Sunday, 19 July 2015

Unofficial graduated BDS UiTM 2015

Unofficial Graduate from Bachelor of Dental Surgery UiTM.

Yeah, recently i just completed my very last 5th Professional Examination and a few days after, I got the unofficial results and Alhamdulillah I passed the exams.

U guys shall called me Dr Zafirah now. haha

I really had a tough time in the final weeks. I sneak in people's clinics a few times to get my work done on time, i have no rest until week 5 where i got most of my lab works done and whats left were the Fixed Prosto Major projects. I should have done it in the earlier weeks as i need to send the Impression to the lab and it may took a couple of week to get the actual prosthesis.
however all the chaos in the final moments of my life in the faculty had come to an end and I'm glad it is over.

An advice to my juniors, manage your time properly, and READ UP. Ask those who had done the procedures before for faster progress of your patient management.
Just don't be a snobbish and thinks that u know it all. U gonna end up way down there if u're being sucha "bodoh sombong".

I'm glad me and my partner managed to get rid from getting barred. I may be a bit pushy but it's for her own good. I don't wanna get extended and i don't want her to drag me as well.
So people, if u know u're a bit slow or something, PLEASE get rid of those sense of egoistic and start to brush up ur skills and knowledge and WAKE UP. it's time to change.

Miracles happened in the final weeks for Peads and Endo Molar.
My peads patient "came back" to me after long lost in the mist of the clueless moments.. the only cooperative patient that I had. thank god she came back.
My Endo molar patient is a secondary school student and she had so many activities to attend and Alhamdulillah i managed to completed her endo molar in 3 visits. with Allah's will.. I am grateful to be one of the luckiest person that managed to complete it on time.
As for my juniors, I suggest to get a mandibular molar case.why? because it's direct vision. u gonna have a hell difficult time for a maxillary molar case. well it's my opinion.. i dont care about others think, this is what i think..Even A.Prof Dr Ikmal said for undergrads, mandibular molar is a better option for endo.

Now sit back and relax for a few months to go. Really hope wont get too rusty with these long holidays.
I can't wait to serve the community. Well for a limit of time. 10 years max in the KKM the I'm outta here.
Call me kalut as much u want, "SEKALUT KALUT AKU", I GET MY JOB DONE.

The experiment for a fashion lover stuck in science (dentistry) is now a SUCCESS.

faces of satisfactions. DENTAL SCHOOL SURVIVORS.

29 who managed to sit for exam Out of 52 from the whole class.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dr Zafirah :))
I need your help.please...?
I have been offered in BDS sg buloh campus and I have this serious doubt of my own capability to cope with this course. So,I really wanted to know
1. Akak dari Foundation prog,diploma or matriculation?
2. From the dentistry your passion?
3. About serving the community(KKM) does it work? I mean do you need to go thru interviews to get the job or you just automatically being posted to one of the hosp or clinic ?
Thank you^^

Anonymous said...

29 out of 52 students...why? This is so scary T.T

Zafirah aka Zaf aka Zuffy said...

its lucky for you to get the offer. go for it. try to cope for 1-2 years. if u feel it doesnt suits u, change course. i started very hard. been thinking to quit most of the time. but i try to work hard and try to excel because i dont know if i manage to cope with other course if i quit.

so basically, im not passionate with dentistry. im just being passionate to complete my work on time.

KKM.. of course u are going to have an interview. then we get posted automatically however only applicable for JPA scholars.
however, there are too many graduates and no much places are available to get posted. u might not getting posted for almost a year.