Wednesday, 18 February 2009

disasterous incident at work!

u guys must be freaking out with what happened if u were in my shoes.
the story goes like this. when i was at Fruity in the morning, Kak Diah, the other staff told me to make up the cakes.
so i took out the 1kg tiramisu n choc. supreme from the fridge with my both hands at the same time. when im about to transfer the cakes frm my right hand to the counter, the 1kg tiramisu fall over!!! n flipped ! so the cake pon 'terpenyek' lah! thank god it didnt fall to the floor. kalau ye, sayang la!
the counter's pretty clean so the cake's still can be eaten by me.=]
OMG. i had to pay for it.. there goes my allowance..
i dont really like tiramisu. it tasted coffee.
i wish i made the choc. supreme fall ovr.haha! sempat lgi..
thnk god KakDiah didnt piss off.
she's laughing instead!
what a day.
check out the cake.

'gorgeous' huh?