Friday, 20 February 2015


the meaning of success varies from different people.
some people just love to enjoy all the time without having a determined goal or priority.
but to me, i have my own definition of success.

to me, manage to fulfill the requirements on time is not my definition of success like what most of my colleagues strive for.
to me, fulfilling the requirements are only an obligation in studies. some people may feel stressed out to get it done on time. i called it "KERJA BURUH"

to me success is when u are able to do something that u are passionate about and strive for better future ahead.
to me success is when i am able to challenge myself to be in a position that i never expect to be and able to do something out of my capabilities.
in other words, majoring multiple fields.

success cannot be accomplished only by words, day dreaming and procrastinate however, the meaning of success is when u are able to ACT, WORK HARD and ENJOY in the journey of striving the life goal and stop thinking about quitting eventhough u had a very tough "root canal treatment".
(but i always though of quiting urgh)
this is our table clinic. we didnt win though.
however, we manage to make replicas of the ancient toothbrush
and presented the development of oral hygiene practices since the Paleolithic.
and that was a huge success for us.
good feedbacks from the lecturers regarding our presentation were very overwhelming.
sometimes winning an award or nobel prize doesnt reflect that we are successful.
it is the satisfaction towards what are we working for determines the meaning of success.

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