Tuesday, 7 February 2017

im getting married!


Wow it has been a year and a half since I touch my blog.

Just wanna let u guys know that Im getting married! wohoo

I wish the guy that i chose is the one that's written in Luh Mahfuz, the one who can be the leader of my family, the one who can tolerate me and the one I can live for the rest of my life untill Jannah. <3 div="">

Been in a relationship for 3 years now and even some people didn't know that we have been together for that long haha.

And this proved to YOU PEOPLE that used to tell me its unbelievable for me to have a boyfriend, I AM GETTING MARRIED AND YOU'RE NOT ! booyah!

Got engaged on 23rd February 2016.
My solemnization will be on 10th March 2017
My reception on 11th March 2017 =)

Sunday, 13 September 2015


Homestay atau rumah tetamu berkonsep hotel dan exclusive berhawa dingin untuk di sewa.
Penginapan berkeluarga untuk percutian,kenduri kahwin, pesta konvokesyen, berkursus, pelajar jarak jauh.
Homestay ini ada 2 bilik tidur konsep hotel, 2 unit air-cond - 1 di master bedroom, 1 di single room
Kemudahan yang ada:-
1) TV
2) Fridge
3) Dapur memasak
4) pinggan-mangkuk
5) Water heater
6) Periuk nasi
7)seterika dan iron board
Kondominium dijaga oleh guard yang sentiasa meronda sekitar kawasan kondo.
Kemudahan di Clubhouse: 
2)kolam renang, 
4)tennis court
Parking untuk sebuah kereta sahaja. Jika lebih, boleh parking di "VISITORS" parking.
Dekat Komplek Perniagaan Seksyen 9,  Bank2 seperti MayBank, CIMB, Bank Rakyat, Hongkong Bank etc, Restoran seperti Restoren Arab ZamZam, Nando's, Papa John, Secret Recipe, Selera Kampung, Western dan Mall di Shah Alam
* Masjid Negeri Selangor - 10 minit berjalan kaki
* Pejabat2 kerajaan, Majlis Agama Islam
* Giant di Plaza Masalam - 5 minit jalan kaki
* Stadium Shah alam - 8 minit perjalanan Berkereta
* PTPL - 10 minit perjalanan Berkereta
* Politeknik Shah alam - 10 minit Berkereta
* Uitm Induk - 10 minit berkereta
* UNIsel - 10 minit berkereta 
* Kilang proton dan Umw Toyota - 10 minit berkereta
* Tesco 5 minit berkereta
Check-in: 3.00 pm
Check-out: 1.00 pm
*** extra toto can be provided~





Kondominium Kemuncak, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Seksyen 9 Shah Alam Selangor.

RM295 (1 malam)
Jika ambil lebih dari 3 malam, malam yang kedua harga RM270 dan seterusnya.

sebarang pertanyaan sila hubungi:
Rohani : 0192411269
Zafirah : 0104233182

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Unofficial graduated BDS UiTM 2015

Unofficial Graduate from Bachelor of Dental Surgery UiTM.

Yeah, recently i just completed my very last 5th Professional Examination and a few days after, I got the unofficial results and Alhamdulillah I passed the exams.

U guys shall called me Dr Zafirah now. haha

I really had a tough time in the final weeks. I sneak in people's clinics a few times to get my work done on time, i have no rest until week 5 where i got most of my lab works done and whats left were the Fixed Prosto Major projects. I should have done it in the earlier weeks as i need to send the Impression to the lab and it may took a couple of week to get the actual prosthesis.
however all the chaos in the final moments of my life in the faculty had come to an end and I'm glad it is over.

An advice to my juniors, manage your time properly, and READ UP. Ask those who had done the procedures before for faster progress of your patient management.
Just don't be a snobbish and thinks that u know it all. U gonna end up way down there if u're being sucha "bodoh sombong".

I'm glad me and my partner managed to get rid from getting barred. I may be a bit pushy but it's for her own good. I don't wanna get extended and i don't want her to drag me as well.
So people, if u know u're a bit slow or something, PLEASE get rid of those sense of egoistic and start to brush up ur skills and knowledge and WAKE UP. it's time to change.

Miracles happened in the final weeks for Peads and Endo Molar.
My peads patient "came back" to me after long lost in the mist of the clueless moments.. the only cooperative patient that I had. thank god she came back.
My Endo molar patient is a secondary school student and she had so many activities to attend and Alhamdulillah i managed to completed her endo molar in 3 visits. with Allah's will.. I am grateful to be one of the luckiest person that managed to complete it on time.
As for my juniors, I suggest to get a mandibular molar case.why? because it's direct vision. u gonna have a hell difficult time for a maxillary molar case. well it's my opinion.. i dont care about others think, this is what i think..Even A.Prof Dr Ikmal said for undergrads, mandibular molar is a better option for endo.

Now sit back and relax for a few months to go. Really hope wont get too rusty with these long holidays.
I can't wait to serve the community. Well for a limit of time. 10 years max in the KKM the I'm outta here.
Call me kalut as much u want, "SEKALUT KALUT AKU", I GET MY JOB DONE.

The experiment for a fashion lover stuck in science (dentistry) is now a SUCCESS.

faces of satisfactions. DENTAL SCHOOL SURVIVORS.

29 who managed to sit for exam Out of 52 from the whole class.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


How to Buy Perfume Malaysia for Someone Else

Well, I must say it is a hard job but sometimes we just have to do it. There are times when we want to buy someone a fragrance for special holidays or birthdays. Again, it is a great choice but still it’s not the easiest thing to buy because you have to keep in mind that a scent will have different emotional ties for different people (and even you!). However sometimes you can feel your nose giving up in exhaustion after smelling dozen bottles of perfume! Well, let’s see some useful tips for buying a perfume for someone else.

1.    A good guiding principle is to have no fear! Perfumes are a very intimate gift that we can give to someone. People do not necessarily have only one signature scent because they can have different perfumes with multiple scents that they wear depends on their mood and occasion.

2.    Look at their style of dressing because how someone dresses can tell a lot about their taste in perfume.

1.    As you go sniffing around at the counter, think about how each perfume might be personified and could work for the person you are buying for. With this you can figure out the personality of perfume easily.

2.    To make the process of buying easier, start by eliminating perfume categories that you know won’t work so you can get only the best fragrance.

3.    As packaging matters I would always go for great packaging because obviously it could be the perfect choice that is special!

If you are wondering where to buy nice perfumes, check out ZALORA as they offer a few selections of affordable perfumes for you to choose from. Both men and women can pick the perfume which seems to suit them and order them into your online shopping cart.

Friday, 20 February 2015


the meaning of success varies from different people.
some people just love to enjoy all the time without having a determined goal or priority.
but to me, i have my own definition of success.

to me, manage to fulfill the requirements on time is not my definition of success like what most of my colleagues strive for.
to me, fulfilling the requirements are only an obligation in studies. some people may feel stressed out to get it done on time. i called it "KERJA BURUH"

to me success is when u are able to do something that u are passionate about and strive for better future ahead.
to me success is when i am able to challenge myself to be in a position that i never expect to be and able to do something out of my capabilities.
in other words, majoring multiple fields.

success cannot be accomplished only by words, day dreaming and procrastinate however, the meaning of success is when u are able to ACT, WORK HARD and ENJOY in the journey of striving the life goal and stop thinking about quitting eventhough u had a very tough "root canal treatment".
(but i always though of quiting urgh)
this is our table clinic. we didnt win though.
however, we manage to make replicas of the ancient toothbrush
and presented the development of oral hygiene practices since the Paleolithic.
and that was a huge success for us.
good feedbacks from the lecturers regarding our presentation were very overwhelming.
sometimes winning an award or nobel prize doesnt reflect that we are successful.
it is the satisfaction towards what are we working for determines the meaning of success.