Thursday, 10 November 2011

Stuff i got @ Daiso.

Salam Everybody!
just wanna tell u guys about, how amazing Daiso is! (exaggerating)
it's in Sunway Pyramid! same level as Watsons.
RM 5 ! !

as u all know, i collect teeth for my Dental Materials module. (currently am)
and i need a few stuff for my teeth storage,
and stickers to label my lab appliances.

i thought i would have found something i can get use with it.
so, this is what i got......
the first item got nothing to do with Dentistry at all.
bought it because it looks cOOL... hehe
it's a fabric binding liquid.
thought so, gonna make use of it sooner or later ;)

this ia small size storage bags, 70 sheets.
i am going to packed and categorized my teeth collections
according to it's number
using those.. =D
to label my lab appliances.
with a few different colours in 1 packet!
480 pieces, people!

the container that i am going to use to store the teeth according to it's quadrant.
there are actually a lot more different sizes, compartments and shapes.
like this :::

so to my dental friends,,, get ur own now!!! 
great place, great price, great items, right! hehe=p
<3 <3


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

It's Shogun! The best Japanese Buffet ever!!!!

Salam everyone!
it's time to talk about food again!!!
let me introduced to u, Shogun!!
there are many Shogun branches in Malaysia. i think.
what i know, Shogun is located at Sunway Pyramid and also One Utama New Wing.
the price., well a little bit higher that Seoul Garden but i'm not very sure how much. 
My brother-in-law paid the bill.

u can get even better food than Seoul Garden!
There are many different kind of buffet!
but no steamboat, please.
Japanese, Western, Chinese cuisine .... all u can eat!!!
big bonus for BIG APPETITERS !!! 

My Plate. hehe. Not much, really.=p

Cheese and Teriyaki Mussels.......... i love them too much. hehe
and the fried-looking ones are baby crabs!!!
crunchy! Delicious!
look at me how much i enjoy the fooooooooodddd.
The desserts.
Shogun's shortcakes are the best!
Chocolate Mousse Cake!!! yummmmmeyyy!
My sister and the daughter.
kids do love Shogun tooooooooo! 

the sushi counter.
Heaven for Sushi lovers.
but not for me.hee

that's it for nowww!!!!
it's good to have a family gathering or classmate gathering or a reunion in Shogun.
the best place, after Seoul Garden!

Try now guys!
worth with every penny!


Thursday, 3 November 2011

It's Preloved Party, AGAIN !

Salam everyone!
the OBB Preloved PArty is Back AGAIN!
and of course i am going!!!
This time, with Pinky and Ain !!!
Happy FACES.
Pinky grab a lot of great stuff !!!!
I'm so jealous of her!!!

woohooo Ain! she was having a flu and need to study for a few tests for the following week 
but still coming with us just wanna grab the SUPER DUPER great items !!!
and i must tell u, this time, it was the best party everrrrrrr!
more and more and more pretty clothes!!!
Yanny was one of the vendors.. no wonder the are some great pieces that caught my eye on.
but sadly, i decided to get only 4 pieces if items.
there are more great stuff but most of the clothes, i have to wear inner and i hate inners.
it's Malaysia, not London where i have to wear layer per layer and more layers of clothes.
Rm2. this is not a dream. This is reality!
the fabric was great!
the fabric was like glittery gold with cream based.

kinda OBB inspired.
 a chiffon fabric with beads.

the Pink Bolero was the highlight of the weekend.
This is Yanny's if i'm not mistaken.
the quality was 100% great.
and the blue flowery necklace was too cute!
love at first sight.

Liyana Hanim's cookies.
it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want more!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh, oh, i was like carrying around a Charles&Keith TOTE from the preloved party 
and it is so much suitable to be worn to class.
it was the best among the preloved bags they got there.
UNFORTUNATELY, i decided to let it go after i remember that i'd already bought a backpack for class through online.
and i pleasantly regret about letting it go!
it was still new-with plastics,though!
and it only costs RM35!!!
what a $@&^#^, Zuffy.

Yes, i love to go to OBB only when there's Preloved Party!
the vendors are awesome.
Super Fashionistas.
with Super Clothes.
it's the style that i am looking for.

Till then goodbye.