Thursday, 28 May 2009

1st weeeek at uitm!

yeah. must be excited huh? but the 1st week's quite freaking exhausted. everyday ceramah bebey! ktorg dahla xcukup tdo. ble denga ceramah terlentok banyak kali!

thnx to Amira Farhain for helping us(ezaty n me) getting the same room.

i made some new friends like Ain from k.jaya, Hunny from kajang, Thirah frm T'ganu, 'Aisyah from PJ, Ummi from not sure tak tnye, anotr Aisyah from Johore, n sape tah lagi.. adelah bbrp lagi hamba Allah..

when i get along w them, i was like jadi kepoh gler. mcm quite extream. kept talking so loud! not too loud. dlm bilik jer. ezaty xya ckp lah.
ysterday i got to noe wht class am i goin to attend. all of us got diff. class. well i got class ASPIF.
but i saw 'Aisyah's name on the list of ASPIF. yay! but unfortunately i dont have her num.damn it! it's ok. i still gonna meet her soon rait? i can make more friends though.
about the room tht i get. the room quite unexpected. the cupboard's too small! i brought a lot of clothes! n had to sumbat it in a small space!
about the orientation. the programmme leader, the one who entertains us in the hall is so tremendous. he knows how to make us entertained w him. he was like gler slamber n funny. there's this one time he laugh like a vampire girl! so hilarious. his trademark's sweet..sgt! becuz,, he kept saying the word in a very annoying tone!
n the rest of the orientation is quite boring bcuz of sleeping disorder.
so tht's all i guess. i'll update more as i enter my 1st class on monday.
hopefully it's goin to be a hit! amin..

Friday, 22 May 2009

tomorrow's the day!

gonna off to uni to pursue my studies in foundation in science programme in uitm shah alam and'll be checkin in tomorrow.! the good thing is, ezaty's goin to be there either! she's decided quiting matrix on the 3rd day she'd been there n got back here on the 8th day. yeah it does happen. her dad help her out getting the same programme as i am. cool huh? in juz a few days her dad can make tht happened. ye la.. org kuat uitm..
so then again, we'll be studying together since evr. seriously ktorg was like ada jodoh in friendship. i thought like after high school nih we wont be studyng together. jugak time lepas upsr, i'd move to sec.9 from sec.7 school but then a few months later, she's moving along cuz she got some crisis w the a teacher from 7. miracle huh.
so then mira help us out getting the same room in our hostel. yeah. she can.
so the 3 of us'll be in the same room!yay!
hopefully i wont wake up late cuz i always do although i'd set the alarm. well i always had great dreams where i dont wanna miss it.heh.
so wish me luck in my future u guys!
perhaps i wont be posting much as im gonna be vry busy aftr this.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


picnicing for our last gathering as some of us are leaving for matrix. we did potluck.
before that i went to mira's place. nk hang out jap n maen dgn Baby! Baby's a cat.
*she's so adorable! n she's looking at Mira so that she'll stay still.

ppl x ramai pon datang picnicing. nabelle's nasi goreng banyak tak habis. but it's quite nice. i thought nak bwk balik ckit but my mom's in a hurry..
i brought pasta mayonnaise. it's boiled pasta mixed w mayonnaise along w tuna, potatoes n green apples. it's gOoOd! n it's my first time i made them.
well my aunt used to make those along time ago n i still can remember the taste.
these are some of the pics tht i took.

*dilla n nuhHaha

* jom MAKAN!

* the last pic bfore i left.but a few seconds later, ezaty bru datng.. lame xjmpe.

miracle had happened..

it is so weird that when i check the application status in the uitm website, i got the asasi sains programme! i cant believe it! based on the upu results, i got something else but then i got asasi sains as said in the uitm offer letter. so i should refer to tht rait? such a miracle. perhaps my mom did solat hajat. or my dad. i guess so. im not sure myself.
why is it weird stuff kept happening to me?
am i weird? my mom did say tht.*ahaks!
here's the letter. nk poyo jap. permisi..

thnx god kat shah alam je! im so sorry to those yg dpt jauh2..(for those yg xske)hihi..there's some of my friends got the same course as i am. n i dont really who they're.. ramai sgt ma.. wht do u expect me to remember!?

seriously i had to work very hard starting frm now on. no more play2, no more pikir nk shopping, enjoy je..


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

the results

last week i got the upu results. unfortunately i didnt get what i want. i got food tech in uitm but hoping tht it ws asasi sains.
my mom dont really like the course(food tech). yes, my mom. but i dont really care if i dont get tht asasi sains. i still can survive w food tech rait? i think so. she said food tech graduate ssh dpt keje. it is? tahla.
so rait now she's trying to merayu to the ket.bhgn pengambilan peljr which she'll be meeting him in person nxt Monday so tht i can change my course.
seriously, i dont really know how's my future's going to be.
pray for me u guys!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Jakarta shopping mania!

i juz got back from Jkarta last nite. pretty exhausted. well me n my mom keep shopping all day right aftr we step out of the plane while my papa n my lil bro lepak kat hotel je.
the mall's vry near to our hotel so we can juz walk by foot to get there.
i brought rp.1300000 from my working paycheck to shop for clothes for mua wearing to college soon. here's the clothes tht i bought. but some of them i'd worn n washed it.

*the pink shirt w sunflower buttons' my fav.

oh yeah i also bought this Chanel bag which i ws like looking for the cheap ones like crazy n finally got one! im about to buy the yellow ones but the colour's way toO shocking. n tht's the Paris Hilton perfume. it smells FABULOUS!

shoes shoes shoes! yeah, i bought a couple of flats. gladys. but there're super STEAL.! i got those in very low price compared to the ones in M'sia.. not to mention the pink wedges! i got it for only rm20!!! when i saw the wedges, i was like running out of cash so i ws looking for the money changer to buy it. still. my mom's quite angry w me cuz i ws like sesat kat mall while looking for the money changer n made my mom waiting too long. but sape tak gile kalau ade wedges for juz rm20, rait??

*meet blakidy, whitidy n pinges.~uh weird names.