Wednesday, 22 April 2015


How to Buy Perfume Malaysia for Someone Else

Well, I must say it is a hard job but sometimes we just have to do it. There are times when we want to buy someone a fragrance for special holidays or birthdays. Again, it is a great choice but still it’s not the easiest thing to buy because you have to keep in mind that a scent will have different emotional ties for different people (and even you!). However sometimes you can feel your nose giving up in exhaustion after smelling dozen bottles of perfume! Well, let’s see some useful tips for buying a perfume for someone else.

1.    A good guiding principle is to have no fear! Perfumes are a very intimate gift that we can give to someone. People do not necessarily have only one signature scent because they can have different perfumes with multiple scents that they wear depends on their mood and occasion.

2.    Look at their style of dressing because how someone dresses can tell a lot about their taste in perfume.

1.    As you go sniffing around at the counter, think about how each perfume might be personified and could work for the person you are buying for. With this you can figure out the personality of perfume easily.

2.    To make the process of buying easier, start by eliminating perfume categories that you know won’t work so you can get only the best fragrance.

3.    As packaging matters I would always go for great packaging because obviously it could be the perfect choice that is special!

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