr candidates..
thnk god i didnt only sit down n doing nothing in the room.
i said this one point where the other candidates could not disagree w me after i opposed the
candidate A's opinion. ahhh.. i felt great! it ws like debating..haha!
hopefully i'll get band 5 in this test.. pray fr me u guys!!!

Friday, 16 October 2009

big apple big apple big apple

owh im craving fr big apple rite now!

from the menus, 3 of them are my fav...

each of the doughnuts i dscover them as my fav in diff situation.

first, THE ALIEN

found this delicate tempting chocolaty doughnut when i ws in... errrmmm.. i dont remember.

w my mom i guess.hee~ it ws like so much chocolate in it.. chocolate topping, chocolate filling,,,

wah! chocolate heaven dow!


i caught my eyes on this pink-so-like-mua doughnut while i ws- i mean WE, my troops n i were seeking for a place to break fast during last Ramadhan.

we didnt book at any restaurant. it's our fault for window shopping-ing as we got there initially..hee~. so we ws like running around. xtau mne nk buke. sume kdai penoh! absolutely fully booked.

so we end up breaking fast at BIG APPLE DOUGHNUTS.hah! so i met Berry Bambi then. totally in luv w it!

but ktorg not like meratah donut tu saje utk buke. we dine at Noodles Station pulak lah as it is, the place tht we planned to berbuke..huhu. da rojak jd bhs ak..

last stop, DUREN DUREN..

yeah durian. durian creme filling is juz so AMAZED me. it's juz like durian cheese cake only it's fried n cheese cakes doesnt. well some of the cheese cakes lah.

discover it after i finished my Chemstry extra class on Saturday n off to PAS w Lina my Kelatanese buddy to accompany her to buy her needs..

when u look at Duren Duren across the glass, u can feel the tremendous texture of the durian filling. owhh..

*simply seducing..heee~. reminds me of cekodok fav..

Thursday, 15 October 2009

the day i ws born

on 15th October 1991, there's this sweet little girl who stepped into this world by herself.heehe. yela kot.. it was in the winter in UK. her mother gave birth to her on the noon. 12 noon sharp. yes it's true. as she's different with the other British babies, accordng to her mother, nurses at the Singleton Hospital, UK ws like amazed with asian babies. well it's rare to hv asian babies ws givn birth in UK. and they love her hair becuz it ws like terpacak hahaha!
the baby is now mua.hehe. rite now, turning 18.
happy legal to mua...heee~

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

typical life

girls are defined as unused or old books by boys. at first, they bought it bcuz of the nice cvr and
interesting stories. they enjoyed it.. but then after weeks the book is no longer enjoyable. they
started to move to another interesting book in the bookstores or juz tossed the old book away

without knowing how hurts it can be.. ~by mua

believe me it's hard to find ur perfect match. once there's someone nice is madly in love with u, give him/her a chance. u'll regret it if u let them go.. as for married couples out there, appreciate ur partner plz.
hope i'll find my perfect match somewhere..ahaks!;] not until i finished my foundation..haha. n pursuing degree! pray for mua!
p/s: these are juz weird thoughts tht pop into my brain n trying expressed it out. it connected with the prob i
had before but in different situation..heee.. but still i hvnt learned my lesson yet haha..

Friday, 9 October 2009

like (not love) becomes hate.

as ppl r saying when we love someone it doesnt mean it would last forever..
unless the feelings doesnt start w love. but started w hate towards somebody.
yes thts wht happen to mua.
i started to like someone after i heard ppl r saying tht he likes me back.
yeah it does happen initially. but then after weeks the guy's feeling started to fade i guess cuz he thought tht i didnt respond. well i do.. it's juz tht i didnt show it off..
i got a huge egoistic in myself u see.
perhaps i forced myself to liking him cuz he is so nice, caring..BUT not a good muslim. he didnt perform the prayers vry well though.
i cant accept ppl who doesnt pray.
my heart is hard to accept tht kind of ppl. for me, it is vry crucial..VRY.
so i thought of him a vry good friend. only as friends. but he thinks otherwise.
i think so. tht's the problem.
perhaps he thinks tht i had a crush on him or something.
so juz now, his gf called me. at first, he ws like texting me. asking me 'wht up?'. but then it ws actually his gf's the one whose texting me.. so aphal? i not the whose into him so badly.
he's the one whose interested in me.. nk call2 plak mnah ni.. si mamat tu pn satu. ape kes dow? i thought of u as a friend. not more than tht.. so?
why's it she said, klu nk amik dia amik r..
HELL WHAT? i cant stand w misundrstanding.
think is huge bad understanding. so immature.
VRY IMMATURE PPL. dua2 ekor skali...ys.
i dont want to say rude things right now..trying to control my emotions.
is it necessary for his gf to call and mock like a bird? xde la mocking..hehe.
i thought he is a nice person. nice friend. but actually not. so it's not exactly started w love. it started w like becomes hate. i felt freaking hating him rite now KOT>
he is SOoOo jahat. perlu ke?? call2??
i not the one who always texting him. he's the one who started the sms not me...
rite now, i dont think so tht i wanted to go back to the campus.
i had to face him again for another half a year.oh man....
thnk god we're nt in the same tutorial,,,
get him out of my sight plz!~ arghh! why's he so bad!?
ya Allah berikanlah aku kekuatan untuk menghadapi hidup ini dgn lebih tabah.
jauhkanlah aku dari manusia2 yg hanya ingin mempermainkanku..
berikanlah aku petunjuk agar dapat mengejar cita2
ku yang juga merupakan impian kedua ibubapaku..
dan berikanlah aku lebih ramai sahabat yg lebih menyayangi ku
dan tidak mempergunakanku
namun aku bersyukur dgn rakanku skrg...amin..

Thursday, 8 October 2009

love story...hihi

ku pernah punya cinta namun kini ku sedang suka kamu
cintaku dulu tlah kubuang jauh kini ku ingin kamu
ku pernah menyendiri di sini ku akan terasa sepi
walaupun bibir penuh gelak tawa namun hatiku sepi

jangan bilang tidak bila kita belum mencoba
siapa yang tahu akan sama hatimu dan juga hatiku
banyak yang bercinta bertahun-tahun putus juga
kuharapkan dengan dirimu walaupun singkat pendekatan
cinta kita kan abadi

ku pernah punya cinta namun kini ku sedang suka kamu
cintaku dulu tlah kubuang jauh kini ku ingin kamu

jangan bilang tidak bila kita belum mencoba
siapa yang tahu akan sama hatimu dan juga hatiku
banyak yang bercinta bertahun-tahun putus juga
kuharapkan dengan dirimu walaupun singkat pendekatan
cinta kita kan abadi
ku pernah punya cinta namun kini ku sedang suka kamu
cintaku dulu tlah kubuang jauh kini ku ingin kamu

jangan bilang tidak bila kita belum mencoba
siapa yang tahu akan sama hatimu dan juga hatiku
banyak yang bercinta bertahun-tahun putus juga
kuharapkan dengan dirimu walaupun singkat pendekatan

jangan bilang tidak waktu dicium aku bingung
namun dada ini bergetar makanya sungguh aku mohon
jangan bilang tidak

mua: sweet..

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

memories from the 1st semester

im goin to miss my life in college! i hd nvr live in a hostel bfore so it's quite fun hving ppl all ovr M'sia to be friends w. i love my life rite now. bttr thn high school. dont wanna go back to high school plz!!! dont ask why. i have my own reasons..
along this 1st semester i hung out alot w my friends, classamtes... we had once, went out to break fast at section 7 near the uitm... and we went there by foot. ys. best kot jln ramai2..hehe. n quite humiliating. ppl ws like staring at us cuz we ws like buat rombongan cik kiah or something. all the boys went out earlier i guess. we planned to meet up at DC but then it doesnt work out as planned.

* sgt kelakar kot. barisan pnjg! bdk 2 org ni lead ktorg.hehe!

* ni time nak cross the road to the Restoren RS. buke kdai mamak jela ktorang.. seyesly la kn, mcm kanak2..haha.

* burbbb.. kenyang da.. this's all my classamtes .the other row is the boys of aspiF.. while i ws eating, bole plak ade org maen2 mate dgnku.. tension btol. blasah bru tau.hehe.

thts the end of breaking fast w my classmates,n now w my beloved roommates!! ktorg ws like a couple of times break fast at Station Kopitiam sec.7. the place's quite cozy, quiet, like there's nobody in but us. therefore, ktorg pn conquer la! tngkp2 gmbr...etc. the food's quite good though. the manager pn mcm dah knl ktorg..hehe.

* mereke suke membuliku!!!!~heppie times.

* comey2 belake..hehe. lagi2 tdg pink tu ek..hehe.jk. from left, Ezaty,mua,Ain,Nannie plus thira.

hopefully my 2nd semester in ASPIF which is my last sem would hv been much more fun n triumph. hope we can graduate together n not repeat sem. Not to mention, gain more relationship..amin...

adapted from the boys in ASPIF..

our last day bfore study week n raya, some of girls in AspiF wore jubah. i hd no idea tht they planned it. it ws Friday. well most Fridays i wore jubah so i ws like joining the club accidently..hehe.
we looked like a bunch of girls just got back from umrah..haha. quite funny. it ws like a practical joke bfore final exams.on the same day, we hd to attend a Physics test n Physics class for 4hours!
i noe! it's insane. my brain starts to burst like rite now!
this is the pic of the girls who juz got back from the middle east...hihi.jk

* from left mua, Tajul, Fatin, Diah, Kiki, Amnor.. mcm nk nyanyi nasyidla pulak..hehe. i looked like a weird dork!!haha.

woohOOoo!im done w finals!!! cuti sem bebeyh!

juz finished my final exam, last ppr, physics a couple days ago. yeah, quite difficult. dont think so tht i can score an A w tht.
im quite lost rite now. afraid of not getting to dentstry..hmph.
but as for rite now, i can think about tht later, and enjoy for a month semster break! earlier thn u guys!hahah.
still i dunno wut am i goin to do now.. bosan kot dok umah.
if im thinking of reading smething for the nxt sem, xtau plak topik ape for..the topics r undecided yet. perhaps i'll asked the fastracks..
while im in college there's this student who sells korean dvds. so i bought one for only 5bucks! cte SangdOo Let's Go To School.. so im thinking of marathoning tht series.yay!
hopefully i'll get great results in this 1st sem cuz im not celebrating raya for 2years already okey... only the 1st day of raya i went to open houses but then the 2nd day, back to my schedule..huh. quite exausting lah exams2 ni... so pray for my success ea u guys!!!