Friday, 19 June 2009

where the heck is the kipas angin?

this is what we are.. everyday, rite after step into class, berkipas memanjang! the Chinese opera singer looking's 'Aisyah. n the middle's Anem.
n as for mua, bag pon blum ltk lgi!
we kinda sit at the back most of the time. other ppl(girls) entah camne arrived earlier!
while the Perindu residents(boys), mentang2 kolej's juz nearby, bole dtg lambat sesuke ati!
it is so unfair that girls get the most far far away kolej(Melati) from the FSG(applied science faculty).
well i still cant get used of my class. hopefully i do. SOON.
oh yeah. about mr.talldarknhandsome, i cant lie to myself tht i have to forget him. it's too painful seeing him w a fren of mine getting more intimate.
but the truth is, i juz adore his figure. i am! no lie! he's so tall n fit. n felt protected when standing behind him. that's all. about me fancies him is juz something fun to do. well life is short n boring.
better filled up the space.
p/s:im still not admiring anyone rite now.

to be continued..

Thursday, 11 June 2009

weeks in college

*welcome to my dorm.. left frm the front's mine

it is quite a different environment for me. all my roomates got different classes. but it's a good thing actually cuz we can explore more bout other ppl n not juz the ppl tht we only know..

on my first day of class. SESAT! uitm's humongous thank god i've known some other friends who have the same condition as i am.. not to mention, everyday, pegi kelas bermandikan peluh!! we had to take the bus to go to the faculty applied science n sometimes nk jadi sardin cuz bus packed sgt. n, duet lagi... i spent a lot of cash since i've been here!

so far, my classmates okey2 jela.. not as good as my other roomates who have classmates yg gile2... yg girls sume macam still malu2.. as for guys bising nak mampoS! but not that bad, agak lawak la.. diorg ws like lawan2 accent.. hopefully my class wont be as boring as before. here's my space in my dorm.

* agak messy for a teenage girl like me. what would u expect!?? culture shock!
well i got my junkie, bucket, pillowS, bags (2 at least), shoes (4 at least), indoor slippers..etc.

* as u can see, tunggang langgang! ada rak, x nak ltk kasut! there's whitidy, jaring flats of mine. yang laen i kept it under my bed. takot kene curi weyh! there's a fren of mine, someone stole her sneakers on the first week she'd been here!
i cant wore high heels or wedges in uitm cuz jalan berbukit2! kalu nk mati awal bolela pakai slalu.. i had to sacrifice a bit. i miss u guys!

* closet's freaking small! i cant put all my clothes! these are juz half of it. it is not juz a closet! it's also a space where all our stuff should be kept. including notebook, bags, food..etc

* i'm not proud of my matrik card. juz wanna poyo to announce myself as a university student!. my photo's agak cubby r!

if u guys asked about love, i've found someone i like! but im still single. let me describe bout his character a bit. he's tall, dark n handsome! sgt ke?hehe. however, dgr2 dia ada gossip ngn my fren.. xtau r..=( but i dont care, though. she's my fren. if he's the best for her, let it be. fyi, he is NOT my classmate.

to be continued..