Thursday, 30 July 2009

my hot wedge sandals!

they arrived after days waiting, i thought the Lush Serendipity made a mistake through the address or something. but hey! it arrived yesterday at noon. owh yeah, my gladys both da putus one stripe. so bought this from Lush.

* the hot wedge sandals. cant wait to wear it. n susssh.. my mom didnt noe bout it..

say hello to baby Alia!

on 17th July 2009 my sister had already gave birth to a baby girl, 'Alia Sabrina. i noe it had been weeks n i baru cakap sekarang? it's juz cause by the bad internet server n not so cute pic of babyAlia tht i took. so finally i managed to take this one cute pic of hers.

* u see, she had this chinese look. at 1st, i thought tertukar baby ke ape haha!

seriously lah kn, she's the nicest baby i'd evr met. she rarely cried like the othr babies does. when my Bibik put on the drypers, take her bath, she didnt cried or screamed like a crazy monkey at all! good Alia good.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

mid-sem break..

yeah break for a week for asasi students. cause by the H1N1 virus, the other students of diploma n degree are taking break along. no one is able to step into the Uitm induk campus for a week.
so i decided to use these 1 whole week to make notes as i normally did last time. hopefully i can improved myself. not to mention, homework maths! MASYAALLAH! BAPAK BANYAK! thanks to Miss Nisa for helping us kalut dengan Maths during our mid~sem break. and... i forgot to take my Math textbook from college! thank god Shiken brought along her book n she lives in shah alam! at least there's someone i noe tht lives in town.
omg.. im so stressed out rite now..
and i need a new phone! Abang, when are u goin to bring home to me the phone tht i want??

Saturday, 25 July 2009

tension studying.

i dont know what am i going to do with my life, what am i going to be in 10 years time. Am i going to be a dentist which my parents want me to be, or it is a fashion designer where i desired since ever. i really do love art than science. i love to make ppl happy by designing clothes for ppl or being a stylist, making ppl looks even better, rises their confidence. that's what i do apart of my time in college. however, im studying science where i had to learn biology, maths, chemistry n physics(bloody hell, i hate physics). that's why i love to wear pretty n comfortable clothes (for me) to class cuz i dont what to rise my tenseness trying to understand what the heck is the lecturer mumbling about.
i'm so amazed looking at my friends got higher marks than me in their tests. im so ashamed with myself with them n not to mention my parents. i dont really want to let them down. but sometimes the make even more tense. im thinking of pursuing my studies in dentistry after completed the foundation. the reason is because dentistry's considered like art for me (and satisfying my parents) cuz i can also make ppl happy by furnishing, whitening, altering their teeth to get better results, better looks. n doesnt involved death hopefully. that why i cant be a doctor cuz im not a calm, skillful, cautiously person. i could easily get traumatic if i am the reason of someone's death. if i cant study fashion, at least i can do something in science that can satisfy other ppl. thank god i didnt accept the offer that i get to pursue my studies at Mansoura Uni in Egypt. well i cant get great results in Malaysia so what would i expect to happen in Egypt then.
last time, i sat for my tests. i got hysterically bad result in Biology. it's not like i didnt study. it's juz that im studying in the last minute. so it became chaos. well as u can see in my Spm results, im so dumb in biology n physics. so tense.
i really need someone extremely genius to guide me in improving my study skills. perhaps my lecturers? one of my friends? even my parents dont really help me up! how am i goin to survive in the world flooded with humongous amount of geniuses. i wonder how did they studied..
am i still in 'malas' syndrome? 'beranganbanyaksangat' syndrome.?
someone shoot n help me up plz.

*this is mua. fooling around in the discussion room while the others' studying..

this week we had our last lab session for Biology, Physics n Chemistry for part 1. yeah! im so relieved.
so we took some pics during our biology lab n the experiment tht we did is about urine! n from the actual human's urine. it's sOo gross! believe me. it is. the odour's madness after being heated in the water bath. well im not really participated in the experiment. juz being the 'makcik cuci'. washing the test tubes from the experiment n stuff n of coz im wearing gloves.!
as for Anem, the future doctor, is the one who's eager filling the urine in the test tubes n stuff..
n as for me juz being an observer who's only knows to make wacky faces.

* yeah tht's me. in the middle.

lab sessions are the only time i felt quite cozy n relaxed cuz i dont really have to think so much! unlike the times i'd lectures n tutorial classes.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

our last chemistry lab.

'Sadly' on 21st July was our last chemistry lab. everyone was thrilled! our lecturer was like excited gler nk amik gambar. n as for me, happie jugak. as u can see, i looked like a rockstar in a lab coat. check out my sneakers if u can.. yeah, flats. no heels or wedges allowed.

these ARE not the whole class though. juz half of the Tutorial 1 only.

* from left is 'Aisyah, Anem, Lyn, Puan Sabiha our lecturer, Lina, mua n Bid.

* from left Jawa aka Danial, Robin aka NurHafiz, Ismail the kayu~no offence, Wa, n Omar. these 5 prias are the only guys in Tutorial 1. How pathetic.hahaha!

alhamdulillah we'd finished our lab session. hopefully, our time's not as packed as bfore.

stylist in me.

i get my frens wore my clothes. they looks so adorable. 1st, Fad borrowed my orange white polka dot blouse where i altered it cuz it ws my mom's in the 80's. Fad looked dazzling on it, match it up with a black obi belt which is also mine. however i dont have the pic so i cant show it to u guys la.
on the same day, lyn n anem wore my blouses too! both i bought from Jakarta. they looked nice on it. Lyn should've match the violet blouse up with a skirt.

*the stylist pon nak enterframe gak..hehe

*anem's in the red blouse. Lyn's in the violet blouse.