Friday, 25 December 2009

bad year end..huuuuuu~

alkisah,,, i ws like wearing this yellow ribbon wedges
from my place to the hostel tht i bought last time in TS w my troops.
i placed it on the rack. well it's hidden. not really ovrlooked by ppl who walk pass by my room.
when i woke up this morning at 8, the wedges' still on the rack.
but aftr i took bath at 9.30, TA-DA!, it's gone!!!!!
i'm so pissed!!!! it is the best n most comfrtable shoe i hd evr had! and it's hard to find.
i found the exact shoe before on the internet but quite costly.
i shouldnt left it outside.
yeah. my fault i guess.
* RIP to Ms.yellow ribbon. zaf'll be missing u always. thnx fr being w me.. n thnx fr making me 3 inch taller..heheheheh
another bad things happen to me..>
for the pass few days, i got infection inside my left eye. mcm ketimbik camtu.arrgghhh!!
hate it.
it's getting bigger now.. thnk god im currently in my midsem break.wwoooohooo!
so soon huh. tau xpe..heheh
so i went to the clinic. get some pills n cream fr the infection.
hopefully it'll shrink by tomorrow cuz i'll be off to KB!! by plane.
xley r ngorat steward airasia..hahahahahah.jk.
oh yes. the pharmacist gave me this antibiotic.
i didnt say tht i hd allergy fr some of the antibiotics. cuz if i do, i didnt noe it's name.
so i took one.
rite not my face n body getting itchy. oh my....
what a bad bad year end..

Thursday, 17 December 2009

indian pashmina.wee

* these are the pashminas. unique colours.
my mom went to India w my dad.
my dad got a conference there while my mom juz nk mkn angin.hehe.
my mom said that it's hard to find the ones that i like.
these are the best she can find.
well it's ok. not bad design though.i like it.
as for the stripey blue, my mom said tht she ws about to buy another one in pink
but the tourist guide ws like rushing my mom to get back to the hotel i guess
so she didnt take it.=(.huuuu~
plus anthr reason is becuz of the fabric.
as u can see, the fabric's quite thick but not actually. ok r.
it's quite rough. so she thought tht i might not liking it.
but actually i do!!! melepas plak.huuuhu
btw, TQ MAMA!heheh


FUH last week i went to SACC mall. n as usual, stop by at Bonita.hehe.
70% off for the handbags wey.!! the actual price's 129rm.
so after discounts, it's only for 30.99rm!!!!!
it's hard to believe. so i asked the nyah. " apsal murah sangat?".
so she/he said " nak abiskan stock la.."
i ws like thinking. should i buy it? berulang kali ku mundar mndir dpn Bonita.hehe
it hard to get thought. plus got a lot of great designs!!
not to mention, Bonita's hiring mak nyah pule.
there's this one scary mak nyah
w grey contact lenses who promoted me this bag.haha freako.
mak nyah2 skalipun, i like her/his service more than
real women. they're well mannered.hehe.
patut malu dow gadis sejati sekalian..hehehe~
* this is it. it's pink, silky, gorgeous n affordable. simply me.

so,marilah kite beramai2 serbu Bonita jom!!heheh.

juz now, Nany n Ain bought handbags from Bonita too.

OMG i thought of buying another one lah..heheh. Astrghfirullahhlazim..nafsu shopping.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

psycho about food..hehe

* i act just like a kid got candybars.
but juz a box of 3.
byk2 gemok larh!!

as u all noe,, i juz loveee big apple doughnuts..

so, i gone crazy with the tremendously delighted doughnuts.

i thought wanna get the Berry Bambi but then decided to get the Ceaser's Garden.

well it's quite similar w Berry Bambi cuz it got a strwberry on top of it.nyum!!

* mengorek lombong bijih timah!hahah!! cant wait to munch it in college. so i had a bite of Ceasar's Garden at Noodles Station.hehee

* tak sabar punye pasal, makan dgn sudu je laa..haha. mmg sgt tak senonoh.hee~

Saturday, 21 November 2009

back to schedule!!!

oh yeah!!! new semester!!! been waiting fr this towards the 7 weeks holidays!!!waarrhh!
glad to see all my friends back..
owh yess.
really goin to struggle to achieve 4.00 in my CGPA as i didnt get excel in my first semester.huu
it hd already been a week in my new semester.
got 2 new lecturers replacing Pn.Sabiha n Ms.Nisa which is Ms.Mardiana n Ms.Hamidah.
still Prof Md Arris n Pn.Mazhani are still goin to be my Physics n Biology lecturers.hmm.
owh shit i hate Physics. got 14 chpters overall fr this semester!!!aaahhhh!!
im goin to be dead meat!! ssh kot!!!
owh yes. as im so excited to go back to college, so i arrived 3 days earlier.hehee
and... bake come muffins!!!!

* this is orange flavour. bad attempt bcuz of wrong recipe.hehe.
blame the recipe!!!haha!

* bkn men ssh nk squeeze the oranges!!!
but the muffins doesnt taste so good..=[

* this is the best chocolate muffins i hd evr made!!!
i tastes really good!! like cookies.hehhee
baking is a really good expression when u 're excited bout something.
i guess im only good at chocolate cakes..
orite. fr this semester which is my last one,
already got a new determination fr myself to study real hard.
pursuing dentistry is my huge passion now..hee
pray fr mua!!!ammiinn..

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


first attempt in making a personal size pizza!
nk bwat besar2 oven tak muat lorh..hehee

the very first pizza tht i've baked.

well quite ugly fr the first bake cuz initially i placed it onto a large flat round tray.

i thought it'll fitted into the oven. but actually not.

so i had to transfer it into a mould tht used for baking cakes.haha.

i dont wanna wasted the dough tht i'd already stuff it up so the topping quite messy after being transferred..

these are the toppings.. oh yeah i use cheddar cheese

cuz i cant find any mozzarella cheese at the supermarket..hehe. but it still taste really good!!!

this is the 2nd pizza, after i made the first one.
i stuffed a lot of toppings.hehe.
so that it'll tastes better than the ones in Pizza Hut n Dominos!hahaah!
my family really do enjoy them.
my mom gave grade A fr my first attempt.yayy!!=)

Thursday, 29 October 2009

more story to come..vry coincidence one.

today i received a msg from Shamim, my ex classmate from high school.
i thought the class is goin to make a Reunion or something.
but it ws actually this.
shamim : hai zafira! ni shamim. awk, daniel mintak num awk kat kte.. nk bg ke??
mua : hai shamim! daniel who?? yg mne ni!?
shamim: kte pn xtau. da tnye dia tp dia juz ckp myb kte xpngh tgk dia..
mua : owh. alorh bg je r. alang2 cuti ni xbwt pape, bole la invstgate!haha!
shamim : ok2 hehe.
the the guy started to make miss calls. so i asked him,
mua : ni daniel ek. daniel mane r? so do u need anythng from me?
daniel : ni zafirah yew,, awk ad gne fon nokia5200 x?
mua : oh yeah.dulu. da jual. cmne awk tau?
daniel : sy la gne fon tu.. awk jual kat PAS kn? sry sy ad simpan gmbr awk..
then i reacted.. "owh shit! lupe nk delete gmbr!!!!! aaarhhh. cine xgne!! awat x delete gmbr ak!!!!! aaahh!! abis r!!"
hopefully he doesnt use my memory card
which i got my own personal private memory previously..
well he didnt. alhamdullillah..huh!
so i asked him to delete all my photos..
but he said he wanted to left only 1 photo of mine in his phone.
n i ws like "wht bloody hell is he goin to do w my photo now??"
so i asked him which photo is it?
it's a headshot photo which i wore a red t-shirt w a black hijap. thnk god i wore hijap.
im afraid if he got the pics of me tht i didnt wore hijap.hopefully not.
but im quite curious ,
hw he did he knows my name?
perhaps i put my name on the folder. i think.
quite scary..
i really not into friendship through smsing nih...
sgt fake.. i like reality much more..haha.
but this guy lorh kn, i mls nk lyn sgt r..
i dont even noe him..
pervert mane tah.ahahaahahaha.
jhtnye ak ni..!!!hehe
quite coincidence, though.
but juz look to the bright side, my old baby already got it's new owner!!!hehe
cpt btol laku fon ak tuh..hee~=]

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


owh muet muet... i'm glad the Speaking test is over..
attend my test at SMK Seksyen 7 this morning.. i met nobody from Uitm..arh!
only a bunch of org2 tua.. ppl older than me lah. like 20's, 23's..
there are 4 ppl in my group. 2 guys 2 girls. quite happy with my presentation. i dont get panicked at all. tht good..
i gt a huge confidence in myself while im in the room.
i proud with myself for being so calm for half an hour. well tht smthng rare happened to me..
as for task A, i didnt make any conclusion cuz i elaborated too much points i guess.
hopefully the examiner wont deduce my marks..
and as for task B.., well im quite excited discussing w othr candidates..
thnk god i didnt only sit down n doing nothing in the room.
i said this one point where the other candidates could not disagree w me after i opposed the
candidate A's opinion. ahhh.. i felt great! it ws like debating..haha!
hopefully i'll get band 5 in this test.. pray fr me u guys!!!

Friday, 16 October 2009

big apple big apple big apple

owh im craving fr big apple rite now!

from the menus, 3 of them are my fav...

each of the doughnuts i dscover them as my fav in diff situation.

first, THE ALIEN

found this delicate tempting chocolaty doughnut when i ws in... errrmmm.. i dont remember.

w my mom i guess.hee~ it ws like so much chocolate in it.. chocolate topping, chocolate filling,,,

wah! chocolate heaven dow!


i caught my eyes on this pink-so-like-mua doughnut while i ws- i mean WE, my troops n i were seeking for a place to break fast during last Ramadhan.

we didnt book at any restaurant. it's our fault for window shopping-ing as we got there initially..hee~. so we ws like running around. xtau mne nk buke. sume kdai penoh! absolutely fully booked.

so we end up breaking fast at BIG APPLE DOUGHNUTS.hah! so i met Berry Bambi then. totally in luv w it!

but ktorg not like meratah donut tu saje utk buke. we dine at Noodles Station pulak lah as it is, the place tht we planned to berbuke..huhu. da rojak jd bhs ak..

last stop, DUREN DUREN..

yeah durian. durian creme filling is juz so AMAZED me. it's juz like durian cheese cake only it's fried n cheese cakes doesnt. well some of the cheese cakes lah.

discover it after i finished my Chemstry extra class on Saturday n off to PAS w Lina my Kelatanese buddy to accompany her to buy her needs..

when u look at Duren Duren across the glass, u can feel the tremendous texture of the durian filling. owhh..

*simply seducing..heee~. reminds me of cekodok fav..

Thursday, 15 October 2009

the day i ws born

on 15th October 1991, there's this sweet little girl who stepped into this world by herself.heehe. yela kot.. it was in the winter in UK. her mother gave birth to her on the noon. 12 noon sharp. yes it's true. as she's different with the other British babies, accordng to her mother, nurses at the Singleton Hospital, UK ws like amazed with asian babies. well it's rare to hv asian babies ws givn birth in UK. and they love her hair becuz it ws like terpacak hahaha!
the baby is now mua.hehe. rite now, turning 18.
happy legal to mua...heee~

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

typical life

girls are defined as unused or old books by boys. at first, they bought it bcuz of the nice cvr and
interesting stories. they enjoyed it.. but then after weeks the book is no longer enjoyable. they
started to move to another interesting book in the bookstores or juz tossed the old book away

without knowing how hurts it can be.. ~by mua

believe me it's hard to find ur perfect match. once there's someone nice is madly in love with u, give him/her a chance. u'll regret it if u let them go.. as for married couples out there, appreciate ur partner plz.
hope i'll find my perfect match somewhere..ahaks!;] not until i finished my foundation..haha. n pursuing degree! pray for mua!
p/s: these are juz weird thoughts tht pop into my brain n trying expressed it out. it connected with the prob i
had before but in different situation..heee.. but still i hvnt learned my lesson yet haha..

Friday, 9 October 2009

like (not love) becomes hate.

as ppl r saying when we love someone it doesnt mean it would last forever..
unless the feelings doesnt start w love. but started w hate towards somebody.
yes thts wht happen to mua.
i started to like someone after i heard ppl r saying tht he likes me back.
yeah it does happen initially. but then after weeks the guy's feeling started to fade i guess cuz he thought tht i didnt respond. well i do.. it's juz tht i didnt show it off..
i got a huge egoistic in myself u see.
perhaps i forced myself to liking him cuz he is so nice, caring..BUT not a good muslim. he didnt perform the prayers vry well though.
i cant accept ppl who doesnt pray.
my heart is hard to accept tht kind of ppl. for me, it is vry crucial..VRY.
so i thought of him a vry good friend. only as friends. but he thinks otherwise.
i think so. tht's the problem.
perhaps he thinks tht i had a crush on him or something.
so juz now, his gf called me. at first, he ws like texting me. asking me 'wht up?'. but then it ws actually his gf's the one whose texting me.. so aphal? i not the whose into him so badly.
he's the one whose interested in me.. nk call2 plak mnah ni.. si mamat tu pn satu. ape kes dow? i thought of u as a friend. not more than tht.. so?
why's it she said, klu nk amik dia amik r..
HELL WHAT? i cant stand w misundrstanding.
think is huge bad understanding. so immature.
VRY IMMATURE PPL. dua2 ekor skali...ys.
i dont want to say rude things right now..trying to control my emotions.
is it necessary for his gf to call and mock like a bird? xde la mocking..hehe.
i thought he is a nice person. nice friend. but actually not. so it's not exactly started w love. it started w like becomes hate. i felt freaking hating him rite now KOT>
he is SOoOo jahat. perlu ke?? call2??
i not the one who always texting him. he's the one who started the sms not me...
rite now, i dont think so tht i wanted to go back to the campus.
i had to face him again for another half a year.oh man....
thnk god we're nt in the same tutorial,,,
get him out of my sight plz!~ arghh! why's he so bad!?
ya Allah berikanlah aku kekuatan untuk menghadapi hidup ini dgn lebih tabah.
jauhkanlah aku dari manusia2 yg hanya ingin mempermainkanku..
berikanlah aku petunjuk agar dapat mengejar cita2
ku yang juga merupakan impian kedua ibubapaku..
dan berikanlah aku lebih ramai sahabat yg lebih menyayangi ku
dan tidak mempergunakanku
namun aku bersyukur dgn rakanku skrg...amin..

Thursday, 8 October 2009

love story...hihi

ku pernah punya cinta namun kini ku sedang suka kamu
cintaku dulu tlah kubuang jauh kini ku ingin kamu
ku pernah menyendiri di sini ku akan terasa sepi
walaupun bibir penuh gelak tawa namun hatiku sepi

jangan bilang tidak bila kita belum mencoba
siapa yang tahu akan sama hatimu dan juga hatiku
banyak yang bercinta bertahun-tahun putus juga
kuharapkan dengan dirimu walaupun singkat pendekatan
cinta kita kan abadi

ku pernah punya cinta namun kini ku sedang suka kamu
cintaku dulu tlah kubuang jauh kini ku ingin kamu

jangan bilang tidak bila kita belum mencoba
siapa yang tahu akan sama hatimu dan juga hatiku
banyak yang bercinta bertahun-tahun putus juga
kuharapkan dengan dirimu walaupun singkat pendekatan
cinta kita kan abadi
ku pernah punya cinta namun kini ku sedang suka kamu
cintaku dulu tlah kubuang jauh kini ku ingin kamu

jangan bilang tidak bila kita belum mencoba
siapa yang tahu akan sama hatimu dan juga hatiku
banyak yang bercinta bertahun-tahun putus juga
kuharapkan dengan dirimu walaupun singkat pendekatan

jangan bilang tidak waktu dicium aku bingung
namun dada ini bergetar makanya sungguh aku mohon
jangan bilang tidak

mua: sweet..

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

memories from the 1st semester

im goin to miss my life in college! i hd nvr live in a hostel bfore so it's quite fun hving ppl all ovr M'sia to be friends w. i love my life rite now. bttr thn high school. dont wanna go back to high school plz!!! dont ask why. i have my own reasons..
along this 1st semester i hung out alot w my friends, classamtes... we had once, went out to break fast at section 7 near the uitm... and we went there by foot. ys. best kot jln ramai2..hehe. n quite humiliating. ppl ws like staring at us cuz we ws like buat rombongan cik kiah or something. all the boys went out earlier i guess. we planned to meet up at DC but then it doesnt work out as planned.

* sgt kelakar kot. barisan pnjg! bdk 2 org ni lead ktorg.hehe!

* ni time nak cross the road to the Restoren RS. buke kdai mamak jela ktorang.. seyesly la kn, mcm kanak2..haha.

* burbbb.. kenyang da.. this's all my classamtes .the other row is the boys of aspiF.. while i ws eating, bole plak ade org maen2 mate dgnku.. tension btol. blasah bru tau.hehe.

thts the end of breaking fast w my classmates,n now w my beloved roommates!! ktorg ws like a couple of times break fast at Station Kopitiam sec.7. the place's quite cozy, quiet, like there's nobody in but us. therefore, ktorg pn conquer la! tngkp2 gmbr...etc. the food's quite good though. the manager pn mcm dah knl ktorg..hehe.

* mereke suke membuliku!!!!~heppie times.

* comey2 belake..hehe. lagi2 tdg pink tu ek..hehe.jk. from left, Ezaty,mua,Ain,Nannie plus thira.

hopefully my 2nd semester in ASPIF which is my last sem would hv been much more fun n triumph. hope we can graduate together n not repeat sem. Not to mention, gain more relationship..amin...

adapted from the boys in ASPIF..

our last day bfore study week n raya, some of girls in AspiF wore jubah. i hd no idea tht they planned it. it ws Friday. well most Fridays i wore jubah so i ws like joining the club accidently..hehe.
we looked like a bunch of girls just got back from umrah..haha. quite funny. it ws like a practical joke bfore final exams.on the same day, we hd to attend a Physics test n Physics class for 4hours!
i noe! it's insane. my brain starts to burst like rite now!
this is the pic of the girls who juz got back from the middle east...hihi.jk

* from left mua, Tajul, Fatin, Diah, Kiki, Amnor.. mcm nk nyanyi nasyidla pulak..hehe. i looked like a weird dork!!haha.

woohOOoo!im done w finals!!! cuti sem bebeyh!

juz finished my final exam, last ppr, physics a couple days ago. yeah, quite difficult. dont think so tht i can score an A w tht.
im quite lost rite now. afraid of not getting to dentstry..hmph.
but as for rite now, i can think about tht later, and enjoy for a month semster break! earlier thn u guys!hahah.
still i dunno wut am i goin to do now.. bosan kot dok umah.
if im thinking of reading smething for the nxt sem, xtau plak topik ape for..the topics r undecided yet. perhaps i'll asked the fastracks..
while im in college there's this student who sells korean dvds. so i bought one for only 5bucks! cte SangdOo Let's Go To School.. so im thinking of marathoning tht series.yay!
hopefully i'll get great results in this 1st sem cuz im not celebrating raya for 2years already okey... only the 1st day of raya i went to open houses but then the 2nd day, back to my schedule..huh. quite exausting lah exams2 ni... so pray for my success ea u guys!!!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

goodbye my frens.... leavin me alone..

here, in Uitm, we had this special bond where we were so much closer to each other. one of my roommates is bout to fly to Egypt for her Degree in Pharmacy in Mansoura University. her name is Athirah. she's bdk Terengganu. well rommates kn. so we spent most of our times together. live in hostel is a great way to get to know other ppl's real colours.. so i 'd known her vry well in juz a few months.. hopefully she'll be happy in Egypt. and to Thira, my Baby Cat, if u'r readin this, take care. dont evr2 forget me..

* thira is the one who wore the pink shirt.

so not to mention, 2 of my classmates are goin to fly to China for their Degree in Mandarin jgk.! it's Wa n Najah. they both r heading to the same University n i didnt ask them which one la plak..
so the nite bfore Najah is goin to return to her hometown in Kedah, thank god i got a chance to talk to her a lil bit n took a pic. she is so generous to lend me her expensive Campbelle Biology reference book as she not goin to use it anymore. she is so sweet... so Wa n Najah.., take care ea. China tu byk babi.. jage makan korang.. hehe

* this is Najah. one the right. dlm kenangan..

ending of the 1st semester..

im about to end my 1st semester in Foundation. my final Exams in juz a few weeks!
this is the 2nd year i cant celebrate raya with lots of happiness bcuz of the exams!
arghh!!! my mom said tht my dad wont give me a car after i completed the foundation if i cant pursue my studies to dentistry!
but i still can remember tht he used to say tht he'll give a car after i completed the foundation.
he didnt mention about the dentstry thingy.. huh.
perhaps he wanted me to work hard for my exams. how clever. so my final exams start on 29th till 4th october. so wish me luck u guys!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

bye bye my baby n hellOooo Ms.WandaWong

* dalam kenangan.. my baby.. may rest in peace.

okey. jangan cuak k. my baby stands for my lovely precious previous phone. it's the hot pink leopard print w diamonds, remember? after the last 3 years staying by my side, waking me up, calling2, texting2.. i miss her. however, i replaced her w another brand new Sony 3G phone! at last! i've been waiting for so long! yes. 3G je. im not a demanding person. it aint expensive, though. i traded the phone w my baby for rm70. well she's old n not well function. jatuh tangge la.. mcm2.
not to mention the camera, 3.2 mp! much more better thn my previous phone. so. say hello to Ms. Wandah Wong! dont ask why i put that name. it's betwn me n my troops in college.

* hello, im Wandah Wong. u can call me Wendy.

actually, i wanted to decorate Wendy a bit w diamonds n stuff as i always do, cuz it looks so boring n cliche. i dont wanna be cliche. i wanna be unique. but it's still a new born. so sayang lah. perhaps later.
i juz lovin it till death tear us apart.hehe

Monday, 10 August 2009

times square!!

on 8th August i'm off to TS to shop! as we, the foundation students had already received our allowances! rm1000!
so i ws like pretty excited till i didnt realize tht i had spent over rm300 in 1 week! i ws like uncontrollably. mcm shopaholic plak. so i decided to wujudkan this cash book so tht i can write all my daily spending. actually i had an intention to do it since evr, but kept forgetting till i spent a massive amount of cash.
so back to times square. me, Thirah n Ain cant wait to buy checkerboard blouses as ppl were saying tht TS's extremely affordable n cheap! all of us decided to wear checkerboards on Thursdays. so i bought a green n red checkerboard shirt, a turquoise t-shirt, checkerboard phone strap n a black straight cut jeans. yeah checkerboards. i juz lOoOve checkerboards!
i thought i wanna go to Capsquare for the Dig-it-all festival. BUNKFACE is goin to be there!
and... they opened a store at the festival but unfortunately i had to get back to college by 5 as the LRT's goin to be as packed as SARDINE!-soon. so melepaslah hajat.
tata Bunkface. i'll always love u!

while i ws walking n walking throughout the mall, i found this extremely colourful checkerboard backpack! it is so gorgeous! luckily, im out of cash! there's only 10 bucks left in my wallet. so i dont have to spend for something i dont need. well i watched Confession of the Shopaholic so i learnt my lesson okeyh...
as im busy w my studies, i'll post out the pics laterlah. my final exam's goin to be in juz a few weeks! wish me luck. hopefully i'll get 4.00 and get to pursue my studies in dentistry or pharmacy. yes. pharmacy is now my second choice.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

my hot wedge sandals!

they arrived after days waiting, i thought the Lush Serendipity made a mistake through the address or something. but hey! it arrived yesterday at noon. owh yeah, my gladys both da putus one stripe. so bought this from Lush.

* the hot wedge sandals. cant wait to wear it. n susssh.. my mom didnt noe bout it..

say hello to baby Alia!

on 17th July 2009 my sister had already gave birth to a baby girl, 'Alia Sabrina. i noe it had been weeks n i baru cakap sekarang? it's juz cause by the bad internet server n not so cute pic of babyAlia tht i took. so finally i managed to take this one cute pic of hers.

* u see, she had this chinese look. at 1st, i thought tertukar baby ke ape haha!

seriously lah kn, she's the nicest baby i'd evr met. she rarely cried like the othr babies does. when my Bibik put on the drypers, take her bath, she didnt cried or screamed like a crazy monkey at all! good Alia good.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

mid-sem break..

yeah break for a week for asasi students. cause by the H1N1 virus, the other students of diploma n degree are taking break along. no one is able to step into the Uitm induk campus for a week.
so i decided to use these 1 whole week to make notes as i normally did last time. hopefully i can improved myself. not to mention, homework maths! MASYAALLAH! BAPAK BANYAK! thanks to Miss Nisa for helping us kalut dengan Maths during our mid~sem break. and... i forgot to take my Math textbook from college! thank god Shiken brought along her book n she lives in shah alam! at least there's someone i noe tht lives in town.
omg.. im so stressed out rite now..
and i need a new phone! Abang, when are u goin to bring home to me the phone tht i want??

Saturday, 25 July 2009

tension studying.

i dont know what am i going to do with my life, what am i going to be in 10 years time. Am i going to be a dentist which my parents want me to be, or it is a fashion designer where i desired since ever. i really do love art than science. i love to make ppl happy by designing clothes for ppl or being a stylist, making ppl looks even better, rises their confidence. that's what i do apart of my time in college. however, im studying science where i had to learn biology, maths, chemistry n physics(bloody hell, i hate physics). that's why i love to wear pretty n comfortable clothes (for me) to class cuz i dont what to rise my tenseness trying to understand what the heck is the lecturer mumbling about.
i'm so amazed looking at my friends got higher marks than me in their tests. im so ashamed with myself with them n not to mention my parents. i dont really want to let them down. but sometimes the make even more tense. im thinking of pursuing my studies in dentistry after completed the foundation. the reason is because dentistry's considered like art for me (and satisfying my parents) cuz i can also make ppl happy by furnishing, whitening, altering their teeth to get better results, better looks. n doesnt involved death hopefully. that why i cant be a doctor cuz im not a calm, skillful, cautiously person. i could easily get traumatic if i am the reason of someone's death. if i cant study fashion, at least i can do something in science that can satisfy other ppl. thank god i didnt accept the offer that i get to pursue my studies at Mansoura Uni in Egypt. well i cant get great results in Malaysia so what would i expect to happen in Egypt then.
last time, i sat for my tests. i got hysterically bad result in Biology. it's not like i didnt study. it's juz that im studying in the last minute. so it became chaos. well as u can see in my Spm results, im so dumb in biology n physics. so tense.
i really need someone extremely genius to guide me in improving my study skills. perhaps my lecturers? one of my friends? even my parents dont really help me up! how am i goin to survive in the world flooded with humongous amount of geniuses. i wonder how did they studied..
am i still in 'malas' syndrome? 'beranganbanyaksangat' syndrome.?
someone shoot n help me up plz.

*this is mua. fooling around in the discussion room while the others' studying..

this week we had our last lab session for Biology, Physics n Chemistry for part 1. yeah! im so relieved.
so we took some pics during our biology lab n the experiment tht we did is about urine! n from the actual human's urine. it's sOo gross! believe me. it is. the odour's madness after being heated in the water bath. well im not really participated in the experiment. juz being the 'makcik cuci'. washing the test tubes from the experiment n stuff n of coz im wearing gloves.!
as for Anem, the future doctor, is the one who's eager filling the urine in the test tubes n stuff..
n as for me juz being an observer who's only knows to make wacky faces.

* yeah tht's me. in the middle.

lab sessions are the only time i felt quite cozy n relaxed cuz i dont really have to think so much! unlike the times i'd lectures n tutorial classes.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

our last chemistry lab.

'Sadly' on 21st July was our last chemistry lab. everyone was thrilled! our lecturer was like excited gler nk amik gambar. n as for me, happie jugak. as u can see, i looked like a rockstar in a lab coat. check out my sneakers if u can.. yeah, flats. no heels or wedges allowed.

these ARE not the whole class though. juz half of the Tutorial 1 only.

* from left is 'Aisyah, Anem, Lyn, Puan Sabiha our lecturer, Lina, mua n Bid.

* from left Jawa aka Danial, Robin aka NurHafiz, Ismail the kayu~no offence, Wa, n Omar. these 5 prias are the only guys in Tutorial 1. How pathetic.hahaha!

alhamdulillah we'd finished our lab session. hopefully, our time's not as packed as bfore.

stylist in me.

i get my frens wore my clothes. they looks so adorable. 1st, Fad borrowed my orange white polka dot blouse where i altered it cuz it ws my mom's in the 80's. Fad looked dazzling on it, match it up with a black obi belt which is also mine. however i dont have the pic so i cant show it to u guys la.
on the same day, lyn n anem wore my blouses too! both i bought from Jakarta. they looked nice on it. Lyn should've match the violet blouse up with a skirt.

*the stylist pon nak enterframe gak..hehe

*anem's in the red blouse. Lyn's in the violet blouse.

Friday, 19 June 2009

where the heck is the kipas angin?

this is what we are.. everyday, rite after step into class, berkipas memanjang! the Chinese opera singer looking's 'Aisyah. n the middle's Anem.
n as for mua, bag pon blum ltk lgi!
we kinda sit at the back most of the time. other ppl(girls) entah camne arrived earlier!
while the Perindu residents(boys), mentang2 kolej's juz nearby, bole dtg lambat sesuke ati!
it is so unfair that girls get the most far far away kolej(Melati) from the FSG(applied science faculty).
well i still cant get used of my class. hopefully i do. SOON.
oh yeah. about mr.talldarknhandsome, i cant lie to myself tht i have to forget him. it's too painful seeing him w a fren of mine getting more intimate.
but the truth is, i juz adore his figure. i am! no lie! he's so tall n fit. n felt protected when standing behind him. that's all. about me fancies him is juz something fun to do. well life is short n boring.
better filled up the space.
p/s:im still not admiring anyone rite now.

to be continued..

Thursday, 11 June 2009

weeks in college

*welcome to my dorm.. left frm the front's mine

it is quite a different environment for me. all my roomates got different classes. but it's a good thing actually cuz we can explore more bout other ppl n not juz the ppl tht we only know..

on my first day of class. SESAT! uitm's humongous thank god i've known some other friends who have the same condition as i am.. not to mention, everyday, pegi kelas bermandikan peluh!! we had to take the bus to go to the faculty applied science n sometimes nk jadi sardin cuz bus packed sgt. n, duet lagi... i spent a lot of cash since i've been here!

so far, my classmates okey2 jela.. not as good as my other roomates who have classmates yg gile2... yg girls sume macam still malu2.. as for guys bising nak mampoS! but not that bad, agak lawak la.. diorg ws like lawan2 accent.. hopefully my class wont be as boring as before. here's my space in my dorm.

* agak messy for a teenage girl like me. what would u expect!?? culture shock!
well i got my junkie, bucket, pillowS, bags (2 at least), shoes (4 at least), indoor slippers..etc.

* as u can see, tunggang langgang! ada rak, x nak ltk kasut! there's whitidy, jaring flats of mine. yang laen i kept it under my bed. takot kene curi weyh! there's a fren of mine, someone stole her sneakers on the first week she'd been here!
i cant wore high heels or wedges in uitm cuz jalan berbukit2! kalu nk mati awal bolela pakai slalu.. i had to sacrifice a bit. i miss u guys!

* closet's freaking small! i cant put all my clothes! these are juz half of it. it is not juz a closet! it's also a space where all our stuff should be kept. including notebook, bags, food..etc

* i'm not proud of my matrik card. juz wanna poyo to announce myself as a university student!. my photo's agak cubby r!

if u guys asked about love, i've found someone i like! but im still single. let me describe bout his character a bit. he's tall, dark n handsome! sgt ke?hehe. however, dgr2 dia ada gossip ngn my fren.. xtau r..=( but i dont care, though. she's my fren. if he's the best for her, let it be. fyi, he is NOT my classmate.

to be continued..

Thursday, 28 May 2009

1st weeeek at uitm!

yeah. must be excited huh? but the 1st week's quite freaking exhausted. everyday ceramah bebey! ktorg dahla xcukup tdo. ble denga ceramah terlentok banyak kali!

thnx to Amira Farhain for helping us(ezaty n me) getting the same room.

i made some new friends like Ain from k.jaya, Hunny from kajang, Thirah frm T'ganu, 'Aisyah from PJ, Ummi from not sure tak tnye, anotr Aisyah from Johore, n sape tah lagi.. adelah bbrp lagi hamba Allah..

when i get along w them, i was like jadi kepoh gler. mcm quite extream. kept talking so loud! not too loud. dlm bilik jer. ezaty xya ckp lah.
ysterday i got to noe wht class am i goin to attend. all of us got diff. class. well i got class ASPIF.
but i saw 'Aisyah's name on the list of ASPIF. yay! but unfortunately i dont have her num.damn it! it's ok. i still gonna meet her soon rait? i can make more friends though.
about the room tht i get. the room quite unexpected. the cupboard's too small! i brought a lot of clothes! n had to sumbat it in a small space!
about the orientation. the programmme leader, the one who entertains us in the hall is so tremendous. he knows how to make us entertained w him. he was like gler slamber n funny. there's this one time he laugh like a vampire girl! so hilarious. his trademark's sweet..sgt! becuz,, he kept saying the word in a very annoying tone!
n the rest of the orientation is quite boring bcuz of sleeping disorder.
so tht's all i guess. i'll update more as i enter my 1st class on monday.
hopefully it's goin to be a hit! amin..

Friday, 22 May 2009

tomorrow's the day!

gonna off to uni to pursue my studies in foundation in science programme in uitm shah alam and'll be checkin in tomorrow.! the good thing is, ezaty's goin to be there either! she's decided quiting matrix on the 3rd day she'd been there n got back here on the 8th day. yeah it does happen. her dad help her out getting the same programme as i am. cool huh? in juz a few days her dad can make tht happened. ye la.. org kuat uitm..
so then again, we'll be studying together since evr. seriously ktorg was like ada jodoh in friendship. i thought like after high school nih we wont be studyng together. jugak time lepas upsr, i'd move to sec.9 from sec.7 school but then a few months later, she's moving along cuz she got some crisis w the a teacher from 7. miracle huh.
so then mira help us out getting the same room in our hostel. yeah. she can.
so the 3 of us'll be in the same room!yay!
hopefully i wont wake up late cuz i always do although i'd set the alarm. well i always had great dreams where i dont wanna miss it.heh.
so wish me luck in my future u guys!
perhaps i wont be posting much as im gonna be vry busy aftr this.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


picnicing for our last gathering as some of us are leaving for matrix. we did potluck.
before that i went to mira's place. nk hang out jap n maen dgn Baby! Baby's a cat.
*she's so adorable! n she's looking at Mira so that she'll stay still.

ppl x ramai pon datang picnicing. nabelle's nasi goreng banyak tak habis. but it's quite nice. i thought nak bwk balik ckit but my mom's in a hurry..
i brought pasta mayonnaise. it's boiled pasta mixed w mayonnaise along w tuna, potatoes n green apples. it's gOoOd! n it's my first time i made them.
well my aunt used to make those along time ago n i still can remember the taste.
these are some of the pics tht i took.

*dilla n nuhHaha

* jom MAKAN!

* the last pic bfore i left.but a few seconds later, ezaty bru datng.. lame xjmpe.

miracle had happened..

it is so weird that when i check the application status in the uitm website, i got the asasi sains programme! i cant believe it! based on the upu results, i got something else but then i got asasi sains as said in the uitm offer letter. so i should refer to tht rait? such a miracle. perhaps my mom did solat hajat. or my dad. i guess so. im not sure myself.
why is it weird stuff kept happening to me?
am i weird? my mom did say tht.*ahaks!
here's the letter. nk poyo jap. permisi..

thnx god kat shah alam je! im so sorry to those yg dpt jauh2..(for those yg xske)hihi..there's some of my friends got the same course as i am. n i dont really who they're.. ramai sgt ma.. wht do u expect me to remember!?

seriously i had to work very hard starting frm now on. no more play2, no more pikir nk shopping, enjoy je..


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

the results

last week i got the upu results. unfortunately i didnt get what i want. i got food tech in uitm but hoping tht it ws asasi sains.
my mom dont really like the course(food tech). yes, my mom. but i dont really care if i dont get tht asasi sains. i still can survive w food tech rait? i think so. she said food tech graduate ssh dpt keje. it is? tahla.
so rait now she's trying to merayu to the ket.bhgn pengambilan peljr which she'll be meeting him in person nxt Monday so tht i can change my course.
seriously, i dont really know how's my future's going to be.
pray for me u guys!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Jakarta shopping mania!

i juz got back from Jkarta last nite. pretty exhausted. well me n my mom keep shopping all day right aftr we step out of the plane while my papa n my lil bro lepak kat hotel je.
the mall's vry near to our hotel so we can juz walk by foot to get there.
i brought rp.1300000 from my working paycheck to shop for clothes for mua wearing to college soon. here's the clothes tht i bought. but some of them i'd worn n washed it.

*the pink shirt w sunflower buttons' my fav.

oh yeah i also bought this Chanel bag which i ws like looking for the cheap ones like crazy n finally got one! im about to buy the yellow ones but the colour's way toO shocking. n tht's the Paris Hilton perfume. it smells FABULOUS!

shoes shoes shoes! yeah, i bought a couple of flats. gladys. but there're super STEAL.! i got those in very low price compared to the ones in M'sia.. not to mention the pink wedges! i got it for only rm20!!! when i saw the wedges, i was like running out of cash so i ws looking for the money changer to buy it. still. my mom's quite angry w me cuz i ws like sesat kat mall while looking for the money changer n made my mom waiting too long. but sape tak gile kalau ade wedges for juz rm20, rait??

*meet blakidy, whitidy n pinges.~uh weird names.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

the crowd

in this remarkable world, im sure everyone wants to have someone tht they wanted to trust, to have someone to talk to rait? tht is called a friend.
im not in dillema rait now. juz wanted to express wut hd happened around me.
as a friend, kte kenela care about other friend rait. we'd to watch our tougue to not say bad things about ppl tht would also make them offended. on the spot. for exmple mcm, X tetibe marah Y ble Y said something juz bcuz X arent agree w Y. mcm arguing yg berterusan. Y juz made a random talk n X tetibe pissed mcm kuatkan suara, mara2. if u guys nak make friends with ppl, socialize, dont be too aggresivelah. but it is so weird that a person'll only be nice to her/his konon true friend. is it so hard to be nice to other ppl as well?
well, i cant stand with ppl tht kept offending other ppl's feelings. i nvr did tht to them either, though. it made me blow off! it ws like they didnt appreciate ppl around them. also tell bad stuff about their friends n make the pretend face when meet them. what a backstabber. sometimes when u're juz fooling around w them, tetibe dia jd sensitive semacam. mara2. jerit2 dpn org ramai. u guys sure malu if ur partner did tht rait? i mean, wtf?
ppl are juz maen2.. bkn serious mane.
stuff like these really does exists. ppl in my age, im sure they're mature enough to think about what's good n bad. n what's RATIONAL. ppl like this mmg n TAK rational. bajet diorg tu PERFECT laa.. RELIGIOUS.. tp mengumpat kawan sndiri jgk through the words..wtevr.
i really do hoped tht i wont meet w this kinda ppl.(bitch,heartless,inappreciable,ovrsensitivity)
~kalau nk sensitive pon, bertempatlah.
thnk god i've a destiny with a friend tht i'd known since elementary. though we're in different directions to achieve our precious dreams..
n to the crowd out there, if u like to offend ppl, stop it lah.
plz change.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

im a grown up now..

from this second, i felt so relieved tht i'd finished school. no more school uniforms!yeah! well, i dont really like school where we have to wake up early evry morning, attend the assemblies, walk to class, preparing for exams, 'bodek2' cikgu nk markah lebey..etc
not to mention ppl around me. full of hypocrisy. well im not pointing to anybody.~it rhymes!
truthfully, im quite happy with my life rite now..
i worked while waiting for my spm results n the results juz okokla.. earned some money, meet new ppl. no worries.
my mom's reaction towards me pon da quite different. when i bought something like shoes, bags~mcm boros gler, my mom ws like not really get mad. usually bfore this, she kept nagging at me for being such a waste. well i always shop behind her back. i mean i asked my dad for some cash n hilangkan diri for an hour, then bounced back to them with some stuff~slalunye time g shopping malllah.
nowadays, she dont even care tht i shop on9 ke.. shopping on9 kn kinda risky so i thought she would have pissed. but she's not.. despite the fact that mother's love is her nag.huhhu
tp kdg2 adela mara..
hopefully, i'll have a much more better life while entering uni.. ppl were saying tht life in school n uni are bizarrely different.
how bizarre is it going to be?
but still. im afraid tht i cant focus in my studies bcuz of my shopaholic n shoessaholic disease.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

57 Girl Confessions

1. Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead?
2. A big poofy dress or a short party dress?
3. What would you do if you received a long love letter?
read it word by word
4. Group dates or single dates?
5. Do you hate it when guys act different around their friends?
yeah. awkward.
6. Are diamonds a girl’s best friend?
not for mua. shoes are my bff!
7. Is your hair up or down today?
up up n awy!
8. Do you straighten your hair?
mine are naturally straight
9. Favorite mascara?
currently dont wear any mascara. ezaty took it.
10. Do you get your nails done?
noO! but i want to!
11. Small or large purses?
can i say medium?
12. In your purse, what are your must haves?
cellphone, wallet, eyeliner, earphone, tissuepaper
13. Jeans or sweats?
jeans bebeyh
14. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that’s uncomfortable?
nvr. if it's not comfy, so dont wear them lah!
15. Do you text message a lot?
no crdt, no texting
16. What would you do if you got pregnant?
stay at home craving for food
17. What’s your favorite color?
18. Heels or flats?
heels la weyh!
19. Did you ever cry during a romantic movie?
20. Would you ever leave the house without make-up on?
21. Walmart or Target?
22. Do you wear collared shirts?
yup. but not really into it.
23. Do you like preppy boys?
24. Do you think lip gloss is the best!?
25. Do you own any big sunglasses?
of coz! but i break one of them which i only wore it trice.
26. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
half an hour at least
27. Do you like to wear band-aids?
28. Do you like skater boys?
not really. poyo.
29. Do you often wish there was something you could change?
30. Gold or silver?
31. Do you like to receive flowers?
no! way too romantic.
32. Do you like surfer boys?
33. Do you dress up for the holidays?
34. Do you like to wear dresseses?
not really. im fat!
35. On a scale of 1-10 how much do guys confuse you?
36. In the last 48 hours have you hung out with a guy?
37. Would you date a guy shorter than you?
hope not!
38. Do you like to hold hands?
i prefer crossed arms
39. What is the youngest you would date?
dont care!
40. What is the oldest you would date?
41. What do you notice when you first meet a guy?
the face
42. Is it hott when guys sweat?
hell no!gross.
43. What is the best feature in a guy?
44. Do you like making eye contact?
no. it turns my face into a red tomato.
46. Would you kill for chocolate?
47. Did you ever spend all day/night getting pretty for a guy?
not yet~
48. On a scale from 1-10 how fun is shopping?
i'd no idea hw to use the scale but i love shopping!!!!
49. Do you freak out if you miss your favorite show?
of coz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
50. Do you yell a lot?
51. Do you wear sweatpants/pajamas to school/work?
52. Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy?
53. Do you write a lot of mushy love poems?
im not tht drama queen
54. What makeup could you not live w/ out?
lip gloss
55. Do you fall in love easily?
unfortunately yes
56. Do you have cramps?
sometimes when im too excited/laugh a lot.
57. Do you think you have the bestest friend ever?

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

5 characteristics of your dream guy?
  • cool, smells fresh
  • fun personality but still not insane.( i meant guys tht laugh so loud in frnt of the crowd)
  • got The Beetle's haircut. the fringe on the forehead lah!~tht's hot
  • not skinny but not too plump (kire like fitlah).
  • caring, gentleman n not a womanizer
5 characteristics that you have never like in a guy?
  • laugh like the monkeys in mental institution in front of the crowd.
  • too skinny
  • bad hygiene as in baju busuk, tak mandi, korek idung~ieww. plz. not in front of me!
  • offending ppl with fat ass..etc(their physical appearance)
  • empty wallet all the time.(gentlemanlah ckt)
5 feelings that you have when you’re out with the one you admire?
  • amazingly delighted n felt lovable!~starts to control my actions
  • aahah! butterflies starts dancing in my stomach of coz!
  • starts to blush when he starts to talk to me.~normally 1st dates lah
  • try to not look through his eyes avoiding my face turned into a red tomato.~but not so obviouslah(normally 1st dates gak)
  • at the same time, berangan psal cite korea pnyer love story ..haha!
5 places that you want to travel with your loved one?
  • i'll say Korea for honeymoon.!
  • Rome~mua interested with the history of rome
  • Swansea, UK.~the place where i born
  • Indonesia~shopping weyh!
  • Makkah~haji,umrah
5 things that you would give to your loved one?
  • love
  • time for us
  • own space
  • my homemade cookies, cupcakes
  • a pink shirt with our names on it, stitch by mua
5 songs that you will sing to your partner?
  • im yours
  • aku pasti datang
  • make u mine
  • destiny
  • teardrops on my guitar
5 friends that you want to tag?

for the first time, i shop online!

i'd ordered this amazing and loving Chanel-inspired Bow-knot Oxfords from A Girls Wardrobe despite the fact that it is almost a 4inch heels!
at first, i thought my papa wont let me bought it cuz i'd already bought a lacoste-look alike wedge last month. i guess he didnt realise.. fortunately, he let me take it home.! well not literally. so many things to be settled with the seller..
so i asked papa to transfer the money to Christina(the owner of A Girls Wardrobe) by texting him. but no replies. he's busy i guess. hopefully he'll transfer it within today so that i can get my baby tomorrow!!
i cant wait. i bet the oxfords is worth every cent. if not, i'll be in a serious disappointment..